I Am A Comeback Review: Is Mark Jennison’s Program A Scam?

Today’s review will be a little different. In this I Am A Comeback review, we’re going to find out if Mark Jennison’s online program is as legit as it gets.

Let’s first talk about a habitual problem that some of you may encounter at one point. And that is alcoholism, or the persistent addiction to indulge in alcoholic drinks (and possibly other substances) despite its negative effects.

It could happen to you. It could happen to me. And it could happen to anyone of us.

In fact, as stated in current statistics, most people admitted that their alcoholic drink consumption has increased drastically since the current pandemic situation.

And while it’s not right, some of us can’t help it. The current environment today has put us all in a very stressful and depressing situation. And most of us are finding it harder and harder to cope with it.

Going on rehab is always the best option if your alcoholism abuse has gone too far. But there will always be a few cases wherein the patient will relapse. And they’ll resume their old drinking addiction again (sometimes, it may even get worse).

Mark Jennison’s “I Am A Comeback” program aims to help in that case. It claims that, if this program can help and several more people, then it can do so for you.

But is this the program that you’ll need? Read this I Am A Comeback review first to help with your decision.

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Who IS Mark Jennison?

Before we go with the I Am A Comeback review proper, let’s do a bit of a profile on the creator of his course, Mark Jennison Jr. After all, his story WAS the reason why he created this course.

Mark Jennison Jr. was a successful entrepreneur. He had a trucking company once, has grossed over seventy-five million in revenue, making it extremely successful.

But he also has a dark side. He was on an alcoholic and drugs binge ever since he was young (due to a past heartbreak). Even when he was very successful and he had a wife and kids, he would still get involved in his vices.

The turning point of his life came when he went on a vacation with his family in Jamaica. To celebrate his success in landing a multi-million dollar company.

After his wife found out that he’s still doing drugs, she called it quits and went away with their children. Even worse, he was forced out of his own company due to his eventual failure.

At this point, he was depressed to the point that almost committed suicide. But after seeing what he claims as a “sign”…

He started trying to get his life back. For three years, he enrolled in different programs and rehab to accomplish this. But it doesn’t seem to work for him as he keeps on relapsing, never completely becoming sober.

Finally, he came to a realization. Alcohol isn’t really the problem. The actual culprit IS the reason that makes you want to be an alcoholic in the first place. Knowing those reasons, admitting them, and dealing with them head-on, will lessen your dependence on alcohol.

After refining that idea, he started to develop his own program based on it. And that’s the story behind I Am A Comeback.

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I Am A Comeback: More Details

The idea behind I Am A Comeback is that you can be sober and beat alcoholism WITHOUT having to abstain from it altogether.

The I Am A Comeback program claims to use a “cutting edge” system to give their clients the results they want without going to conventional support groups/meetings or leaving their homes.

This program is mostly intended for male professionals and businessmen as they’re the more vulnerable cases for alcoholism. But just about any guy who wants to make their own life better for their family, friends, or even for themselves, can join this program.


Upon signing up, you’ll be able to have access to everything inside the I Am A Comeback program. Which includes…

  • A 45-day training program which consists of several videos and tutorials to, as they say, “re-train your brain”. These lessons last 30-60 minutes each.
  • Access to a Facebook Workplace website where you can ask questions and share inspirational messages.
  • 3 Zoom call sessions with the members of the “Comeback Council”. They share the stories of their success, and further guide you in the process in case you need more help.
  • Your own personal coach, which will guide you through the entirety of the program and check on your progress from time to time.

Program Breakdown

  • 1st Week – Week 1 will be all about developing students the proper mindset. The program is going to help you convince yourself that you can do this, that you can recover from your addictions, etc.
  • 2nd Week – Week 2 will be all about assessing you as a person. They’ll inquire about yourself, learn your triggers on what makes you an alcoholic in the first place, etc. That way, they’ll be able to determine the proper approach for you.
  • 3rd Week – Week 3 will now be about building up your confidence. Quite similar to Week 1, if you ask me. But to an even greater degree. It’s like they’re going to get you primed up and ready to face your alcoholism head-on.
  • 4th Week – Week 4 is all about balancing your life with new ideas. It could be a new activity, a new way to cope with stress, or anything. The goal here is to fill you with ideas that you can do instead of resorting to alcoholism.
  • 5th Week – Week 5 will now go through all the obstacles that you’re facing. Basically, this will help you identify the actual causes of your alcoholism, and will assist you on completely overcoming it. As the program said before, it aims to find the root cause of one’s alcoholism, and helping others overcome it.
  • 6th Week – Finally, Week 6 will impart discipline upon you. This will remind you to suppress your urges to binge drink and use substances, and may offer some alternatives should you ever feel the urge again.

If you successfully completed the 45-day program and you are rehabilitated, you’ll stay in the chat group for further guidance. And also so you can let your fellow students know how are you faring with your new lifestyle.

But if you still need more help, then they’ll enter you inside the “Comeback Alliance”. This is a 6-month program where you’ll be in touch with coaches for meditation, spirituality, fitness, and others.

The “Comeback Seven”

The “Comeback Seven” is a set of core values that altogether form the foundation of the I Am A Comeback Program. They are…

  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Future
  • Freedom
  • Foundation


The price for enrolling in the I Am A Comeback program depends on your needs.

For $3,000, this gives you exclusive access to the Facebook Workplace group and personal coaching.

For $5,000, this includes everything, plus the actual 45-day program, with videos, personal coaching, and all.

It’s completely up to you to decide on which one you should avail, based on how much you need help on your alcoholism problem. Or if you ever need one here.

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What I Like About I Am A Comeback?

I Am A Comeback Expect A Change

Rehabilitation programs are always welcome in my book. Especially in today’s environment where everything’s just as stressful, and the only way out for some people is to engage in different vices.

The fact that the founder is also a former alcoholic who has completely sobered up is also a big plus. As this means, he knows what he’s doing here. He knows and can empathize with his students here because he’s been there.

It’s like he’s saying through this program, that if he can overcome it, you can as well.

But what I really liked about this program is that it’s very different from the other alcohol rehab programs. Here, they aim to make their students sober without necessarily abstaining completely from alcoholic drinks.

That is a pretty bold claim, to be honest.

What I Don’t Like About I Am A Comeback?

First of all, I Am A Comeback is very expensive. Some rehab programs have free applications, this one doesn’t.

Also, comments about this program are highly mixed. While some have a good experience and success with this program, other aren’t as pleasing.

I Am A Comeback Reddit Comments

The fact that they charge you $100 should you want to continue with the program can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. But the part about the coaches may depend on most students who joined the program.

But let’s keep in mind that I Am A Comeback is still new, and it may still take some time to develop its program.

I Am A Comeback Review: Final Thoughts

Closing off this I Am A Comeback review, I would like to give my thoughts regarding this.

Business owners seem to be the most vulnerable type to succumbing to alcoholism. The stress of work, combined with the fact that they can earn plenty of money for themselves, makes them very prone to temptation from vices.

Yet there’s always hope. People can change for the better. But only if they want to.

Thus, it’s quite good that there are several support groups like this to help those who want to change. After all, the more options, the better.

So for my verdict on this…

I think I Am A Comeback is still a legitimate program for alcoholism. While there have been few success stories from those who enrolled here, it can be attributed to the fact that it’s still new.

HOWEVER, the price to join may surely put off several people. It IS quite expensive.

And if you want a more reliable program that has a good history of success rates for its students, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Whatever your choice may be, you can’t go wrong. What’s important is that you follow through with it, discipline yourself, and commit to change.

Thank you for reading this I Am A Comeback review. All the best for your future endeavors.

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