Mike Jacques Review: Laptop Lifestyle Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a guru named Mike Jacques, as well as his affiliate marketing program. Is Mike Jacques legit? Find out in this Mike Jacques review.

I’m sure you’ve thought of leaving a long-term job at some point in your life. After all, working for someone else or a big corporation may be taxing.

To be honest, you’re quite lucky to still be employed these days. Even if you desire to quit working, it might be tough, particularly if you don’t have any funds you can fall back on once you resign.

Those who opt to remain their jobs face unpaid overtime and wage cutbacks that are indiscriminate.

This is one of the reasons why so many individuals start side businesses. By working part-time, they hope to supplement their income.

Unfortunately, the only method to supplement your income is to work more jobs and longer hours.

You came into this blog while looking for money-making ideas. Is it feasible to make this business function just by taking a class without any prior experience.

What brought you to this review is the prospect of making some money on the side. Luckily for you, I did my research, so I’ll be able to tell you whether this program can help you find your way to financial freedom.

Before you decide to commit to this, you should read this Mike Jacques review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Mike Jacques in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Mike Jacques Review: Quick Details

  • Website: https://media.mike-jacques.com/
  • Type: Training Courses
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $297 (entry-level package); $97/month (additional recurring payment)
  • Recommended?: No. Affiliate marketing will not give you the laptop lifestyle you desire. It does not work for everyone.

Who is Mike Jacques?

Mike Jacques Review - Mike

Mike Jacques left a successful 30-year career in software sales with a comfortable six-figure income because he had been completely lost and unhappy for many years, wandering from job to job in a tumultuous corporate ocean.

Mike swiftly developed his own successful internet company from scratch, after abandoning his daily commute and extremely stressful stream of sales meetings. He is now working in conjunction with the business community who helped him fast pace his digital lifestyle transition.

Mike’s newfound passion is to assist others escape the 9-5 rat race and create their own digital lives by pushing individuals to take action and encourage them to realize their full potential once shown what’s available in the quickly increasing digital economy.

He seeks to direct individuals to less stressful alternatives, enabling a more gradual and self-paced move to a ”laptop lifestyle”.

He thinks that everyone has a unique purpose in life, and that it is our obligation to first discover and then fulfill that purpose in order to improve the world.

Mike has finally realized what was lacking in his life thanks to the time and freedom he has gained. This epiphany has motivated him to assist others in taking action and making good changes in their life.

What Does Mike Do Now?


Working a nine-to-five job in exchange for money is gradually becoming extinct. Manufacturing jobs are being taken over by automation. Artificial intelligence is now taking over a lot of jobs that used to be managed by people.

Mike used to work in the software industry. His profession, too, was becoming more mechanized. The signs were all over the place. He wouldn’t be needed anymore, give or take a few years.

Because of this, he has decided to take things on his own hands. He decided to educate himself with new technology and study how he can earn money from it. He has used the technology to build his own online business.

Mike was able to make friends in a community he found of like-minded people. These people all want to live the laptop lifestyle, with some already living in it.

He was educated on the different opportunities he could take advantage of, and walked him through the process of creating a hands-free revenue stream from the ground up. Of course, he followed through with that advice, and claims that he now makes money while living the laptop lifestyle.

The Laptop Lifestyle

Laptop lifestyle


Given the state of the world today, I can understand why people are getting stressed and wanting to quit their jobs. Like I mentioned in the introduction of this review, the only thing keeping them from doing so is because they don’t have enough savings to fall back on.

Living in itself is expensive, and it doesn’t really get any cheaper. Once you have a family of your own, your expenses will just keep increasing. Even if you work a decent job, you will sometimes find yourself in a state where you will question whether the money you make is enough.

The stress of everyday life, along with work-related stress, can be too much. This is why a lot of people quit their jobs on a whim without thinking of the consequences. Of course, a lot of them regret doing that in the end.

Living the laptop lifestyle is what most of us strive to get. The laptop lifestyle is all about making money without having to stress yourself from working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

It is all about making money by working hours you dictate by yourself, and finding satisfaction by doing what you actually like. Imagine having to live this way and being able to work just from a laptop for less than two hours a day.

That is indeed tempting, and this is why a lot of gurus are preaching that you can definitely achieve this lifestyle just by following their advice. However, most of them just make money from unsuspecting individuals that they sign up for their schemes.

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What is the Opportunity About?

Laptop lifestyle 2

I did some digging regarding what Mike is talking about since I also got curious. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted with the idea of living the laptop lifestyle?

Imagine just sitting at home, not worrying about having to wake up early the next day just to drive or commute the work. I could see why people get stressed by that kind of lifestyle.

It’s a routine that sticks with you, and when you’re someone who wants things to constantly change, you will find it boring real fast. I myself can testify to that.

