Microcap Confidential Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Microcap Confidential. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There have been a number of different investment strategy newsletters that I have reviewed in the past couple of months. It is so interesting to see how many of these products exist out there in the market. For the most part, a lot of these newsletters come from these fairly well-known investment research firms. I was initially confused by that. Why would a company put out roughly the same thing to the market? Then I remember that even other companies create different brands that exist in the same market. Think about it.

It is interesting to see how a lot of these newsletters are priced. Publications do need money in order to run. And they do so by offering subscriptions. Newspapers and magazines cost a decent amount of money for an annual subscription. There are so many things that goes on with printing something that you can read. But in the case of these newsletters, they are mostly made available digitally, usually in your inbox. But it still requires a lot of money to do so. Because, you are also paying the people who write and distribute it. But sometimes, the pricing can be a little too out there. Like, I could not believe that people are willing to put out thousands of dollars just so that they could get twelve issues a year. And most of them are going to be roughly the same length as the review that you are currently reading.

So when I had heard about Microcap Confidential, I wonder exactly how this particular newsletter differentiates from the rest of the publications that Altimetry offers. There are so much that we will talk about. So I hope that you stay put. Because we’re about to continue with the review.

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Microcap Confidential Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Microcap Confidential
  • Founder/Creator: Joel Litman
  • Website: https://microcapconfidential.com/
  • Socials: No available social media profiles for Microcap Confidential and Joel Litman
  • Type: Newsletter subscription
  • Niche: Investment strategy
  • Recommendation: Even though it is possible to earn money from the stock picks mentioned in Microcap Confidential, you should not expect that it will be consistent. There are a lot of risks associated with investing. It is not guaranteed that the picks mentioned in the newsletter will actually lead to immediate profit.

Who Is Joel Litman?

Microcap Confidential founder Joel Litman

Joel Litman is the creator of the investment strategy newsletter Microcap Confidential.

Based on what I could find, Joel always had an interest in business. He didn’t really had specific degree that he wanted to get when he was still in college. But it was kind of through the urging of his mother that he decided to get a degree in accountancy. His mom was a certified public accountant, but it seems that she didn’t really mind if her son didn’t become a CPA. But he did. Once he graduated and become certified, he went on to work as an accountant. At some point he also went on to get a master’s in business administration at the Kellogg School of Management.

Joel Litman had a ton of different jobs throughout his career. One of the things that surprised me while I was researching about him is that he co-founded the Strategy, Executive and Valuation initiative at his alma mater, DePaul University. It is insane to think that he was able to contribute to his school in such a big way. He also serves as a clinical professor for DePaul University as well. Aside from DePaul, he was also a professor at Emory & Henry College and Hult International Business School.

There is not really much else that we could talk about with regards to Joel Altman. Just know that most of his career has been in accounting, consulting, and investing. The man has done it all, for the most part. It wasn’t really until the late 2000s when he became involve with a bunch of different investment research firms. As of this writing, he currently serves as the chairman, CEO and chief investment strategist at Valens Research. In 2019, Valens Research decided to expand its offerings to consumers. And that is how Altimetry came to be. Fun fact: Altimetry is one of the money companies that fall under the MarketWise umbrella. Other companies include Rogue Economics, Brownstone Research and Stansberry Research.

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What Is Microcap Confidential?

Microcap Confidential is a investment strategy research newsletter focused on microcap stocks.

I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck is a microcap stock?” Microcap refers to a publicly-traded company that has a market capitalization between $50 million to $300 million. Compared to a lot of larger companies, it is a lot riskier to invest in microcap stocks. There are also really aren’t a lot of information that you could find about the microcap stocks compared to the stocks of a company like Apple or Google.

There isn’t really much else that is there to talk about with regards to Microcap Confidential. It is a newsletter that mentions a lot of different microcap companies that you could invest in. That’s pretty much it. It doesn’t really differ all that much from the other investment strategy newsletters that are available out there.

Now, let us talk about what exactly that you are going to get out of the subscription to Microcap Confidential. If you go to the website for the newsletter. There will be a big box at the top that says that the current offer has expired. It says that you can call the number that is featured in that box in case you have a question about the newsletter or if you’re interested in joining. At the bottom of the number that you can call, there is a promo code that you can mention to their customer service hotline.

Microcap Confidential founder Joel Litman

The offer that they are mentioning is for a two-year subscription to the newsletter for a one-time payment of $2,500. Normally, you can avail a subscription for one year at the low, low price of $5,000. The pricing for Microcap Confidential is par for the course with some of the other newsletters under the MarketWise umbrella. Though, it is actually $1,000 more expensive compared to those from Rogue Economics or even Stansberry Research.

The usual subscription to Microcap Confidential includes a total of 12 issues of the news letter. Aside from that, you also get access to Joel’s Winning Sector Portfolio, his Sector Analyzer system, and a bunch of different special reports. You also get notifications for when to add or close a position on some of the recommended stock picks mentioned in the newsletter. The subscription also gives you access to all of the issues and special reports from previous years. From what I could tell, the inclusions are pretty what you would expect. It does seem that they had introduced a new special report called Wall Street’s Blacklist. As the name suggests, these are going to be recommendations for stock picks that you have to avoid.

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Final Verdict – Microcap Confidential Review

There isn’t anything about Microcap Confidential that is worth recommending. As I have mentioned in the previous section, microcap stocks have a lot more risks associated with it compared to more popular stock picks out there. While there could be a potential to win big from some of the stock picks that Joel recommends in his newsletter, it is not guaranteed that you will actually get any wins.

Getting into investing is such a hard thing to do. Even if you take some of the recommendations that Joel puts out with a grain of salt, you can not be certain that you will earn money from those stock picks. It does seem that some of the stock picks that were featured in previous issues of the newsletter have suffered losses. So it’s definitely a mixed bag.

The pricing for the newsletter is definitely not something that a lot of people can afford. You are better of using that money elsewhere instead of a newsletter like Microcap Confidential. There are a lot other places that offer free newsletter if you are intent in seeing what people have to say about the market.

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That’s it for my review of Microcap Confidential. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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