Matt Burch Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Matt Burch and his net worth.

I have written a bit about people who become famous because of a reality show. It’s an enjoyable experience. But it’s really hard to write about those people. Usually, there isn’t really anything you could find about them.

Take Big Mike, for example. He was a fan favorite among people who watch the reality series “Unpolished.” None of the clips that are available on YouTube seem to include him. Except for one from the second season where Jennifer, Bria and Lexi Martone talk about his passing.

It’s often a struggle when you write about a person who was only famous for one thing. Everything that people know about those celebrities are often in the context of the show. There could be some interviews with some of them out there. But it’s often hard to come by.

Even then, sometimes those interviews don’t really provide any information that’s usable. Most of the time, people are just more curious about the show that they’re in. And that’s fine, I guess. Everybody can choose not to disclose information if they don’t want to.

But as somebody who writes about people from all walks of life, you kind of need some information to work with. You can tell that I’m just really stretching out the introduction. It doesn’t really matter what any of the words at the top of this post mean.

I’m trying to figure out a way to write about Matt Burch. But I’m mostly just stalling before I get to where I want to go with this. Bear with me as I try to find out.

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Matt Burch: Quick Details

  • Full Name: Matt Burch
  • Claim to fame: Starring in the reality series “Operation Repo”
  • Years active: 2006–2014
  • Estimated net worth: $500 thousand

An Explanation About Repossession

You may be wondering what the show “Operation Repo” is about. Prior to writing about Matt Burch, I hadn’t really heard of the show before. I am familiar with the reality show genre. But I’ve never really gotten into it. I watch a couple of episodes from different shows. But never a full season of any of them.

Before we talk about the show, let’s focus on the word “repo.” Repo is short for repossession. It’s basically just a way of taking a certain property off somebody’s possession by the entity who has the rights of ownership of that property.

Usually, repossession happens when the person who currently possesses the property defaults on their payments to the entity that lent them that property. In the United States, the procedures of repossession varies greatly. Often it may involve a case in court. But sometimes it involves third-party entities.

And that’s where Operation: Repo comes into play.

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What Is Operation Repo?

“Operation Repo” is a reality series that focuses on a team of people who mainly repossess cars. One of the people involved in the show is Matt Burch. The show focuses on a repossession agency that was founded by Luis Pizzaro. It was sort of a family business because it involved his sister and his daughter.

The series first started out as a Spanish-language show that aired on Telemundo in 2006. The show surprisingly did very well on the network. It was one of the highest-rated shows on the network at the time. Which is insane to think about. But people love drama.

After about two seasons, Operation Repo—then Operación Repo—moved from Telemundo to truTV. Because of the move, the show became an English-language show. Though there’s probably a good chance that there’s a bunch of Spanish sprinkled throughout.

It’s amazing to see a show get poached like that by another network. Though I do have to wonder if the show got cancelled by Telemundo or if the producers chose to shop the show elsewhere.

There weren’t really any major changes to the show aside from them switching to English and one of the cast members being replaced. The show was sort of a mix between a scripted series and a reality series.

What I mean by that is that a lot of the situations were based on actual repossession incidents. Though it’s not really clear if those incidents involved the cast in some way. So the episodes were structured based on those incidents. But it was shot like it was a reality series.

Operation Repo was one of the first shows that truTV aired after it had rebranded from a network that mostly aired court proceedings. You never would have expected them to move to reality series.

Who Is Matt Burch?

Matt Burch has been part of the show since the very beginning. Yeah, he was in the Spanish-language version, surprisingly enough. And he stayed on with the show until it ended it television run in 2014.

Like I said at the top, it’s very hard find any information about Matt Burch online. Most of the results that pop up are for his social media accounts. None of which are active.

There was, however, an interview from 2015 that he did with Ric Drasin. I think that was the only interview that I could find that featured him. I mean, who even is interested in Operation Repo in 2022?

In the interview, Matt mentions that he lived with a very abusive father. That was the main reason why he started body building. Not that he could beat his father up. But rather defend himself.

His inspiration to start bodybuilding was somehow his sister’s boyfriend. At the age of 12, Wayne Anderson gave Matt a weight bench as a present. He mostly did a few starter exercise with that gift.

Soon after, Matt started to become a bodybuilder. He just kind of did stuff during a certain period in his life. But none of that really matters in the grand scheme thing. Though Matt didn’t really know what he should be doing in life.

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So Then Came The Repossessions

Even though the reality series was sort of script, Matt Burch actually had experience repossessing cars. Around the time he was also a personal trainer at a gym. It’s good to have a second revenue stream.

He was working for a guy named Luis Pizzaro. There came a time when Luis was invited by a local news station to talk about repossession. Somehow, that moment in front of a camera lead him to pursue a career in filmmaking.

I don’t know exactly why doing an interview about his line of work made him decide to become a filmmaker. But honestly, life is random like that. You never really what’s going to happen.

Luis kind of saw the potential that a show about car repossession could have. Matt Burch kind of saw it too. So Luis decided to pitch the idea for what would become Operation Repo to usual networks.

Unfortunately, the pitch was struck down. That’s just normal in the industry. Sometimes the people in charge don’t usually see what they’re missing until it’s too late.

So they decided to pitch the idea to the Spanish-language networks. And as you may have read in a previous section, Telemundo greenlit the show. Who would have thought that NBC’s sister network would be the one to greenlight the pitch?

What Is Matt Burch’s Net Worth?

In the interview, he mentions that Luis Pizzaro kind of hated the fact that Matt Burch had gotten pretty popular among the audience. Matt got involved in the show because he was friends with Froylan Tercero, who was Sonia’s then-husband. Sonia is Luis’s sister, I think.

The show pretty much did well for both networks. It ran for a total of 11 seasons and 286 episodes. That’s kind of insane to think about. It also lead to two movies. And the quality for it sort looks like the TV show.

By the time that Operation Repo had ended, Matt Burch had a net worth of $500 thousand. That’s not really bad for somebody who was on a reality show. He sort of disliked his experience on the show despite the fame he got with it.

There isn’t really anything that Matt Burch has done since then. And I wasn’t really expecting to find any new stuff from him, TV-wise. He had a specific niche that I don’t think a lot of people are looking for.

Still, it seems that he now mostly works as a wrangler for different productions. There are multiple types of wranglers. And Matt is probably a vehicle wrangler. ‘Cause I’m not really sure he has experience working with animals.

I was kind of surprised to see that he continued to work in the entertainment industry. Albeit, behind the scenes. You don’t often see people who were mostly on-screen go on to do production jobs.

But Hollywood is often looking for people who can do tough jobs. And with that kind of physique, Matt Burch can definitely handle it.

It’s great to see that Matt is still active in the industry regardless of what job it is. Everybody seems to have left the repossession business behind after the show ended.

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