Michael Blank Review – Apartment Syndication Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Michael Blank. Is he legit? Find out in this Michael Blank review.

Michael Blank is saying that there is a possibility for you to make thousands in passive income, and all you need to make this happen is listen to what he has to say.

So, what is Michael’s opportunity all about, anyway? From the title of the review, you probably think that it is all about house flipping, Airbnb, or whatever else.

Well, it isn’t. It seems like Michael has invested before in these kinds of opportunities, but nothing came out of it.

After all, even if you have the money to invest in something, you wouldn’t really expect it to succeed. Remember that all investments always have a risk attributed to it.

For this review, we will be focusing on Michael Blank, his programs, and what his business opportunity is all about. So, is he worth trusting? Should you invest in his programs and believe his claims?

Or is it all a scam that looks too good to be true?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Michael Blank review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Michael Blank in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Michael Blank Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Michael Blank
  • Website: https://themichaelblank.com/
  • Socials: FacebookInstagram, Twitter
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommended?: Michael Blank has a point when it comes to apartment syndication. Yes, it can be profitable. However, there is a lot of competitors in the sector already, which is why I would not recommend it.

What is Apartment Syndication?

Michael Blank Review - Michael Blank

So, it looks like Michael Blank’s business opportunity is all about investing in apartments. How exactly does that work, anyway? It sounds pretty intimidating, especially if you do not have any experience on working in the real estate niche.

If you are just an ordinary person looking for a way to make additional money, then you are probably unfamiliar with how investing in apartment buildings work. After all, it’s not really that simple, especially if you do not have enough capital to be even spending on the niche.

However, according to Michael, this definitely worked for him. The question is, how? And why does he seem super confident that it can work for people who just decide to listen to him.

There are probably two different responses that came to mind from that statement. Firstly, you currently have no idea what you are doing. How do you make this work?

Second, even if you have experience in working in real estate, you probably do not have enough money to actually buy an apartment.

Let me elaborate on how this works then.


Michael states that passive income is what you should focus on, which is what he meant when he says that house flipping is out of the question.

Well, he does have a pretty valid point there. In house flipping, you profit once you are done fixing all the problems of the property you bought, and of course, once the property is sold.

This means that it stops there. You would have to do another flip again to keep the money coming. And according to Michael, that should not be what you would be doing for the rest of your life.

Well, he has quite an excellent point. I wouldn’t imagine having to flip houses until I retire. Take note that this takes quite a lot of work to do, and sometimes, you can forget just how much profit you are making, because you would definitely be doing a lot of hard labor.

House flipping is quite a rigorous activity, as you need to be involved first-hand with it.

So, what Michael is encouraging is a whole new different way to make money in real estate without having to purchase a property. After all, you should know by know that properties are quite expensive.

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Flipping vs Syndication

Michael Blank Review - Apartment syndication

Let’s elaborate on what flipping is first. House flipping, as you already know it, is all about making money through buying a property, doing the necessary repairs, renovating it, and selling it for a profit.

However, like what I previously said, this involves quite a lot of hard work. It is not really a passive income stream, as hard labor is definitely going to be involved.

I am not going to say that house flipping is a bad idea, but you should take note of the costs involved in this kind of career before you decide to do it. What I want you to recognize is that this is a whole new career, and if you have another job, you would probably have to reconsider.

Michael Blank’s preferred business model is apartment syndication. Well, that sounds like a lot of buzzwords, so I guess I need to break it down to you.

So basically, syndication works like this. You find a deal, find investors to help you with it, as well as property management company, and then start making money.

What you need to make note of is this is an opportunity where you have the chance to make money without needing to spend your own money. That does sound promising, when you think of it.

Michael Blank’s program resembles RE Mentor, Multifamily Masterplan, and Overage Syndicate.

Possible income stream

Okay, so let’s say that you got the property. This does not mean that you are done, and that success is already on the way. Well, at least it means that the most difficult part is over.

When it comes to syndication, you should take note that you are not the only one doing this. People are already making money using this tactic, and you are probably a little late to the game already.

What you need to know is that the most difficult step actually involved convincing the property owner that you have the funds, even if it’s not really you who has it, but the investors you convinced.

You then need to make sure that you beat the competition. Since you are a little late in the game, then this can be quite difficult.

Anyway, let’s look at the possible income stream in this situation.

Once you have the property, all that is left for you to do is rent it out. You should be thankful that there is a lot of demand for housing, and that there will always be.

The rent is where you would be making most of your money from. Basically, what makes it passive income is that you just wait for the tenants to pay every single month, and then you get paid a portion of it. Of course, majority will go to the investors.

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Should You Do Apartment Syndication?

Michael Blank Review - Apartment investing

Okay, so you are probably wondering if you should try this out. Honestly, that decision still lies with you. However, seeing as you are here still reading this review, you probably want to seek my opinion.

Well, what I can say is that you shouldn’t. If you are someone merely seeking passive income in order to supplement your living expenses, then this is not the right fit for you.

Even if it can indeed provide you with passive income, but not immediately. You would need to wait months before people rent your property, or even years if you are unlucky. Not to mention that something might happen and they would need to move out.

That means there is still risk involved even after the property is already purchased.

Final Verdict – Michael Blank Review

Apartment syndication can be a good business model, but not everyone can pull it off. After all, it involves quite a lot of time and hard work. Not to mention that you would need business skills, as you would need the help of investors to get into the business in the first place.

I recommend that you make a lot of consideration if you are thinking of trying out apartment syndication. You should be prepared for the consequences. After all, it can be quite tedious.

If you have an existing career already, I think it is best for you to look for an opportunity which can make you passive income without much effort. Apartment syndication is definitely not that one.

If you ask me, there are better opportunities out there. However, there is no need for you to look that far, as I already have one for you right here. All you need to do is continue reading.

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