Authority Hacker Review: Mark Webster And Gael Breton Scam?

Hello, and welcome. In this Authority Hacker review, we’re going to talk about Mark Webster and Gael Breton’s course, and if it is worth it.

There’s no questioning that the current pandemic situation has made quite an impact on most of us. Especially when it comes to our own financial situation.

The quarantine protocols implemented mean several industries are forced to close down. As a result, several people are left unemployed.

Those people who are “lucky” enough to retain their jobs can also feel the impact. Their stress levels may increase as quite possibly, their workload will increase. And even worse, they may not be properly compensated for that.

So whether they lost their day job or they simply resigned from it, they both have one thing in common.

They look for new and possibly less stressful ways to earn money. And usually, they do it by setting up their own online business.

But in order to do that, they must first look for a program that teaches them how to do it. Specifically, an online course.

And the Authority Hacker is a course that’s specifically made to do just that.

But before you enroll in this online course, it would be best if you read this Authority Hacker review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this can work for you, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Authority Hacker review. I’m not affiliated with Authority Hacker, or any of its creators, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is a training program that aims to teach its users how to build highly profitable “authority sites”.

An authority site is a website that is considered of extremely high quality. Basically, an authority site contains content that is highly reliable, it’s highly respected by some of the most knowledgeable figures in a certain industry.

Basically, to become an authority site, the content you post there should be so good, reliable, and trustworthy, that people will recognize your site as their go-to resource for any kind of topic. And in turn, these people will inform others about your website should they be looking for that same information.

Having an authority site is a very important task to do in internet marketing, because of its SEO. Search engines absolutely love content published by these sites. Thus, building authority sites can give a big boost to your SERP rankings.

And the biggest requirement for your website to qualify as an authority site? Content. This means, creating plenty of high-quality content regularly.

Thus, the Authority Hacker will primarily focus on teaching you how you can produce suitable content for your website. As well as link building (basically, having other authority sites link back to yours).

The Authority Hacker program itself offers two courses.

  • Authority Site System
  • Authority Hacker Pro

As what you can probably tell, the Authority Site System is suitable for beginners, and is available anytime. The Authority Hacker Pro, however, is for more advanced users, and is only available during specific launch windows (probably a part of their fake scarcity tactic).

There’s also a third one, Authority Hacker Pro Platinum, but it seems like it has been discontinued since.

Who Founded The Authority Hacker Program?

The Authority Hacker training program is co-founded by a team of two internet marketers. They are Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

Authority Hacker - Gael Breton And Mark Webster

Both of them have almost equal responsibilities in the Authority Hacker training program. They’re mainly responsible for the content of their online courses, as well as the blog content from their own website.

They seem to also practice what they preach on this course, too. Thanks to their authority site expertise, they claim that they’ve already run several authority sites throughout the internet.

One of their best-known examples, which they’re allowed to show publicly, is the Healthy Ambition website.

Authority Hacker - Health Ambition

What’s Included In The Authority Hacker?

As stated before, the Authority Hacker training program consists of two online courses. The Authority Site System, and Authority Hacker Pro. The former is aimed at beginners, while the latter is geared towards experts.

Both of these courses offer the same kind of content that you can expect from an online course. In addition to hours worth of over-the-shoulder video training, you’ll also have access to several website templates you can freely download, as well as access to a private Facebook community.

You’ll also be provided with a site-building to-do checklist, so that you can keep track of your progress. In addition, Authority Hacker Pro gives you access to a more advanced community, as well as several custom tools and plugins for your website.

To summarize, here’s a list of what’s included in both courses:

Authority Hacker - Course Inclusions

The list of modules presented here only applies to the Authority Site System course. Authority Hacker Pro also included these modules, plus additional advanced training videos, totaling around 400+ hours of video content.

The Authority Site System contains a total of 15 modules., excluding Module Zero (AKA the introduction). Each module contains several videos intended to get you started in building an authority site of your own. Overall, the entire courses spans around 125+ hours worth of video content.

