Agency Tycoons Review: Michael Hummel Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Michael Hummel’s Agency Tycoons. In this Agency Tycoons review, see if this business can also work for you.

To start off, let me commend you for doing your due diligence first before you invest your money in this program.

As you may already know, there are several different opportunities out there claiming to help individuals earn a lot of money, especially online. Most of these opportunities usually say that, by joining them, you’ll be able to escape the 9-5 daily grind.

But most especially, many of them claim to be able to introduce you to a profitable business idea. This, they say, will then help you in achieving that financial freedom everyone dreams about.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy claims of these opportunities can always vary.

Some of them are proven to be legit. A few of them are just scams in disguise. Still, others may very well be legitimate, but they don’t work well according to what you want to do.

That’s why, before you spend your hard-earned money to join any of these opportunities, it’s extremely important that you do plenty of research first. So that you can decide for yourself if the opportunity offered is something that you’d like to do, or not.

And this is what this Agency Tycoons review aims to do. Hopefully, this review can help you out with that important decision of yours

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased Agency Tycoons review, based solely on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links about this product here, as I’m not affiliated with Agency Tycoons and its creators at all.

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Agency Tycoons Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Agency Tycoons
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Training Course
  • Niche: Drop Servicing, Middleman Service Agency, Lead Generation
  • Owner: Michael Hummel
  • Price: $4,000
  • Recommended?: This may be a good business idea to do if you have a background in sales and are used to doing things like cold-calling, talking to potential clients, etc. However, there’s a chance that this may not be sustainable in the long run, due to reasons which I’ll be talking about later on.

What Is Agency Tycoons?

Agency Tycoons

Agency Tycoons is an online training program that introduces another business idea one can do to make money, especially online. This program is intended to teach users about drop servicing.

Drop servicing is when you’re essentially acting as a middleman of sorts between businesses and customers. Basically, you’re going to look for several businesses that may be in need of a certain service, and you’re going to offer it to them.

However, instead of doing the service yourself, you’re going to outsource the task to someone who has the resources or the capability to get it done. You’re going to earn money here by charging the fees of the individual whom you outsourced the task needed, plus your own services fee, to the business client in question.

The best examples of a drop servicing business that’s thriving right now are Uber and Airbnb. In both of their cases, they don’t own any of the assets used in fulfilling their services to customers (ride bookings for Uber, lodgings for Airbnb). Instead, they leverage other individuals’ assets in order to connect them to customers who need that particular service.

Agency Tycoon will teach you how you can build a drop servicing agency that can allow you to connect to some businesses and individuals in order for them to fulfill their services to customers.

But despite the potential earning that you can get from drop servicing, it still requires plenty of heavy work. If you’re not the type that doesn’t want to deal with people on a regular basis, or someone that hates cold-calling, then this may not be the right business for you.

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Who Created Agency Tycoons?

Agency Tycoons is the product of Michael Hummel.

Agency Tycoons - Michael Hummel

According to his claims on his “webinar” (which seems to be just a pre-recorded video), he has been pretty successful in the drop servicing business today. So much that he has been making up to a hundred and six thousand dollars a month at the age of twenty-three, all by sending a few emails.

He even claims that he didn’t use any paid ads of any sort to succeed in this. Which is quite doubtful, to be honest.

Other than those claims, there’s not much to say about Michael Hummel in terms of major achievements, credentials, and others. Again, let me emphasize that, when you’re looking for a financial guru, you should also research any of their achievements or credentials first.

Because these things drastically improve their credibility in teaching a certain online course.

As for Michael Hummel, that’s not to say he’s not legitimate. His claims may have some truth in them, but it could be that he just got rich by selling this course instead.

He was featured once in an article on a major finance website, but it’s still kind of doubtful as some people usually pay these websites to get them featured.

How Does Dropservicing Work?

Agency Tycoons - Cold Calling 1

As stated before, dropservicing is when you’re offering a certain service that’s needed by a certain business. But instead of doing the service yourself, you outsource it by hiring other people who can do the task for you.

Any kind of service that’s needed by the business in question, can be outsourced for dropservicing. This can range from online services to social media management, SEO, writing content, to others. The same can also be applied to offline services like delivery of goods, ride-sharing services, lodging, etc.

But as a suggestion, don’t try to be an “all-in-one” dropservicing agency, because it’s going to be much more difficult for you in the end. Instead, specialize first on a certain niche, a single service. And gradually build from there as you gain more clients or those clients needed more services from you.

A suggestion that most experienced dropservicers recommend is to offer something free to gain attention to potential business clients. It can be a free audit, strategy call, consulting session, etc.

Once you’ve got their interest during that free consulation, then you can upsell your services, and you can charge them at this point.

