MLMs in 2022: Scams or Opportunities?

A lot of people have the ambition of opening their own companies and operating them successfully so that they can achieve financial independence and job security.

Companies that engage in multilevel marketing, often known as MLM, are an alternative for those who are interested in beginning their own business in an easy manner.

Many multi-level marketing companies operate illegally, despite the fact that some of these businesses are perfectly genuine.

In this article, we will discuss how multi-level marketing businesses function, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to determine whether you are dealing with a legitimate direct-sales organization or a fraudulent scheme.

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What is an MLM?

MLMs in 2022 - Infographic

Multi-level marketing companies, sometimes known as MLMs, are legitimate enterprises that engage in direct marketing, home-based company franchising, network marketing, affiliate marketing, or direct sales activities.

Instead of selling their wares in retail stores, the vast majority of multi-level marketing businesses (MLMs) choose to hire independent sales representatives who may offer their products directly to end users.

These sales agents, also known as distributors, not only make money when they sell things, but they also earn commissions on the products sold by individuals they recruit to participate in the business opportunity.

Examples of MLMs include Aquasource, ASEA, and Opulence Global.

What are the differences between MLMs and pyramid schemes?

MLMs are…

People frequently confuse multi-level marketing with pyramid schemes, although there are significant distinctions between the two. The following are some characteristics of legal MLMs:

  • The United States of America does not criminalize multi-level marketing organizations.
  • The majority of a salesperson’s income in genuine multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations comes from the direct sale of the company’s products to end users.
  • MLM representatives often receive a commission on the sales of their downline members.
  • The recruitment of distributors is not required of sales people, and their compensation is determined solely by the amount of sales they generate.
  • The “70% rule” is adhered to by all legitimate multi-level marketing companies. This regulation states that distributors may only acquire more inventory once they have sold 70% of their existing inventory.

Pyramid schemes are…

The following are some of the hallmarks of pyramid schemes:

  • In a pyramid scheme, the principal method through which a salesman gets money is not by selling things but rather by recruiting more and more sales colleagues farther down the chain.
  • The success of the pyramid scheme is contingent on a steady stream of new members who pay “dues” to join the organization.
  • It is common practice for sales representatives to be required to keep purchasing things even when it appears improbable that they would be able to sell those products.

If law enforcement has reason to believe that a company operating under the guise of a multi-level marketing company is, in reality, a pyramid scheme, they will have to demonstrate that the company knowingly engages in predatory practices, such as requiring sales reps to purchase inventory that they may not need, and that the company is not simply a poorly run business that has a lot of similarities to pyramid schemes.

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MLMs and Social Media

Social media is frequently utilized by multi-level marketing companies (MLMs), both genuine and fraudulent, in order to increase sales and recruit new members.

When recruiting people for a social media marketing campaign, one strategy that may be used is to display images and phrases that inspire feelings of envy and achievement. Another strategy is to sell inventory through social media.

The language of success is utilized in multi-level marketing recruitment posts on social media.

MLMs will often employ language that speaks to the aspirations of their potential new sales agents as a tactic in their recruitment efforts. They refer to new hires as “company owners” and “entrepreneurs,” and they urge new employees to talk about themselves in such terms.

The appeal of instantly being able to declare “I’m a company owner” or “I’m an independent consultant” for only a minimal down payment on items is indeed empowering.

MLMs push its members to post personal pictures on social media.

In order to increase sales and attract new recruits, it is strongly recommended that sales representatives utilize social media to post pictures of themselves and their families.

For instance, if the multi-level marketing items have something to do with health, the sales representatives would utilize “before” and “after” images to demonstrate the efficacy of the products on a more personal level.

The MLM industry has taken to social media in order to project an image of riches and luxury.

Many prolific posters also post pictures of expensive goods and lifestyles that they aspire to have in order to promote the notion that it is simple to make a modest side income or even fund an upper-middle-class lifestyle through direct sales.

This is done in order to sell the idea that making money through direct sales is easy. The most significant drawback associated with this form of application of social media is the fact that users who post about pricey physical goods are typically towards the top of a sales funnel and belong to a very tiny fraction of vendors who have achieved such a high level of success.

Regrettably, a vanishingly small percentage of people ever get to that point.

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Members of multi-level marketing organizations sell their wares on social media platforms.

Many people who are members of MLM may resort to selling on Instagram Live or utilizing Facebook Live in order to display their excess inventory and sell it in real time.

This was a tactic used by sellers of the women’s apparel business LuLaRoe, particularly when they had just received a fresh shipment of leggings, dresses, or tunics in their inventory. The vendors would publicize their approaching live event for several weeks, which would build up the buyers’ enthusiasm for the event.

More individuals, including potential new consumers, might be attracted to your business by providing a sneak glimpse of your next designs or trends. If you don’t already have a sizable and active following, you shouldn’t count on this method for much success. However, if you do, you should expect it to bear fruit sooner or later.

Obtaining recurring business in this manner is likewise a challenging endeavor. How many pairs of leggings with printed designs or fragrant candles does one person have room for?

Although it is true that it is dependent on the individual, the vast majority of customers do not make a purchase at each and every live sales event.

How do you know if an opportunity is a scam?

MLMs in 2022 - Scam

If you or someone you know is considering becoming a member of a multi-level marketing (MLM) firm, here are some research recommendations and warning signs to keep in mind:

Do your research.

Carry out some research on the internet to get a feel for the kinds of things people think and say about the firm. Search the name of the firm together with the phrase “scam” to see whether or not it is connected to any sort of scandal.

Consult a number of sources in order to uncover praise or criticism that is consistent, and pay particular attention to any usage of the term “pyramid scheme” or assertions that it caused individuals to go bankrupt.

You probably don’t want to be linked with any organization that has a constant reputation for giving off unfavorable impressions.

Pay close attention to how a recruiter conducts themselves.

Be aware of a recruiter who shows an unusually high level of persistence in trying to convince you to join the organization. If working as a sales representative for the firm is such a rewarding experience, there should be no need to push the product too aggressively.

If the person recruiting you is a member of your family or a close friend, and they try to make you feel guilty or accuse you of not trusting them, that is another warning sign.

Other red flags for a recruiter include postings on social media in which they brag about how happy they are, continuously promote the organization, and provide hazy information regarding their salary.

Think about the tone of voice the recruiter uses when speaking to you.

If the individual you’re talking to brags about their lifestyle and money, you should approach the conversation with a healthy dose of skepticism. Legitimate professionals do not use bragging about their pay or lifestyles as a means of recruiting new employees.

Be wary of assertions made by recruiters that they are raking in a ton of cash while having a breeze doing it.

If you need to spend money to get started, you should exercise extreme caution.

Being a venture capitalist or owning a franchise are two examples of viable business models in which participants are expected to make financial contributions in exchange for a share of the revenue generated by the enterprise.

However, the vast majority of genuine sales professions do not need the one doing the selling to actually purchase the products they will be selling.

Even respectable careers in commission sales, including pharmaceutical sales, auto sales, real estate sales, retail sales, or telemarketing, do not require an upfront financial investment from the individual.

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