Marketplace Superheroes Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Marketplace Superheroes. Is Marketplace Superheroes legit? Find out in this Marketplace Superheroes review.

The first thing that comes to me when I hear the term side hustles is small, independent businesses. You’ve definitely seen these businesses on social media, particularly in sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Most of the companies I’ve seen that do this sell apparel, fashion accessories, and cosmetics. I’ve also noticed little shops selling handcrafted products and other personalized items.

I mean, I believe it is beneficial to have a side business in addition to a full-time job in order to supplement your income. After all, we are all bearing the brunt of the world’s unpleasant changes as a result of the still ongoing pandemic.

However, not every business succeeds. Keep in mind that if you decide to establish your own business, you run the risk of losing the money you invested.

Furthermore, starting a business from the ground up is prohibitively expensive, which is why many entrepreneurs prefer to dropship their products.

You’re undoubtedly aware of this, as it’s something that a lot of Amazon merchants do. They don’t make their own products; instead, they buy them from a supplier, most likely in China.

Will Marketplace Superheroes assist you in establishing a profitable business?

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this Marketplace Superheroes review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Marketplace Superheroes in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes Review - Marketplace Superheroes intro

Marketplace Superheroes is a course that is designed to teach you all you need to know to be an Amazon seller. It will teach you how you can be identify products with low competition, as well as how to sell them for a high profit margin.

Actually, Marketplace Superheroes is not only a course. It also includes tools, as well as an integrated system of teaching which is designed to help you become successful.

Marketplace Superheroes is designed by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers.

Who are Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers?

Marketplace Superheroes Review - Marketplace Superheroes owners

Robert Rickey is a successful Amazon sellers. He employs a different approach compared to other sellers, as he focused on researching product ideas that are systematized in order to take the guesswork out when finding products to list in your store.

He has 20 years of experience in the digital marketplace. His average profit margin in Amazon ranges from 20% to 30%.

Stephen Somers, however, is a lot newer to online selling. He has been doing in for seven years so far.

Stephen used to struggle when it came to building his business. He has spent thousands of dollars in trying to find ways to make it work.

Robert became Stephen’s mentor, and they eventually became business partners. For Stephen, working with Robert helped him become more successful in his venture as an Amazon seller.

He now owns different online businesses, and all of them generate around 7-figures in profit.

There are other members of the team that runs Marketplace Superheroes, and they are Michael Elliot, Will Esterhuyse, and Lisa Somers.

The founders also run a YouTube channel where they upload videos every week regarding the course.

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Marketplace Superheroes Overview

The course provides detailed instructions regarding how you can run your Amazon store. Once you make your purchase, you can gain lifetime access to the digital tools included.

I will be expounding on what you will be getting once you purchase the course in this section of the Marketplace Superheroes review.

Members’ Area

The Members’ Area appears to be quite overwhelming at first. There are nine distinct sections, each with its own set of training resources.

For instance, you may begin by selecting Marketplace Superheroes Core V2 phase 1 from the drop-down menu.

This will lead you to the start of the main program, which consists of six modules. There will be 4-5 training videos in each module. Transcripts of the content are available to listen to, view, and read.

Take a look at each section of the program.

MPSH Core 2.0 Program

The Marketplace Superheroes Core training 2.0 curriculum is divided into nine stages.

Each of them may constitute a training program in and of itself due to their magnitude and breadth.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1 (Mindset and Research Phase)

There are six modules included in this, and I will give you a brief description per module. The modules include 45 videos, which are all very informative.

Module 1: Market Mindset

This module has 7 videos. Its main aim is to show you what you can expect from the course, and how you can get the most of what you paid for.

Module 2: Search Phase

This module has 9 videos. It will teach you what you need to know regarding product research, and which strategies will work for you. Of course, you will be taught techniques that will be utilizing MPSH’s tools. The aim of the module is to teach you how you can effectively do product research.

Module 3: Shortlisting Phase

There are 6 videos in this module. This module will help you filter out the products that you found in the previous module, and tell you which products are the most profitable.

Module 4: Selection Phase I

There are 5 videos here which will tell you which products you should list in your store.

Module 5: Selection Phase II

The 7 videos in this module aim to help you search for the best supplier to work with, as well as help you thoroughly search for the best products you should sell in your store.

Module 6: Sourcing Phase

There are 11 videos in this module, and the main aim is to help you source products.

You will be getting some insights regarding how you should do branding and packaging, finding great suppliers, and placing your initial orders.