Inside The Authority Site System

Module 0: Introduction

This module gives you a good introduction to what can you expect from the Authority Site System course. It includes the following videos:

  • How To Use The Members Area
  • How To Succeed With This Course
  • Todo List
  • Budget And Expectations
  • Glossary

Module 1: Internet Marketing 101

This module will give you an introduction to what internet marketing is, and what are things you need to have to set it up. Basically, this’ll also introduce to you the concept of authority sites.

It includes the following videos.

  • What Is An Authority Site
  • How Authority Sites Get Traffic
  • How Authority Sites Make Money
  • How Modern Websites Are Built
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 101

Module 2: Brainstorming Niches

Here, you’ll be talking all about niches, how you can choose one, and why it’s important to have a good niche for your internet marketing.

It includes the following videos

  • What Makes A Good Niche
  • What A Good Niche For You?
  • The Niche Research Spreadsheet
  • Things You’re Good At
  • Website Marketplaces
  • Content Marketplaces
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Affiliate Tracking Domains
  • Disclaimers
  • Online Lists
  • Shortlisting Your Niches (R1)

Module 3: Qualifying Niches

This can be called an expansion of the previous module. Now that you’ve picked the niches that you want, this module will teach you how you can determine if a niche you chose is profitable, etc.

This module includes the following videos:

  • The Deep Niche Research Spreadsheet
  • Finding Sites With High Organic Traffic
  • Finding Low DR Sites Ranking
  • Shortlisting – Round 2
  • Finding Affiliate Programs
  • Finding Info Products
  • Assessing CPC (Cost Per click)
  • Shortlisting – Round 3
  • Finding Low Competition Commercial Keywords
  • Seasonality And Growth
  • Finding Link Opportunities
  • Shortlisting – Round 4
  • Finding Social Communities
  • Niche Credibility
  • Are You Still Interested?
  • Picking Your Final Niche

Module 4: Planning Your Site

This module will guide you in creating a clear plan for your site. Having a good sitemap will ensure that you’ll what content you’ll include on your own website.

This includes the following videos:

  • Expanding Your Competitor List
  • Expanding Your Monetisation – Research Part 1
  • Expanding Your Monetisation – Research Part 2
  • Expanding Commercial Keywords – Part 1
  • Expanding Commercial Keywords – Part 2
  • Expanding Your Skyscraper Content
  • Building Your Sitemap

Module 5: Setting Up Your Site

This module now deals with finally setting up your own website. It also deals with the tools that you’ll need to set up on your website when you’re going to use it for internet marketing.

This module contains the following videos:

  • Domain Name Do’s And Don’ts
  • Picking The Domain Name
  • Hosting Set-Up
  • SSL + Cloudflare Set-Up
  • Basic WordPress Settings
  • Installing A Theme
  • Installing Elementor Pro
  • Google Analytics Set-Up
  • Google Search Console Set-Up
  • Rank Math SEO Set-Up
  • Site Speed
  • Email Set-Up

Module 6: Branding Your Site

In other words, this module deals with how to design your site to make it more presentable, clean, and professional to would-be visitors.

This modules includes the following videos:

  • Picking Brand Colours
  • Picking Brand Fonts
  • Creating A Logo In Canva
  • Creating Your Favicon
  • Creating Branded Images
  • Applying Your Branding

Module 7: Setting Up Posts & Pages

In this module, you’ll learn what are the posts and pages that you need for your website, and how to set them up. These include the header, footer, privacy policy, home page, contact pages, etc.

It includes these videos:

  • Building Site Structure
  • Inspirations For Web Design
  • Header Building
  • Footer Building
  • Post Templates – Soft Silos
  • Page Templates – Hard Silos
  • Home Page
  • Hub Pages – Hard Silos
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy & Disclaimer
  • About Page Creation

Module 8: Preparing Info Content

This, and the succeeding modules, will now deal with teaching how you can add content to your website. As the quality of your content determines the level of authority of your website, it’s important that one should check the quality and relevance of your content to your niche.

In addition to videos, this module also has links on where you can download certain content templates that are ready to use:

  • Creating Content For Web Users
  • Creating Content For Google
  • Types Of Info Content
  • Using Content Templates
  • Question Posts
  • [Template] Question Post
  • List Posts
  • [Template] List Posts
  • Writing Guidelines

Module 9: Writing Content

Modules like this are, to be honest, my personal favorite of them all. This module tackles how you can write up a good and engaging article for your content. You’ll also be taught here the importance of researching for your content.

