Millionaire Closer Review – Dylan Blyuss Scam?

Millionaire Closer Review - Dylan Blyuss Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Millionaire Closer. Is it legit? Find out in this review of Dylan Blyuss’ Millionaire Closer.

Let us take a deep dive and explore every ups and downs of this service. We will be checking out what makes it stand out, understanding how its pricing works, and highlighting both the cool perks and things to watch out for to give you the full scoop on what the Millionaire Closer is all about.

Let’s move forward and take a look!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Lux Travel Hacks in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Millionaire Closer Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Millionaire Closer
  • Founder: Dylan Blyuss
  • Website: 
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Sales Training Course
  • Niche: High Ticket Sales
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend this program as it lacks external client reviews. Also, this training course might not be the best fit for everyone who aren’t naturally into sales or do not have that knack for it.

Who is Dylan Blyuss?

Millionaire Closer Review - Dylan Blyuss Scam?

Back in 2001, Dylan Blyuss grew up in a regular family. His mom taught English, and his dad worked a lot as a software engineer. It seemed like he might follow the usual path to a typical office job. But, even as a kid, Dylan was super ambitious and really wanted to do things his own way.

He picked up important business lessons early on, learning from what was happening around him. At 16, he began making extra money by cleaning windows. But when he added door-to-door sales to his routine, things took off. He realized he needed help, so he let friends handle the window cleaning while he focused on sales. In just a few months, he was pulling in $15,000 a month. That is when he knew he was onto something big.

As he grew his door-to-door sales, Dylan saw the rise of online education. He noticed that online educators needed people to sell their programs. That is where he stepped in. He offered to build remote sales teams for online coaches and entrepreneurs.

These lessons became the foundation for his beliefs and the starting point for building his successful sales agency. His journey shows how his drive for independence and his knack for business helped him go from a simple beginning to running his own thriving company. Today, Dylan’s team has generated over $30 million in sales.

What is Millionaire Closer?

The Millionaire Closer is not just your average sales training course; it is a game-changer for anyone seeking ultimate flexibility in their work life. Imagine having the freedom to set your own workplace – whether it is your favorite coffee shop, a cozy corner at home, or even while traveling to your dream destinations. It is about having the power to choose when you work and how much you want to put in.

In addition to that, it is also about learning big by mastering a lesser-known yet highly lucrative skill that claims helped earn their clients millions of dollars in commissions. They claim to teach you a totally unconventional method to make a serious bank online without the typical grind of starting a business or investing anything upfront.

So, here is the lowdown: these guys swear by a surefire approach that promises to land you in that top 1% income bracket, regardless of your starting point. And here is the twist – it is all about embracing the role of a “Millionaire Closer.” They team up with these big-time, already-profitable businesses, the ones making millions – those huge 6, 7, or even 8-figure companies.

So, if you are hungry for success and eager to learn this skill that could potentially transform your financial future, the Millionaire Closer could be the breakthrough you have been searching for.

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My Favorite Program

How it works?

  • Become a Millionaire Closer.
    • It is an opportunity to excel in sealing major deals and selling premium products. It is a lifestyle providing flexibility in work and time. Entering this journey unveils boundless earning potential, equipping you with transformative skills for remarkable success beyond monetary gains. Sell a proven service.
  • Use the Millionaire Closer Scripts and Formula.
    • These scripts and formulas act as a guidebook for different situations and objections you might face during a sales call. They help you chat smoothly, tackle concerns well, and guide customers towards saying “yes” to what you’re offering.
  • Close deals.
    • Finding common ground, meeting needs, and building connections. Picture that sweet moment when all your hard work understanding the customer pays off.
  • Commission.
    • They claim that you may earn $10,000+ weekly.

The company promotes its exceptional product or service, generating interest from people who call in, they are designated as leads.

Next up, it is your role! You are given these leads to contact. Your task is to utilize your sales expertise to sway these potential customers into purchasing the high-ticket products or services offered by the company. It is similar to receiving a pass in a game; your objective is to influence these leads to opt for the incredible offerings available. Your effectiveness lies in persuading them to make a purchase.

The Millionaire Closer Training Bundle

  1. The 38-hour Millionaire Closer System: This breaks down Dylan’s proprietary strategy which he meticulously refined after handling an impressive 2864 sales calls and successfully securing deals totaling a staggering $32 million in new business. 
  2. The Objection Killer Framework: This blueprint is like becoming a pro at handling objections. It is all about mastering the art of smoothly navigating through objections that come your way.
  3. Private 1-On-1 Placement Session with his Team: This is your ticket to uncovering your unique closing style. They will chat with you, figure out your innate closing archetype, it is like your own sales personality, and then, they will pair you up with a proven offer that is just waiting for someone with your skills to seal the deal.
  4. The Millionaire Closer’s Community: Being part of this will offer you a fantastic support system where you will have fellow members cheering you on, keeping you accountable, and offering guidance whenever you need it. Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity to not only refine your craft but also to practice and exchange strategies with other skilled closers in the community. This environment provides a space for growth, collaboration, and honing your skills in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
  5. Library Of Live $5,000+ Closes: Consists of in-depth analysis of actual, live deals presented by none other than their own students who are crushing it, pulling in over a quarter million dollars annually. These deals are not just showcased – they are dissected and examined meticulously, line by line, by their top-tier closing coaches who have earned seven figures doing exactly what they are teaching. 


The initial cost of The Millionaire Closer Training Bundle is $2.97, but be aware that there are additional offers presented as upsells. While this might seem like a small investment, it is essential to exercise caution because these additional purchases could accumulate swiftly, potentially leading to significant expenses and maxed-out credit cards if not managed carefully.

Millionaire Closer Review - Dylan Blyuss Scam?

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  • Gaining entry to a private Facebook group which is an exclusive community that offers valuable support and guidance for your journey.
  • The course is budget-friendly, making it accessible for anyone looking to enhance their skills without breaking the bank. With its reasonable pricing, this course opens doors for individuals from diverse backgrounds who wish to invest in their education and personal growth without the burden of hefty expenses.
  • They provide a 30-day guarantee where you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product or service within that time frame.


  • Their income claims appears to be too good to be true. They are saying it is super easy to make money, even if you have never done it before.
  • There is not much evidence from outside sources or people unrelated to their platform confirming their claims. Being said, the evidence of their income displayed on the site does not seem credible because there are not additional testimonials or proof beyond what is on their site and socials to back up what they are saying.  
  • Extra upsells in the course might surprise learners, affecting their budget and decision-making, ultimately making it more expensive.

Final Verdict – Millionaire Closer Review

Succeeding in high ticket closing demands relentless dedication and effort. It is not solely about learning; it is an endless cycle of repetitive practice, adjusting to various situations, and endlessly absorbing training material to marginally enhance sales abilities.

It requires serious consideration of your goals, unwavering dedication, and the resources at your disposal. It may demand more time and effort than expected and could strain your resources.  It is crucial to have a realistic grip on your expectations and acknowledge that achieving success in high ticket closing may not be as easy as it seems.

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