You will also be taught how to professionally negotiate with suppliers here so you can save money.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2 – Importation and Logistics

This is the second phase of the program, and will teach you all about logistics and importing products for your Amazon store. It contains 6 modules and a total of 51 videos.

Module 7: Product Structure and Seller Central

This module will introduce you to important things including finding suppliers, branding and packaging, business negotiations, and importation and logistics. Basically, it will be all about how you can run your business efficiently, as well as walk you through what you can expect how to navigate your seller account.

Module 8: Purchasing and Importation

Just like what the title states, you will learn how to procure and import your products in this module.

Module 9: FBA Roadmap

This module will give you a glimpse as to what you can expect in FBA once you have decided on what niche you will focus on and what products you will be selling. You will also gain a deeper understanding on what the Amazon Seller Central is all about.

Module 10: Listing Optimization

This module will teach you how to create a great product listing which can guarantee a sale.

Module 11: Account Management

This module has 13 videos which can teach you how you can properly manage your Amazon seller account.

Module 12: International Expansion

There are seven videos in this module. They will show you how you can scale your business.

Bonus Modules

Along with the main modules, you also gain access to some bonus material. Of course, these bonus material aim to help you run your FBA business properly.

Fuel Your Empire

This will teach you how to properly do product searches, as well as finding the best product opportunities. This also includes God Series A and God Series M.

God Series A is designed to streamline the process of product research. on the other hand, God Series M will teach you how to do market analysis in Amazon.

Invincible Importing

Like the name states, you will learn here how to import the products you will be selling in your Amazon store.

$1K/Day Roadmap

This bonus can help you map out your business plan so that you can earn $1,000 per day. Ambitious, I know.

30-Min Legendary Listings

This is an auto-selling strategy which will teach you how to create Amazon listings which are guaranteed to sell well.

Superhero Sprint

These are basically just pre-recorded materials of boot camps, including subsessions. Superhero Sprints is actually an upsell.

Long-term Thinking

This bonus will allow you to plan out how you can improve your business so that it will grow in the future. You will be learning how to attract buyers and to keep them purchasing from you,

Marketplace Superheroes Software

Like I mentioned earlier, Marketplace Superheroes is not only a course. It also includes tools that can help you with your business.

4S Product Gauntlet

This software allows you to shortlist products a lot easier. Basically, it is a software used to search for products that are in-demand.

You collect the data here and then get in touch with potential suppliers. The software then allows you to properly price your products.

4S stands for the software’s primary functions, including Search, Shortlist, Select, and Source.

Superhero Freight

If you are planning to source your products from overseas suppliers like China, you should be prepared to pay for expensive freight costs. This involves a lot of effort and stress, since the process usually takes too long.

Superhero Freight can help you with this, as it can help you lower freight costs by combining purchasing power with shipping needs.

Signing up for this is actually quite easy. All you need to do is watch a free webinar and get listed. That’s it.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Explained

The concept of the business model is pretty easy to understand, so I feel a quick summary of the business model would suffice. This part of the Marketplace Superheroes review is dedicated to explaining to you how it works.

Firstly, you contact a supplier to get the products you wish to resell, and then have them transported to an Amazon warehouse. You can keep track of your merchandise via the online hub.

When a customers places an order for a product you have listed, Amazon fulfills the order by taking items from your warehouse inventory and mailing them directly to the customer. That is all there is to it.

This business plan offers the benefit of eliminating the need to locate and rent a warehouse for exorbitant amounts, as inventory can take up a lot of space. You’ll also save money on logistics because Amazon will be the one taking care of everything.

Feel free to consult my reviews regarding similar programs:

Why I Don’t Recommend FBA

According to the research I have done, the earnings percentage are typically about 10%, which is quite low. Remember that these figures are from seasoned sellers, meaning that the earnings of novices would be far lower.

Prepare yourself since it appears that you will be up against a huge number of competitors. Remember that there are a lot of sellers in the marketplace. To set yourself apart from the competition, you’ll need to put in a lot of work.

This portion of my Marketplace Superheroes review will explain why I don’t think the business model is a good fit for anyone.

Even better, I recommend starting a side business that doesn’t demand much of your time.

Saturated Market

On Amazon’s marketplace, there are already far too many people vying for customers. Almost certainly, the things you want to sell are already on the market and available from other vendors.

As a result, customers are likely to ignore your store.

Even before you start selling, the odds are stacked against you. It’s difficult to stand out on a platform with so many experienced sellers, and it’s nearly impossible, in my opinion, to tap into a niche that they don’t already know about.

Very Low Profit Margin

There isn’t a lot of money to be made in the reselling. You must put up a lot of work if you want to earn more money, but success is not assured at all.

