Marmalead Review – Worth A Try?

Today, we are going to talk about Marmalead. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

People who have an e-commerce shop are often on the lookout for a tool that will help them get more customers. If you’re running an online, you sort of hope that you would get more customers. It sucks having a bunch of products in your inventory just laying there. There’s probably somebody who wants a product that you have. But they don’t know how to find it.

I have review a ton of different tools and training programs related to e-commerce. There are some that were good on paper. But the pricing for it may not attract a lot of customers. Not everyone who runs an e-commerce shop has the kind of money to pay for those services. As much as they want to try out those services, it’s hard to put it in the budget.

So when I found out about Marmalead, I became interested in learning more about it. It’s a bit more focused on a specific e-commerce platform. But a lot of people do sell products on that platform. There’s an audience for it.

But still, there are some lingering questions that I hope might get answered as I write this review. Is their service worth the price? Or are there any aspects of it that may turn off a lot of sellers?

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Marmalead Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Marmalead
  • Founders: Rich Peplin and Gordon Hardy
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: SEO research tool
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: The tool doesn’t seem to be all that accurate at gauging interest for certain keywords. Despite the relatively affordable price, there are still a lot that could be fixed but it’s not worth using in its current iteration.

Who Are Rich Peplin and Gordon Hardy?

A screenshot featuring Marmalead co-founder Gordon Hardy

Rich Peplin and Gordon Hardy are the co-founders of Marmalead.

There wasn’t really a lot of information that I could find about both of the co-founders. The company has been running for six years now. But it hasn’t gotten to the point where there is some mythology related to the co-founders. I have sometimes noticed that there are certain biographies about the executive team that have a story to them. It still goes over some aspects of their career previous to the current one. But there’s a narrative to it.

Rich Peplin graduated with a degree in finance. And his early career was related to that. One of his first jobs after graduating was as a sales associate for car dealership. Then he went on to work for a stock trading company. Later on, he would work as an auditor for a paint manufacturing company. His degree was put to good use during those four years.

Gordon Hardy, on the other hand, graduated with a degree in computer science. His jobs pretty involved either IT or web development. The work he did was pretty much with the wheelhouse of what he has learned.

The Meetup

Rich and Gordon overlapped a bit at a company called FormFire. Rich was already working there for about two years when Gordon came along. It didn’t seem that they would have crossed paths, considering Rich was a product manager while Gordon was a UI/UX designer. But I guess Rich being a product manager meant he talked to a lot of different departments.

I guess somewhere along the line, Rich and Gordon decided to do business together. That lead them to form the idea for Marmalead. But they didn’t formally start until April 2016.

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What Is Marmalead?

A screenshot featuring Marmalead co-founder Rich Peplin

Marmalead is a search engine optimization and keyword research tool for Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce platform that houses a lot of different stores that sell different things. It’s hard to name every single type of product that they sell on Etsy. Because there is a lot of them out there. It’s one of the e-commerce platforms that has shops that make customized items for you.

SEO plays such a big part in any kind of website. You probably wouldn’t have found this review if you didn’t search for keywords related to Marmalead. It’s just baked into the web.

A lot of people struggle a bit with SEO. The main problem is what types of keywords they should use so that their products show up within the first few search results. I don’t think Etsy has native tools that tell you which specific keywords related to your products work.

So that’s why a lot of these tools, like Marmalead, have been showing up in the past couple of years. There’s a specific audience for that sort of thing. It’s not something everyone will have a use for.

Marmalead is a subscription-based tool. You have to pay $19 a month in order to access it. There’s also an option to pay a yearly fee of $190 so you don’t have to worry about having to pay every month. You could also chose the quarterly subscription which costs $53. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, you get access to the website.

Using Marmalead

The interface basically leads you search for keywords that you use for your shop. It will show you relevant information like how many search a keyword gets and its corresponding engagement from shoppers. There’s also results for how many other results you’re competing with.

It’s mostly just metrics that show you what kind of relevant keywords are popular on the platform. There’s probably a good chance that not everyone will understand what those metrics will mean. But there’s a question mark button on the top corner that explains what those metrics mean.

The platform lets you compare different keywords. It shows you if the keyword is long enough, and some of the other metrics mentioned before. You can also check those keywords based on price point.

There’s also a feature that shows you trending keywords on Pinterest. Though I’m not really sure if using Pinterest pins are a good metric for Etsy listing. I guess it’s good for seeing what kind of styles people are into. But those are two different platforms with every little overlap or conversion rates.

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Final Verdict – Marmalead Review

I don’t see anything about this particular SEO and keyword research tool that makes it more worth it than their competitors. There are a lot more similar tools that available for half the price of a monthly subscription to Marmalead. The price for Marmalead is the same as Starter plan for Allura. And Allura has slightly more features if you pay for their Pro plan.

One of the reviews I saw mention that some of the metrics that Marmalead shows you might not be all that accurate. They tested out searching for keywords related to a summer dresses during the summer. Apparently, there wasn’t a huge amount of searches for summer dresses during the summertime. That doesn’t seem right. Why wouldn’t people be searching for summer dresses during the time that it’s supposed to be relevant?

There were a lot of other features that were lacking from Marmalead compared to other SEO tools out there. The UI for Marmalead doesn’t seem all that different from its competition. Though, I guess you can’t really deviate too much from the aesthetics. If it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it.

Getting into e-commerce is hard for a lot of people. Especially if you have to worry about stuff that you normally would worry about. But when you sell stuff on the internet, you do have to be mindful on how people will search for that kind of product. I was always surprised that the listings for Etsy were really long. But when I started to learn more about SEO, I understood it a lot more.

Still, it doesn’t really seem that Marmalead is all that worth it of a product when there’s others that do the job equally or better. When they tout that they had more than 10,000 people use the tool, I was amazed by it. There’s probably a good reason why those businesses choose to use it. But I’m not sure that it’s for people who want to start their own e-commerce shop.

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