This module contains the following videos:

  • Choosing An Article Type
  • Article Length
  • How To Research Content
  • Content Research – SERP
  • Content Research – Related Articles
  • Content Research – YouTube
  • Content Research – Social Communities
  • Content Research – Ask
  • Planning Your Article
  • Extra Prep
  • Writing The Body
  • Writing The Intro
  • Writing The Outro
  • Editing Your Content

Module 10: Uploading & Optimising Your Content

As the goal of your website is to be an authority and to rank in search engines, simply uploading your newly-created content isn’t enough. Therefore, this module will deal with the proper optimizing tasks that you should do in order for your website to be more attractive to search engines (and therefore, rank high).

This module contains the following videos:

  • Uploading Content
  • Meta Title
  • Article Title
  • Social Title & Description
  • Optimising Your URL
  • Adding Images
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • WP Categories
  • Publishing
  • Checkpoint: Publish 10 Articles
  • Index Your Site

Module 11: Initial Link Building

This module seems to be the most comprehensive one in this course, and for a good reason.

Because this module now covers the subject of link building. Here, you’ll learn how you can engage other high-authority websites and build your backlinks with them.

It also gives you a walkthrough of the three link-building strategies that they use.

  • The Anatomy Of A Link
  • HARO – Introduction & Setup
  • HARO – Prospecting
  • HARO – Answering Questions
  • HARO – Results
  • Guest Posting – Introduction
  • Guest Posting – Prospecting
  • Guest Posting – Outreach
  • Guest Posting – Pitching Topics
  • Link Building Negotiation
  • Guest Posting – Writing Content
  • Guest Posting – Results
  • Skyscraper – Introduction
  • Skyscraper – Prospecting
  • Skyscraper – Bulk Email Finding
  • Skyscraper – Hunter Lead Tool
  • Skyscraper – Outreach Templates
  • Skyscraper – Outreach
  • Skyscraper – Results
  • Email Deliverability
  • Finding Emails Manually
  • Crossniching – The Most Important Concept
  • Checkpoint: Your First 20 Links

Module 12: Affiliate Monetisation Setup

In this module, you’ll learn how to reach out to various affiliate programs to monetize your website.

Here, you’ll learn the various terms being used in affiliate marketing, the terms usually required by each vendor in order for you to become their affiliate, and finally, the quality and integrity of the affiliate programs themselves.

  • How Affiliate Programs Work
  • Affiliate Program Sign-Ups
  • Managing Links – ThirstyAffiliates
  • Amazon Overview
  • Signing Up For Amazon
  • Using Amazon Associates
  • Affiliate Rules
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Affiliate Payouts

Module 13: Commercial Content

Since you now know how you can write and produce your own website, the next step is for you to learn how to write commercial content.

Commercial content is, as the name implies, content that is designed to promote a specific offer, or multiple offers. It can come in the form of a product review, or other types.

As long as the content in question is promoting something, or has affiliate links, it’s already considered commercialized.

This module will teach you how to create one, as well as provide you with downloadable templates you can use.

  • How Commercial Content Fits With Your Site
  • Types of Commercial Content
  • [Content Template] Single Reviews
  • [Content Template] Roundup Reviews
  • [Content Template] Versus
  • [Content Template] Alternatives
  • Structuring Your Commercial Content
  • Researching Commercial Content
  • Commercial Content Buying Guides
  • Commercial Content Product Sections
  • Commercial Content Intros
  • Commercial Content Outros
  • Uploading and Publishing Commercial Content
  • Checkpoint: Write 40 Commercial Posts

Module 14: Advanced Tactics

As the name suggests, this module covers various advanced tactics for building and maintaining authority websites.

Also included here are guidelines on how you can scale your operations, by hiring writers, etc.

  • Custom Tables
  • Optimizing Content With Surfer
  • Outsourcing Content
  • Getting Faster at Writing
  • Hiring Writers
  • Managing Writers
  • Promoting High Paying Affiliate Offers
  • Creating Sticky Headers
  • Setting Up Display Ads

Module 15: Becoming An Authority

The last module is simply some parting words from the instructors of this course. It also contains a downloadable Monthly Tracking Sheet, and an upsell that suggests you avail of the Authority Hacker Pro online course for even more training.

