Master Filmmaker Review – Eric Deeran Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Master Filmmaker. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

People can earn money from making videos. I mean, there are a lot of people in the entertainment industry whose job it is to make videos. There are directors, camera operators, editors, and the like. I guess actors are also included in that bunch. The point is, making videos can be somebody’s entire career.

Look at YouTube for example, there are tons of people whose videos are monetized on the platform. They have managed to build up an audience for the videos that they put up. And they earn a decent amount of money for it. Though, I guess, it has to do with how many views your videos get. Still, it’s a legitimate way of earning money for a lot of people.

Even on TikTok, you can turn short-form videos into something of a career. People will want you to advertise for them because you have a large following on the platform. There’s a lot of opportunities out there to earn money from videos.

So when I heard of Master Filmmaker, I was kind of curious. Curious because this didn’t seem like the usual kind of business that I would review. Why would I write a review about a business that does video? It doesn’t seem like the kind of business that would sound off alarms. But the curiosity really got the best of me.

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Master Filmmaker Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Master Filmmaker
  • Founder: Eric Deeran
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • Type: Coaching program
  • Niche: Internet marketing
  • Recommendation: I don’t really recommend the coaching program that Master Filmmaker provides. The actual content, divorced from the framing of a video production company, is pretty similar to other internet marketing training programs.

Who Is Eric Deeran?

A screenshot featuring Master Filmmaker founder Eric Deeran

Eric Deeran is a filmmaker based in Atlanta, George. Ever since he was kid, he became interested in making films. His interest in films started when his parents brought home a camcorder. It wasn’t just for him. But he fell in love with the process of making films through the device.

That’s often the case for a lot of people. There are just those kinds of experiences in their life growing up that leads them to their current career path. Eric pretty much made it his mission to become a professional filmmaker. He pursued a degree in media and entertainment studies at Kennesaw State University. And he also spent a few years working in their video production department as a cinematographer. That landed him some jobs in other local universities and businesses around Georgia.

I think during that time, he established his own production companies. Like any kind of business, it’s hard to make a name for yourself, even in your hometown. You do have to put in the work for other people to recognize. If you’re doing a good job, chances are that the people you work with would put in a good work for you. But it’s never guaranteed that you’d get a gig out of it.

That was one of the things that Eric struggled with during the early years of his business. I think he mentions that one of his clients said that he didn’t know how to market himself. So he learned how to do that.

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The Start of Master Filmmaker

After spending a bunch of time and money on online marketing courses, Eric now had the idea on how to better market himself and his business. I guess he started getting more gigs and getting paid pretty well for those projects. Eventually, he decided to start another company, namely Master Filmmaker.

I was sort of confused by Master Filmmaker at the start. When I went to their website, most of what I saw was just a bunch of templates and other assets for making more cinematic-looking videos. Okay. So just a normal video editing resources shop? But when I scrolled down, I saw that there were some other products that weren’t really about video editing. It was more on the side of running a business. Mostly, it was just a bunch of guides to help other creatives run their business better.

Then I saw a listing for a passive income guide. Huh. Why would a place like Master Filmmaker sell a passive income guide? That doesn’t seem like it fits with the company is.

Then when I checked the regular Master Filmmaker website. I was kind of hopping for a normal website that talks about what the business is. Turns out, it’s a sales funnel page.

What The Heck Is A Sales Funnel Page?

A sales funnel page is basically a webpage that attracts potential customers to your business. It’s a common thing in marketing. The sales funnel represents the process of a person becoming a customer for a business.

There are six steps in the sales funnel. It’s awareness, interest, evaluation, negotiation, closing and renewal. The steps are pretty self-explanatory. But allow me to explain.

The Six Steps of the Sales Funnel

The first step is awareness of the company. If you see an advertisement for this company somewhere, you’ve already finished the first step. It’s sort of the easiest of the six.

Interest in the company and the products and/or services comes after that. It really depends on you if you become interested or not. Usually, if it’s a product that you have a need for, you might check out the store or the website of the company. This step feeds into evaluation.

Now you’re inside the store and are now checking out that particular item. You will check to see what the product looks like. Often there’s a sales representative to answer any of your questions. Evaluation and negotiation overlap in a handful of situations. You’re inching real close to actually buying the product.

Then we move on to closing. Not of the store, but of the sale. It basically just means paying for the product. You have now spent money on the product and now plan to use it. If it works how you expect it to, it would then lead to the sixth step of the sales funnel, renewal.

So What Else Does Master Filmmaker Sell?

Aside from the presets and templates for your next video project, Master Filmmaker also offers a coaching program. The company wouldn’t have been reviewed here if it didn’t involve a coaching program.

The program that Eric offers is one where he will teach you how to scale your production company into one that earns a six-figure income. For some reason, this is a weirdly common hook for a training program. It doesn’t matter if it’s for insurance or e-commerce. As long as you mention a six-figure income, somebody’s already two steps into the sales funnel process.

The thing about it is that both of the coaching programs are targeted towards videographers and filmmakers. It makes sense. Eric Deeran is a filmmaker and videographer. So he knows exactly the kind of thing that independent filmmakers and videographers struggle with.

And you know what kind of solution Eric has for his fellow filmmakers? A sales funnel webpage. Yes. you can never run away from a sales funnel. There are also other aspects to the program. But somehow that was the thing that I really noticed.

The website doesn’t mention any price for the coaching program. You have to schedule a call with them in order to talk more about it. But you get a free 35-minute training video if you input some of your contact information on the sales funnel website.

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Final Verdict – Master Filmmaker Review

You could probably watch the free training video that Eric provides through the Master Filmmaker sales funnel page. I mean, it’s free. Though, you do have to input your contact details to access it. They do give you a link in your e-mail so it’s easier to get to.

It’s definitely an interesting perspective to teach filmmakers to use a sales funnel website as a marketing tool. I’m not really sure if those kinds of websites are still effective at actually closing a sale with potential clients. But I guess there’s very few people who check out a portfolio website.

As for the course that teaches you how to start your own video production business, there are free resources out there online. It’s easy to learn how to film a video. But it takes a lot of time, money and effort to make great ones. It’s mostly just a refinement of your tastes and skills.

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That’s it for my review of Master Filmmaker. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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