Even if you’re enticed by the money you’ll save, dropshipping isn’t a particularly profitable business model.

Price Wars

People buy more things when they are on sale, because they believe they will be able to obtain a better deal.

If one store decides to run a sale, the others must follow suit. If they don’t, the profits will be directed solely to that one shop.

In order to preserve your profit margins, you may need to lower product costs. The quality of the finished product usually goes down if you lower the costs attributed to the manufacturing process.

Long Startup Time

You must first finish a number of tiresome tasks before you can begin selling on Amazon. Setting up your store, finding suppliers, and marketing all take quite a lot of time and work. It might take months, if not a year, before you begin to make a profit.

Very Little Quality Control

You won’t be able to properly evaluate your the quality of your merchandise to verify if they satisfy your quality requirements when you plan to outsource. Is the product durable and of good quality? Did the price you chose for the product make it worth purchasing?

It is commonly known that mass-produced goods, especially those that are sourced in China, are of inferior quality. Remember that low-cost goods are frequently manufactured fast, making quality control close to impossible.

Furthermore, if your supplier delivers defective or broken goods, your consumers will almost certainly demand a refund and post a negative review. This isn’t good for your business.

High Financial Risk

Dropshipping can help you save a significant amount of money on manufacturing and storage. Even if you won’t be directly managing your store’s inventory, there are a number of costs to consider.

Advertisement, branding, shipping, and packing are just a few of them. You must continue to conduct your expensive ad campaigns even if no one buys from you.

Does Marketplace Superheroes Work?

This section of the Marketplace Superheroes review will answer the most important question: Will this course help you build a successful FBA business?

This course will cover the ways that the business owners employed to achieve success. This implies that whether or not it will work for you is a question of personal preference.

It’s also worth mentioning that finishing this course does not guarantee the success of your FBA business.

It all relies on the niche you want to enter and the products you want to sell. It’s very possible that what succeeded for someone else will fail miserably for you.

At the very least, this course is comprehensive enough to cover a wide range of topics that may be useful to you. You still have power over your business’ fate.

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My Favorite Program

Why I Don’t Recommend Marketplace Superheroes

Disorganized Course

The course is pretty comprehensive, but it is quite disorganized. Yes, there is a lot of content, and you also learn quite a lot of strategies. The problem with that is that you would find it difficult to choose which strategies to follow.

The lessons do not have an organized flow to them. It is not updated for a while as well, meaning that the information you get may be invalid.

Also, it defeats the purpose of having to pay for a course. You can find more recent material elsewhere, if you search enough.

Poor Coverage on Traffic Strategies

Those that are successful on Amazon are generally those who advertise on social media and have the financial means to continue doing so.

This course just lacks a real lesson that addresses how to route visitors to Amazon stores, which is unfortunate given how pricey it is.

There is simply not enough information in here about how to use advertisements for marketing, especially since social media advertising is now how firms sell their products.

It’s worth noting that around 6 million businesses advertise on Facebook. As you can see, social networking platforms have a sizable shopper base.

There’s also the problem of not knowing how to market without resorting to sponsored advertisements.

As you can see, there is just too much vital stuff missing from the course, and I don’t believe it’s due to a lack of effort on my part.

No Technical Support

Novice sellers are often in need of technical support, especially because they usually have concerns regarding the course and the digital tools. It is good to have a proper support network when you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Even if you pay for the course, you will be not be receiving any kind of support. This can leave you unsatisfied.

You have no one to talk to if you need any help, which is not good at all.

Final Verdict – Marketplace Superheroes

Before I end this Marketplace Superheroes review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

For a variety of reasons, which I’m sure I’ve already said, I can’t recommend Amazon FBA as a business to get into. This business isn’t as straightforward as it looks, and you’ll have to understand a lot of difficult concepts before you can get started.

You must be prepared to sell on Amazon for an extended period of time before you can begin. It’s not only a case of listing your goods on Amazon and finding a distributor. A one-man team would not be effective since there are so many daily obligations to attend to.

Even if you don’t directly manage your merchandise inventory, you’ll need to spend money because you’ll be running numerous advertisements. Advertising is expensive, especially on social media.

The return on investment is so minimal that it is just not worth the time and effort. As a side hustle, it’s simply not worth it.

A decent side business, in my opinion, is one that can be done in your spare time. This simply isn’t the most impressive of the lot.

However, I am aware of a terrific side business that does not need a significant investment of time or money. It also doesn’t need a thorough understanding of a variety of advanced business concepts. In the next part, you’ll find more information on this.

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