Mark Beverlin Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Mark Beverlin and his net worth.

Having a significant other can be a good thing. You have somebody to lean on to whenever you’re feeling down. Or a person who will take care of you when you’re sick.

It’s a very weird way of looking at it. It kind of feels one-sided in a way. And I don’t contest that all. I just don’t know how I should start this post.

There are a lot of social media influencers who involve their significant others into the stuff that they create. Sometimes those significant others are also social media influencers. So you immediately have somebody to collaborate with.

But there are ones who often take a more behind-the-scenes approach like Mark Beverlin. A lot of people know him from the posts that his wife Laura Beverlin has on her many social media pages. And Mark basically handles a bit of the photography and videography for Laura’s posts. But more on that later.

It’s very weird when your life becomes content on a social media platform. It is sort of hard to have some sense of privacy when you post about your life a lot. But people willing do it. Somehow, people are really interested to see what other people’s lives are like.

Sometimes it’s hard to participate in the thing that your significant other does. Maybe you have no interest in it. So if it’s like that, you just really have to suck it in until it’s done. But at least it makes your significant other happy and that’s all that really matters.

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Mark Beverlin: Quick Details

  • Full Name: Mark Beverlin
  • Occupation: He doesn’t seem to have one; possibly an assistant to Laura?
  • Social media presence: Instagram
  • Estimated net worth: $15 million

The Origins of Mark Beverlin

Unfortunately, I could really find a lot of information about Mark Beverlin. There was was Q&A video that Mark did on Laura’s inactive YouTube channel. In that video, they obviously answer questions that Laura’s followers have about her and Mark.

There are very sparse details that I could get from the video. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the video is sponsored content. They have to earn money somehow so it’s not much of a problem, honestly. Though the first few seconds in the video, Mark doesn’t really know what he should be doing.

Both Laura and Mark come from very large families. Mark was born and raised in Florida with four other siblings. There isn’t really much that he said in the Q&A vlog to be honest. There weren’t any questions that delved deeper into their lives growing up.

Mark doesn’t really seem like the guy who is super comfortable with doing stuff on-camera. Sure, he likes to flirt with Laura while they were cooking. But often stuff like this feels performative. You do have to play yourself in front of a camera if that makes sense.

Eventually, Mark went to Saint Leo University to take up a degree sports business. A short while after graduating, he took job in a community bank for almost a decade. Somewhere along the line, he had met Laura who was probably working as an accountant for some company.

They started dating in 2007 and six months after that, he proposed to her. Two years later, they got married.

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It’s Really More About Laura Than It Is About Mark

There is a certain difficulty when you try to weave a story using very few details. Like, there’s really nothing else that you can talk about Mark that doesn’t involve Laura in some way. And that’s fine, Laura is the one who earns the money for the family.

Like I said in the previous part, Laura was working as an accountant for some random company. At the time, blogs were a really big thing. The social media platforms at that point were still getting into the groove of things. If you wanted to build an audience, you have to have a blog.

Laura started reading a lot of fashion blogs when she wasn’t busy working. Soon after, she started doing her own blog, mainly chronicling the outfits she wears to work. It made sense that she would transfer on over to Instagram when it started becoming popular. Like, it’s easier to see photos on a photo-focused app like that.

By 2015, she had decided to pursue blogging full-time. Jumping to a well-paying job to something like blogging is often hard. You do have to build an audience before you get opportunities to do sponsorships. There has to be proof that a lot of people are reading and viewing your blog.

Mark at that point was still working a corporate job until he decided to pursue a career in photography and videography. She often helps out Laura with her blog. And I guess working in tandem helped Laura to become a successful blogger.

Slowly, Laura started to build her following on her blog. At some point, it became harder for a lot of people to sustain an audience. But there are still people who find reading more long-form content from these people enjoyable.

Behind the Curtains

Laura pretty much found success through both her blog and Instagram account. She tried to scale to other platforms like Twitter and YouTube but it didn’t pan out as great. She only has about 28 videos on her YouTube channel. Her last video on her channel was in 2019.

Aside from sponsorships, Laura also earns affiliate commissions from posting links to items that she uses that are places like Walmart or Etsy. That’s how a lot of influencers earn money. While there are a lot of social media platforms who offer a monetization program, you can’t always rely on a single revenue stream. I’m not sure that Laura and Mark were able to buy a ranch with just money from the views of her videos on YouTube.

And Mark’s just there. To be honest, Mark’s just a guy who sometimes involves himself with his significant other’s business. I guess him being tagged on Laura’s posts on Instagram lead him to earn 100 thousand followers on Instagram. But that is just a tenth of Laura’s follower count on her account.

Truly, there is no one that can blend in a background more than Mark Beverlin. It may seem kind of harsh but there’s very little that we know of Mark outside of that one Q&A video he did with Laura. And that’s fine. Sometimes, we need to know every single detail about one person.

He seems like he supports his wife’s endeavors. The wife guy term has not had a good run, what with the scandal that surrounded former Try Guy Ned Fulmer. So it’s hard to call him that and then somehow that lead to him having an affair with someone.

But there’s really nothing else that can be said about Mark. Though I am trying my hardest to give him a few minutes in the spotlight, even though I talked about his wife for a chunk of this article. And I even compared their following counts. So it’s not going great.

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So What Is Mark Beverlin’s Net Worth?

Mark’s net worth is inexplicably tied to Laura’s net worth. I mean, they are married after all. Their names are probably both of the paperwork for their house. Mark doesn’t really seem have any other job outside of taking photos of Laura.

Laura and Mark’s net worth is at least $15 million. They don’t seem to have any other property other than house that they own. Looking at Laura’s post on her Instagram, there’s some glimpses of her house. She has talked a lot about her current home on her blog, even if she hasn’t posted anything new to it since February.

It seems that her Instagram page is the one that she focuses on. I guess it’s easier to reach people through the platform than through her blog. Laura is a lot more active on the platform that you would think. She had recently started her own TikTok account and it seems to be doing well. That account on TikTok has around 600,000 subscribers.

There’s definitely a stagnation when it comes to the influencer market. Everybody is scrambling to whatever platform is popular at the moment. And I guess you should always adapt to where a potential audience could be. But it’s never guaranteed you will find the same success in the new platform.

Mark’s just along for the ride at this point. Truly, there is nothing new to talk about Mark because even his most recent posts on his Instagram account are posted in tandem with Laura’s. I guess he has no use for the platform so he just lets whatever happen.

I understand why sometimes the other half is often forgotten when somebody is in the limelight. Some take it in stride while others would want their own moment to shine. It seems Mark falls on the former than the latter.

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