Millionaire Millennial Jordan Kilburn Course Review

Jordan Kilburn is also known as millionaire millennial has a course on amazon fba.

His course is known as amazon millionaire mentorship program.The program is also known as Jordan Kilburn amazon fba cash course.

The course is getting a lot of hype now a days.This is why I write this review.

In this course millionaire millennial teaches you to pick best product from around the world and resell them.

I tried amazon fba last year.Actually I did everything online.

This is why I think that I am qualified enough to write this review.

Recently wrote a post on is amazone fba worth it.Hope you will like it.

If you read this review completely,you will end up not buying it.

I wasted a lot of money in amazon fba,dropshipping and smma courses.In the end I reached to a conclusion.

It is that these three are the worst business model to start an online business.

We are all here for making money.

You will have to spend a lot of money for the products and most of them will never sell.

Let?s first talk about our topic which is jordan kilburn course.

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Millionaire Millennial

Millionaire Millennial is also known as jordan kilburn.This guys claims to make bank with the amazon fba model.

He says that he launch this course because of a lot of requests.

Yes,I was like you three years before to reaching a decision.I was trying to know the best way to build a business online.

This is very hard to get now a days.There are a lot of online abuse that is why I thought to to make a site on these scam.

The courses I reviewed,70% of them are just scam.

These people are making banks by guiding you people to make money online.

In most of the cases they do not provide enough value for the price you pay for subscription.

Anyways,enough talk now talk about this course.

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Amazon Millionaire Mentorship program By Jordan Kilburn

If you are here to just know that is millionaire millennial is legit or scam.My answer would be he is legit.

In my amazon fba days I watched his youtube videos where he gives so much value in it.

I want to ask you a question,why don?t you think to start after watching youtube videos.

This is because you want some solid advice in this space.

I personally think in that case jordan kilburn is your go to guy.

The price of the course seems to be very high.

We are going to discuss this also.

I will be talking about the things that I liked and disliked in the program later in this article.

Millionaire mentorship program price

Amazon fba is getting harder and harder day by day.

You have to work really really hard to find the is very difficult to sell them.

Most of the time people like me invest so much money in these product and end losing all money.

I want to say the course seems to be overpriced.He will just give you simple tips and advices in the course.

After this you have to do the hard work.In a very competitive amazon fba niche.

The price of this course is $697.You can make two payments of $420 and three payments of $300.It is all up to you.

I have seen a lot of complaints about the program and lot of people giving up.

This is because the course seems to be incomplete.

Let?s talk about the things that I liked and disliked in it.

The Things I Liked in millionaire millennial course:

There is lot of things that I liked in the program let?s talk about the

Payment Option

I liked the mind of Jordan kilburn here.He gives the option to the buyers for the three times payment.

This shows that millionaire millennial has complete confidence in his training that you guys will complete the purchase.


After enrolling in the program they have bonuses for you.

It includes the tips and strategies on how to profitably sell on amazon.

Lifetime access

You will get a lifetime access to the course.It means that if you forget some part,you can check it again.

It is a very good part that it helped me with two of the course I bought in the past.

Money back guarantee

They have money back guarantee.

I you feel that their videos have not any value.It is up to you to get 100% guarantee.

Not so sure about it.This was on their policies.

I reviewed a lot of reviews that the people are complainIng for not having their money back.

These courses include money back guarantee in their agreement.So,in millionaire millennial I can not give my final verdict.

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Things I disliked

There are a lot of things that i disliked in millionaire millennial.

Facebook Marketing

In the course there is zero to less knowledge about facebook marketing.Facebook ads is the best thing to learn today.

This is how I grow my business.But it is very hard to find good training on it.

I do believe that in any online business fb ads plays a huge role.Yes,when I any It means any.


I have done amazon fba two years ago.

What I know is that product research is a main and basic thing in this business.

In millionaire there is nothing clear about it.After finishing the course you still be asking questions to yourself.


Amazon fba is a terrible business model to start in 2020.You are always competing with other sellers.

The industry is getting so saturated that it?s very hard to sell.

Most of people buy products and buyers do not buy them.


It is the worst part of this business.Not all the products that you choose will sell.

Other than this you have to deal with negative amazon fba business model.

And many more things in it.This is why I said this business the worst.

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Is millionaire millennial Legit?

YES,millionaire millennial and his course is legit.There is no question about it.Do I recommend it?The answer will be no.

This is because I think this is a terrible business model.

If you want to do a debate on it leave a comment.I will sought it out for you.

I am not saying that this not worked for me so don?t go for it.

What I am saying is that amazon fba just no more a good option to start a business online.

This is because affiliate marketing is growing day by day.

The thing I am recommending you is the best in the affiliate marketing market.I just love affiliate marketing.

The knowledge you are going to get after spending just seven bucks will blow your mind my guys.

I have tried all of them.from amazon fba,dropshipping to smma.

I bought course worth of $20K.A lot of courses I reviewed are scams like profits unlimited,email income expert and local marketing vault.

The other thing is that it is not passive.

That is the reason I love affiliate marketing.It means if you do not work money will still flow in.


The problem with selling on amazon is that you have to compete in such a competitive niche.

There is very high chances that you will end up losing your money.

In most of the cases people have products that don?t even sell.

Again these are the worst business models.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing day by day.

It is 1.4 billion industry.It is because every online business owners are getting into it.Everyone wants passive income right?

I will not recommend anything to you which will not provide value.

Your future is my future.You can also drop your questions about anything in the comments.

I will try my best to get back to you.

One thing more,I bought many online courses.All promise to make you rich,but %99 they don?t.

That is why i like the program that I am recommending you.

The value you will get with the $7 dollars is massive.

I wasted so much money on courses and did not get that much knowledge with this 7 dollars investment.

I want you to go with my recommendation.These are the ugly truth about amazon fba that no will tell you.

Not any online guru.This is because this is their business.

You will not get this much knowledge after spending months watching youtube videos.

Best of luck for your future.


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