  • Monthly Tracking Sheet
  • What To Do Next

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My Favorite Program

Inside The Authority Hacker Pro

The Authority Hacker Pro training course contains all of the modules included in the Authority Site System. It also adds various “blueprints” that you can read to help out even further with your affiliate marketing

Content Marketing & SEO

  • Producing & Outsourcing Top Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Promoting Content Organically
  • Building A Link Building Skyscraper Funnel
  • Guest Posting For More Than Links
  • New Content Hub Blueprint

Email Marketing

  • The Email Marketing Blueprint
  • Building High Converting Lead Magnets
  • Growing Your Email Lists With Viral Contests
  • Creating High Converting Opt In Pop Ups
  • Content Upgrades & Segmentation
  • Lead Magnet Facebook Retargeting

Social Media

  • 1,000+ Hits Per Day From Pinterest


  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Display Ads Blueprint
  • Info Product Creation Blueprint
  • Evergreen Scarcity Funnel Blueprint

Guest Blueprints

  • Selling Your Site Blueprint

How Much Does The Authority Hacker Program Cost?

Depending on which course you chose to avail of, the Authority Hacker training program’s cost can vary.

  • The Authority Site System – $997
  • Authority Hacker Pro – $1,997

Personally, the course itself is kind of overpriced for the amount and quality of the training they provide. And I’ll give some reasons as to why later on.

Things I Like About The Authority Hacker

What I liked about this program is that it’s very much comprehensive. This is a good course if one wishes to learn proven and effective affiliate marketing and website monetization tips, without resorting to various scammy products.

Everything from selecting the proper niche to writing your content to building your backlinks for SEO, it’s all covered in one place. Furthermore, the program also provides content templates that you can use as a guide for building your own.

Things I Don’t Like About The Authority Hacker

Aside from this Authority Hacker review and others, most of the reviews for this product come from affiliated sources. This means they’re highly unreliable, and doesn’t even mention any of the shortcomings of this program.

In fact, strangely enough, it doesn’t have any reviews on Trustpilot at all. Which makes it even more suspicious.

The course itself is good for building your foundation for affiliate marketing and link building. But beyond that, there’s really nothing they can do anymore. Except for a few advanced strategies that are quite unreliable.

In fact

There are even some reports that some of the link-building strategies they teach here are either outdated or simply bad. To the point that if Google detects these methods, your website may be penalized and you’ll get a rank down on SERP.

But the biggest issue about this program, that it’s quite overpriced for its course content. Most of the training that’s included in this course, can actually be found elsewhere. And some of them are even free for you to take.

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My Favorite Program

And My Verdict Is…?

To be fair, Authority Hacker is not a scam at all. The training is legitimate, the trainers are respectable, and you may actually get some value in this training course.

However, it’s not really an online course for everyone. Even if it says that the Affiliate Site System is geared towards beginners, it’s only recommended to take it if you have at least some technical knowledge of website building.

Or if you really want to get serious at affiliate marketing and website building, then courses like this are highly recommended to take. But as I said before, it’s nothing new. Most likely there are cheaper and free training materials for this subject out there.

Authority Hacker Review: Final Thoughts


To close off this Authority Hacker review, let me say just a few words.

If you’re going to take this course with the mindset that it’s an easy way to make money online, then don’t take this, or any other affiliate marketing courses, at all.

Link building and building a high-authority site actually requires a determination that’s very close to a full-time commitment. Especially with regards to creating content, guest-posting, and ranking your website.

It could probably take you several months or more before you can actually start earning money from it. The good news is, once you reached that authority, your work will become at least a little easier.

But it doesn’t mean that your work would stop right there. It’s a continuous process.

Overall, the Authority Hacker is still a good training program. But this business model isn’t really for beginners, especially if you have access to a little capital on hand.

Frankly, there are better money-making opportunities out there that are perfect if you just want a side hustle. In fact, I’m also here to offer you just that. And this one’s perfect for just about anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

If you want to know more about it, continue reading this Authority Hacker review.

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