The Wing Girl Method Review: Marni Kinrys Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about The Wing Girl Method by Marni Kinrys. Is this also legitimate? Find out in this The Wing Girl Method review.

Let’s face it. Some of us men may have a bit of trouble getting the girl that we like. Oftentimes, our own confidence falters whenever we try to ask some girls out.

If one of you has experienced it or is experiencing it right now, I can’t blame you. It stems from our fear of rejection, that the girl may not even like you at all.

And this can really bring down a man’s confidence level.

Thankfully, these issues can be solved. All you need is the determination to improve yourself, and possibly a good program to guide you.

The Wing Girl Method claims that they have a solution that can help several men greatly improve their chances of getting the girl they like.

But before you go ahead and enroll in this online course, it’s better if you read this The Wing Girl Method review. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this program is something that you need, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased The Wing Girl Method review, based on my observation and honest opinion. As such, you won’t find any affiliated links here, as I’m not affiliated with The Wing Girl Method.

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What Is The Wing Girl Method?

The Wing Girl Method

The Wing Girl Method is group of programs that cater to most men who are in need of improving their interactions with women. It offers various online courses, coaching, and even live (or virtual) events that are aimed to teach men how they can be more attractive to women, especially to the girl that they like.

It’s similar in nature to other programs like Endless Options, Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator, and Real Social Dynamics. And like programs such as I Am A Comeback, it’s also one of those self-developmental programs that are aimed towards men.

While obviously, it includes training on how to pick up girls and date the one that you like, it’s also so much more.

It’s all about improving yourself as a man in all aspects of your life. Not just in love and relationships, but especially in your work.

Which is very important, as it makes a man even more appealing to girls. Our own social status as men is what determines our attractiveness to them.

It’s a hard truth, however, that in order to achieve that, you’re going to have to earn a lot of money. If you have money, and lots of it, girls will surely come to you, instead of you having to chase them.

Thus, whatever coaching or strategy you use when finding online dates, it’s not going to work unless you’re earning a lot of money for yourself.

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My Favorite Program

The Person Behind The Wing Girl Method

Marni Kinrys is the person behind The Wing Girl Method.

The Wing Girl Method - Marni Kinrys

Some of you might be a little bit surprised that one of the more well-renowned dating coaches out there, is actually a woman. Since many of you may be used to the idea that the dating coaches you may meet, are men.

But she’s not called the “Ultimate Wing Girl” for nothing. In fact, she really earned it. In 2010, she was awarded the “World’s Best Wing Girl” award at one of the PUA (Pick Up Artist) Summits. And before that, she was named the World’s Best Female Pick-Up Artist at a PUA Summit in California.

Being a graduate in BA Psychology may have also contributed to her capability as a dating coach. But as she claims, she’s also capable of ” giving you access to the 5% of knowledge about attracting women that no man can ever teach.” Because she is a woman herself, after all.

She’s also a known radio host and a best-selling author, and has been featured on several publications many times.

The Wing Girl Method - Features

What Are The Training Programs That The Wing Girl Method Offer?

The Wing Girl Method 2

What’s interesting about The Wing Girl Method is that, before you can apply for their programs, you can take a free evaluation first if you wish.

The Wing Girl Method - Evaluation

This is especially helpful for some men who aren’t unsure of what program they want to take. Since each of the programs they offer here provide a specific solution to a specific problem of men.

Here are some of the programs that are currently being offered by The Wing Girl Method. As well as a quick overview of each. And finally, how much each course cost.

The F-Formula ($47)

The F-Formula seems to be one of the more popular online courses that they offer.

It’s called the “F-Formula” because here, they delve into the art of flirting with the opposite gender. They claim that this teaches a flirting system that is essentially a “plug-and-play” formula, that any guy can just follow.

I have some doubts on whether this so-called “plug-and-play” system can work on any woman that you like. Since women are humans, too. They basically have different personalities and temperaments that can only be caught on by pure observation.

But basically, if your flirting attempts don’t work on one girl, don’t give up. Because the same attempt could work on a different girl, and you may not even realize it.

The Approach Blueprint ($34.99)

The Wing Girl Method - The Approach Blueprint

The Approach Blueprint is a program that teaches a combination of words, tonality, and body language that unconsciously makes women attracted to you.

While it may not seem like it, women are actually quite observant when any kind of man approaches them. As such, the words that you speak out, the tone in which how you deliver it, and your body language also contribute to the message that you want to deliver to the girl you like.

For example, having the right amount of confidence can make all the difference. You surely don’t want to feel too shy in your approach, but you also don’t want to be overconfident, either.

The Banter Guide ($24.99)

The Wing Girl Method - The Banter Guide

The Banter Guide is an online program that deals with how you can be an effective conversationalist when it comes to girls. It’s a very important skill to master, especially when you’re on a date.

A good quality to develop when conversing with a girl is to be spontaneous with your responses. It does greatly help if you also have a good knowledge of some topics that she’s interested to talk about, but not many may have that privilege.

Above all, a sense of humor is always a must. By nature, women like guys who can make them laugh, so do your best to capitalize on that.

Friend Zone ($47)

The Wing Girl Method - Friend Zone

“Can we just stay as friends?”

This is probably one of the more hurtful things that a girl you like can tell you. Some just take it as it is and move on, some take it as a part of a joke, and some…well…take it rather hard.

This online course teaches you how you can get out of that so-called “Friend Zone”, and get that girl you like, to like you back as well. As what the promotional materials say, this can turn you from being the “Nice Guy” to someone that’s badass.