The Agency Tycoons online course, just like any other courses of its nature, also includes downloadable scripts and templates. By following these scripts, Michael Hummel claims that you’ll be able to land your clients and close a deal with them.

The next step of dropservicing requires you to outsource the services required by your client. For online services, these can usually be done by looking for freelancers on various platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Onlinejobs, etc.

So essentially, you’re connecting these businesses that needs a certain service, to individuals who are willing to take the task for a fee.

How Much Can You Earn From Dropservicing?

Agency Tycoons - Cold Calling 2

How much you can charge for your clients for this, can depend on some factors. But the standard seems to be at least double the amount that the freelancer asks from your agency.

For example, if the individual you outsourced the service to charges you around $500, you can then charge your client $1,000. The $500 you use to pay for your outsourced work, and the difference you can keep for yourself.

Michael Hummel claims that it’s possible to earn six digits of earnings from dropservicing. His argument about this is that there are thirty-three million small businesses in the United States alone. And every single one of them needs more customers.

Thus, it’s possible that you won’t have a shortage of clients. This this is a six hundred and fifty billion dollar industry, and it’s only gonna get bigger.

Or so they claim. Because I still have plenty of doubts that this business model, and Agency Tycoons by extension, is going to work for everybody.

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Will You Recommend Agency Tycoons?

Agency Tycoons - Landing Page

The dropservicing business model taught by Agency Tycoons does have some potential for you to earn a good amount of money. It also requires plenty of hard work and dedication to be able to succeed here as well.

However, as I said earlier, chancer are, this business model may not be sustainable in the long run.

Because what if your small business clients somehow found out about the person you hired to do the task? If they did, they would surely just directly hire the freelancer in question, and just completely ignore you, the middlemen.

Since obviously, directly hiring the person will allow them to cut further costs by eliminating the middleman fee (which is supposed to be yours).

There’s also a chance that said freelancer, once they mastered their skill while doing the tasks you outsourced to him, may also find clients of his own.

If that happens, there’s a good chance that they may try to directly apply to your client.

Now we can all agree that chances of that happening are slim to even impossible, so these drawbacks may not even apply. However, eventually, some business will eventually realize that not relying on middlemen services and just directly hiring the person they need for the job, would be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Furthermore, you’re also going to be responsible for the person you hired to do the job. If they’re doing badly, or if they’re not completely satisfying your client’s needs, the complaints will go to you instead.

That’s a given already since you, as the middleman, are the ones who offered your services to the clients. And if you get enough bad feedback to your services, then this will surely put a negative image on your agency.

Pros & Cons Of Agency Tycoons


  • If done right, this business model can potentilly help you earn a large amount of money, with seemingly minimal work.
  • The online course have scripts and comprehensive training that can help you get started in dropservicing.
  • At the very least, the course creator is transparent on the fact that you’ll need a good amount of hard work to truly succeed in this business.


  • The program itself is very expensive.
  • Dropservicing isn’t really a sustainable business. Especially when your clients decides to just do direct hiring and refuse to work with middlemen.
  • The course creator himself isn’t really the most credible financial guru. He doesn’t even have some credentials or achievements which can add to his legitimacy as a dropservicing mentor.

Alternatives To Agency Tycoons?

As far as dropservicing online courses are concerned, there are only a few online course that teach this business model. If sales and outsourcing your products is something that you can specialize on, courses about Amazon FBA could work well for you.

If you prefer building a middleman agency specializing on a certain industry, then you may also try some courses like Phillip F. Smith’s Loan Broker Network, or Dennis Brown’s Freight Broker Boot Camp.

But for me, it’s much better if you just invest your money in a course that teaches you how you can build an online business from the start.

Agency Tycoons Review: Final Thoughts

I would like to share with you some final thoughts to close off this Agency Tycoons review.

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

After reading this Agency Tycoons review, I hope you already understand that dedication and hard work are the keys to success. You simply can’t produce money out of thin air. And you can’t expect to be amazing at something after just one attempt.

Discover your passion and customize your skill set to your life goals. Spend time and effort into something before expecting it to bear fruit.

You must put up the effort if you want to be successful. You must conquer whatever that stands in your way. Make a case for yourself.

Keep in mind that certain things aren’t designed for you. Therefore it’s up to you to figure out which professional route is best for you.

There are a lot of options you can pursue. I am confident that you can achieve anything you want as long as you put your heart and soul into it.

Thus, if you feel like Agency Tycoons is something that you can’t (or won’t) do for various reasons (mainly because of the high price, but low sustainability business idea), don’t lose hope at all.

Plenty of opportunities to build your own business always exist. In fact, I’m here to recommend you something that has worked wonders for me.

If you want to find out about it, keep on reading beyond this Agency Tycoons review.

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