Meet Kevin Exposed – A Scam Artist?

Today, we’re going to talk about Meet Kevin, a well-known YouTuber and financial guru. Is he legit? This review will have Meet Kevin exposed.

If you’re someone who constantly searches YouTube for topics like “How to make money online?”“Easiest way to make money today.”, or something similar, you may have heard of Meet Kevin.

After all, he’s one of the more popular YouTubers out there when it comes to these topics. His videos are some of the more frequently watched ones, with some of them having a million views and counting.

Of course, one of the questions that would come to your mind is, is this guy even legit? Can we really take his financial advice to heart?

This isn’t an unusual reaction, considering that there are also plenty of internet gurus out there who may seem to give good advice. But sooner or later, they’re eventually exposed as fraudsters.

So for today’s topic, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Meet Kevin. From a bit of his personal background, to his credentials, his online training programs, and even his current issues.

And by the time getting Meet Kevin exposed, you’ll be able to determine for yourself if his training programs are worth spending money on, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely independent Meet Kevin Exposed article, and is based on publicly available information, as well as my own personal opinions. Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with Meet Kevin or any of his programs in any way or form whatsoever.

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Who Is “Meet Kevin”?

“Meet Kevin” is a well-known American YouTuber, financial analyst, and real estate broker. His real name is Kevin Paffrath.

As a YouTuber, Meet Kevin’s video content covers plenty of subjects that deal with methods to make money. Such as the stock market, cryptocurrency, and most especially, real estate. Currently, his YouTube channel has now over 1.8 million subscribers, and still counting.

Being a real estate broker, however, it makes sense that most of his videos are focused on the real estate industry. But aside from financial news, he also has some videos that deal with some current events which are not finance-related.

In a way, he is similar to another YouTuber entrepreneur named “Biaheza“, in that their YouTube videos deal with the same subject.

But what sets Meet Kevin apart is that he seems to be a bit more legitimate for me. Because his experience in investments is really shown through his videos. And he has plenty of credentials, too.

As for his real estate background, he started in 2010 after he earned his real estate license. And soon afterwards, Kevin and his wife Lauren founded The Paffrath Organization, a real estate business that operates around the Southern California area.

Meet Kevin also has created a wide variety of online courses, each of them focusing on a different aspect of making money online. There are courses about stock trading, making money on YouTube, and of course, real estate.

And if you want to know more about those online courses, I’ve reviewed some of them before. Feel free to check them out.

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Meet Kevin’s Political Career

Meet Kevin Governor

Kevin Paffrath is also quite active as a politician. On May 17, 2021, he announced that he was filing his candidacy in the 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election, as a governor under the Democratic Party. However, he was beaten by Larry Elder (who, in turn, was defeated by the current governor Gavin Newsom).

Previously, Kevin Paffrath said he intended to run again in the 2022 California gubernatorial election. However, after a recent issue involving him being arrested for DUI (Driving Under Influence, usually from alcoholic drinks), I highly doubt that people will support him again.

Meet Kevin Exposed: Course Pricing & Inclusions

The price for enrolling in any of Meet Kevin’s online courses can vary. Here’s a complete list of the courses that Meet Kevin offers, as well as their pricing.

  • The Wealth Builder: Your Path To Getting Rich For Sure – $755
  • Real Estate Investing: From $0 To Millionaire And Beyond – $1,091
  • Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos – From a #1 Trending Creator – $749
  • Stocks & The Psychology of Money – $908
  • The DIY Property Management And Rental Renovation Course – $1,938
  • Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500k & Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent® – $821

Before, you can also avail of these courses as part of a discounted bundle. This program offers a total of 18 bundles, containing a combination of two or three courses per bundle.

But as of today, the website doesn’t seem to offer those bundles anymore. It could be that they’re now moved elsewhere, or they’re completely removed.

Are His Courses Worth Buying?

The problem with investing in stocks and real estate is that you need a huge amount of funds to get started. While it is possible to begin stock trading with less investment money, the returns will be small.

The same idea also applies to real estate. Even if you were able to invest in real estate for less money than normal, in the end, would still be a significant sum of money. Not to mention your profits may be smaller than you might expect.

To be honest, however, Being a YouTuber may be one of the most accessible and cost-effective business models among those discussed in Meet Kevin’s courses. Still, before you can begin making money from this, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort.

And with the fierce competition that exists among YouTubers today, it can take years before you start to experience success.

Therefore, even though Meet Kevin’s courses are a little less expensive than other similar courses, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort before you can begin making good profits from them. which not everyone will find worthwhile.

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Meet Kevin Exposed: Is Meet Kevin A Scam?

Honestly, I don’t really see any reason why Kevin Paffrath can be considered a scammer. After all, as a YouTuber, he has millions of subscribers, and a lot of people have been watching his videos.

The very fact that he has so many subscribers suggests that “maybe” his methods work and have benefited a lot of individuals. However, it may not be always the case.

But despite Meet Kevin not being a scammer, I have several reasons to think that, as a financial guru, Meet Kevin is at the lower end of my recommendation list. He may not be the worst, but he’s definitely not one of the best, either.

A lot of people on Reddit accuse him of many things. Such as a conman, a bully, a narcissist, and even a liar. Those are pretty big accusations if you ask me.

But one thing that is always pointed out about him is that most of his videos have a certain bias when it comes to investments. He’s being accused of hyping up a certain investment so that he can increase the value of his investments, so he can earn more money (and even invest in a new one).

His most recent example, as a Reddit user pointed out, is TSLA. Some of his videos seem to suggest that TSLA is a very good investment in the future because of various factors.

But that’s only because he wants to pump up the value of his stock in TSLA so he can get more profits from it. Now I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to do, but this is just a good example of how biased Meet Kevin can be.

Meet Kevin Exposed: Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve got Meet Kevin exposed, allow me to say some final words about him.

Overall, Meet Kevin continues to be a respectable and honest individual in the business. The fact that there have been virtually no complaints about him or his courses yet supports his legitimacy (though as a person, his attitude is quite questionable)

The only thing keeping me from suggesting any of his courses to anyone is the possibility that his political career may have an impact on the course’s overall quality. He may eventually get so busy with it that he will no longer have time to hold personal coaching calls or update the material of his online courses. Which they claim is happening.

The value of these courses will unquestionably decrease when that occurs. especially as many of the methods presented here might no longer be effective.

Furthermore, it is simply too expensive to invest in stocks or real estate. If you anticipate that after completing any of these courses, you’ll be set on making a lot of money through stock trading, real estate investing, or even operating a YouTube channel, you’re in for a surprise.

In the worst-case situation, the amount you can make using these techniques might not be sufficient to pay for the expenses and the labor you’ll put in.

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