Chik-Tionary ($7.99)

The Wing Girl Method - Chik-Tionary

The Chik-Tionary is, just as its name suggests, a go-to dictionary of some of the more common words or phrases that women say, usually when some men attempt to pick them up.

By having a knowledge of these terms, you’ll be able to determine just what exactly are they talking about in response to your actions. And, in turn, craft an appropriate response or course of action to steer the situation in your favor.

Become A Man Women Want ($77)

The Wing Girl Method - Become A Man Women Want

As what you can expect from the title of this course, this is a program basically teaches you everything you need on how you can be a better man overall. To the point that you can easily attract any girl that you like, once you mastered it.

As Marni stated once, the main problem with some men nowadays is that they became a bit too “feminine” for some. Thus, her programs aim to bring back that manhood that most women actually want.

COVID Dating ($24.99)

Nowadays, online, long-distance has become much more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. Especially now that we’re under the COVID-19 pandemic.

The popularity of dating sites like Tinder and others, is a good testament to that. Even some social media networks have added features to accommodate online dating, such as Facebook Dating.

This online course is designed to help men succeed at getting the girl that they want through online dating apps or websites. This teaches you everything you have to do in order to get the girl you like out of the online dating scene, in to your first physical date, until you finally land her as your girlfriend.

Beyond Attraction ($24.99)

The Wing Girl Method - Beyond Attraction

Creating a connection and trust with a woman is essential for going beyond attraction. But surprisingly, some men fail to do it.

And it’s the biggest reason for missing second dates, and losing women in relationships. This program shows the step-by-step methods to communicate with women in a way that goes beyond mere attraction and enters into a deep level of connection.

In short, this deals with how to retain the girl that you like and build a deeper connection with her. Once you finally landed her through flirting, dates, etc.

Other Offers

Aside from these training programs, The Wing Girl Method also offers various live coaching programs that can complement their training.

You can choose from a direct coaching program with Marni herself, or from one of her fellow dating coaches (AKA Wing Girls). You can also engage in a “mock date” with one of the wing girls, and get some evaluation for the areas you want to improve.

Finally, you can also join an exclusive private Facebook group, wherein you can engage with fellow students and learn dating tips from them.

Will You Recommend The Wing Girl Method?

At first glance, The Wing Girl Method’s programs could a good one to take if you ever find yourself in need of dating advice, or even how you can develop yourself as a man.

It may even seem more credible given that the coaches you’re interacting with are all women. After all, who know women better than themselves?

But personally, I don’t think I can recommend that you even pay money for any of the programs here. Even if for a fact that you can’t get a girl to date you at all, I would still say that you won’t need something like this.

Because all of the lessons that are taught here are, in fact, taught somewhere else as well. And some of them don’t even charge any kind of fee for those lessons.

Besides, if you think about this quite carefully, you may already know most of the lessons being taught here. In fact, you may even be subconsciously practicing them already.

So why do you think you’re still failing on getting girls even though you already know the lessons here? Simple.

It’s all about your social class. Women certainly will not fall for someone who has a lower social class than theirs. So it’s crucial that you raise it up to match, or even exceed, theirs.

So how do you do it? Simple. By earning more money.

It’s a cold, hard truth. But as the saying goes, “No Money, No Honey”.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. As I said before, if you stop chasing women and use that time to build yourself and set up a business of your own, girls will come over to you like a magnet.

Because women love men who know how to hustle for money. They’re immediately attracted to men who work hard to accomplish their goals, especially financially. It makes them think that they’ll feel more secure when they’re with a guy who has a higher social class than theirs.

And if you want to achieve that goal, this program can help you.

My Favorite Program

Is The Wing Girl Method A Scam?

For me, I don’t think The Wing Girl Method isn’t a scam at all. Because Marni Kinrys has already proven herself as a legitimate dating coach due to her credentials and awards.

I think the only reason on why some of The Wing Girl Method’s programs are labeled as scams, is because it’s known to be a target for actual scammers. Some sources indicate there are some products that copy the label of this product, and are being sold for a profit.

But the content for these courses are known to be incomprehensible, and thus, completely useless.

Nevertheless, since some of the content included here aren’t really revolutionary and could be found somewhere else, The Wing Girl Method isn’t certainly a must-have program if you already have access to other dating education materials elsewhere.

The Wing Girl Review: Final Thoughts

Let me share with you some final thoughts of mine before I close this The Wing Girl review.


Ultimately, in order to be successful at getting a date and get you the girl that you like, you basically have to work on your confidence.

You can start by improving your body. Working out is always a necessity for this. If you like to get ripped and jack up those muscles, then better. But do know that some women do prefer guys with so-called “dad bods” than ripped ones. So it may not be too big of an issue.

Just don’t be too fat that you’re going to be too unattractive with it.

But even more importantly (and I’m stressing this again), women prefer men who are financially abundant and have goals in life (and are striving real hard to achieve them). Because they see those men as someone who is in a totally high standing class than even themselves. And again, let’s be real here. Women love those men who are of a higher class standing than they are.

It may even be the biggest irony of all, but the best way to get a girl is to stop chasing them like they’re everything to you. Just focus on your dreams and goals of financial stability, work hard for it, and reach high. Eventually, you may not notice it, but women will start to feel more attracted to you, without you even trying to chase them.

And to help you reach those goals of financial stability, you may want to check out my proven business method here.

If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this The Wing Girl Method review.

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