At first I thought this opportunity is all about living your best life by establishing a business that is purely online. Something like dropshipping or doing freelance gigs. Turns out I was wrong, though.

I watched some of his videos and I was referred to video series I could access for free. As I don’t really want to give him my name and email address, I decided to snoop around online to see if anyone else has watched them.

The Truth About Mike’s “Opportunity”

I saw some sources talking about Mike’s so-called opportunity and being confused, just like I am. His YouTube videos were simply not helpful, and he was very vague. Even his website didn’t specify what he is really doing to make money online, which is quite frustrating.

I mean, I saw this happen before. After going online and looking for good opportunities to make money online, I come across gurus like this. They will tempt you with a good pitch and leave you wanting more.

I know for a fact that most of us has been baited by these kinds of gurus. They promise that we will be learning what they did to be successful, but leave us hanging once we decide to dig deeper.

Well, I figured that Mike is doing the same, once I read his bio and browsed through his website. He doesn’t really talk about the opportunity, and just keeps reiterating the same buzz words.

He just keeps repeating things like “laptop lifestyle”, “working from home”, and “making money online”. This threw me off, especially because I initially thought he would be sharing it properly.

Of course, he isn’t. After all, he makes money from the clicks generated by his website. This means that the more curiosity he proliferates, the more money he makes. Straight up despicable.

Affiliate Marketing?!

Affiliate marketing scam

Well, I found some sources who were able to tell me what Mike really is advertising. Turns out he is an affiliate of a program named Six Figure Mentors (SFM), and his so-called “opportunity” is just about him getting paid commissions by signing up through his link.

At this point, I grew even more irritated because I expected something better from him. All that talk about laptop lifestyle just led me into another affiliate marketing trap which I am not happy about.

There is nothing wrong about affiliate marketing, if you ask me. What’s wrong is that these affiliates are lying to people by promising them that it is easy to become rich if only you do what they say.

Admittedly, it has worked for some people. But for the majority, the money they make from it is not enough to have it replace a full-time job. If you ask me, affiliate marketing can work only as a side hustle.

It turns out that SFM, like a typical company endorsed by a guru, costs way too much money. Their entry level product costs $297, along with a recurring membership fee of $97 per month. That’s highway robbery.

Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme

One thing I noticed about SFM is that their affiliates, like Mike, got rich by selling their products. Those so-called products include training, but not everyone uses it anyway. They are just after the commissions they get from peddling the digital products.

If you ask me, that looks like a pyramid scheme in disguise. Having reviewed MLM and pyramid schemes at the past has raised my awareness of how predatory they are, and how much they lie in people’s face.

Mike does a good job of pitching the idea to desperate people who want to quit their jobs. It is pretty easy to get tricked by these lies of easy money if you are desperate and just want to live a stress-free life.

If you ask me if signing up for SFM is worth it, well, it isn’t.

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Is Mike Jacques Legit?

Well, Mike is definitely not a scammer. His business, on the other hand, is quite questionable. He preaches that people can actually replace their jobs by signing up for the program he is an affiliate of.

Success in being an affiliate marketer is not as grand as you may think. It did work for Mike though, which is why he is confident enough to be peddling the program. For most people though, it usually ends up in wasted money and broken dreams.

Well, I am not so surprised that Mike chose to be this way instead of actually building a business of his own. After all, it is a lot easier to just be an affiliate to an already successful business.

However, the methods he chose to advertise the opportunity is very questionable and predatory. I’m pretty sure that he is going after people who want to quit their jobs and find better opportunities.

I don’t think joining SFM is the right call, especially if you are already struggling financially. It is merely a business that aims to keep recruiting people, and once it dies, your dreams of a laptop lifestyle dies along with it.

Final Verdict – Mike Jacques

Before I end this Mike Jacques review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I think I already reiterated my stance about Mike Jacques at this point. He made a good pitch for his affiliate marketing opportunity, but once you get rid of the buzz words, you get nothing of value.

I’m sure that SFM can teach you something, but the fact that people make money by selling it and not through its teachings just gives you the idea that it is another scheme that never works.

The targeted audience of these types of schemes are usually those who want to make some easy money online. Take note, however, that there is no such thing as easy money. Earning money is a difficult feat, and there are no shortcuts.

If you ask me, I think Mike himself got too indoctrinated about the laptop lifestyle that the program he is advertising proliferates. He tries to do the same to unsuspecting people, which simply does not sit well with me.

A great opportunity to make money online does not have to rely on lies and deception. There should always be proof that it works, and not just buzz words dedicated to luring people in.

I know of a great opportunity you can take advantage of, which is a lot better than Mike’s. You can learn more about it in the next section.

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