Modere Review: Should You Join this MLM?

Today we will be reviewing a company called Modere. Is Modere a scam? Find out in this Modere review.

I think I know what brought you here. It’s the promise of financial success, right? I couldn’t blame you, though. Anyone would be tempted by an offer like this, especially when all you need to invest is a few hundred bucks.

The problem with this though is this is unlike a regular investment where all you have to do is wait, an MLM requires you to work hard in order to get your investment back. However, even if you give your full-time effort to it, it is not guaranteed that you’ll your money back. This is because you don’t really get a stable income, as your earnings are on a commission basis.

If you think that that does not sound good, well, it isn’t. You’re basically giving them free labor. But wait, that does not sum up it all. As you read this Modere review, you will find out more about this company, and also learn about how an MLM works and how much you can earn if you are planning to join one.

Before we go further in this Modere review, I will define two terms first: MLM and pyramid scheme.

MLM members make money by selling products and recruiting new members. In pyramid schemes, members could only make money by recruiting people. Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned by the FTC.

As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with Modere in any way.

Hopefully this Modere review can help you decide whether you want to sign up for the company or not.

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What is Modere?

Modere Review - Modere intro

Modere is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche. It was founded in 1992, and it used to be known as Neways. They rebranded to Modere in 2014.

The company is currently based in Utah, United States. There have been rumors going around that the company has ran into legal trouble, which prompted the rebranding.

Modere’s main selling point is how safe and natural their products are. Apparently, their products do not contain harmful chemicals, and are environmentally friendly. They stand by this, and they also have these standards:

  • Recyclable packaging
  • No animal testing
  • BPA Free
  • Biodegrabable formula
  • Gray water approved

How Do MLMs Work?

Let’s pause from talking about Modere for a moment, and focus on MLMs in general. I have reviewed hundreds of MLMs already, so let me tell you what I can notice. Most MLMs are pretty similar in nature, with the only difference being how they brand their products.

Before we go further, let me reiterate my opinion regarding MLMs: I think MLMs are the worst, and you are better off burning your money than joining one.

I suggest that you do not skip this section if you haven’t encountered an MLM before. The aim of this section is to explain to you how MLMs operate and how you can spot one so you can avoid them in the future.

First of all, if you want to join MLMs for the purpose of earning extra money, then I suggest that you turn back right now. Sure, MLMs introduce themselves as an entity that could help you start your own business, but the problem with this is they also have a business that they have to run. This means that you are not a priority for them.

What they want is a way to unload their products to people who are willing to pay no matter how much. This is why these trap these vulnerable people into signing up for them and forcing them to buy huge quantities of their overpriced, mediocre products which are only cheap imitations of products that already exist in the market.

These MLMs also have the audacity to tell people how to live their lives, from telling them to quit their stable full-time jobs and asking them to recruit their family and friends to the business. Isn’t that just ridiculous?

Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme?

Since Modere members earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members, then it is safe to say that Justine is not a pyramid scheme.

However, since Modere is still an MLM, do not expect to make money if you have no plans on recruiting people. Recruiting will earn you significantly more money than actual product selling, and is more encouraged.

This just makes Modere look like a pyramid scheme in disguise, doesn’t it?

Pyramid scheme vs Multi-level marketing

Like Justine, Well Beyond, and Kyani, Modere is not a pyramid scheme.

Is Modere a Scam?

No, Modere is not a scam.

However, if you think this is enough for you to jump in Modere’s so-called opportunity straight away, then I suggest that you hold your horses. This is just the most basic thing, so don’t go signing up for this company right away.

Before making your decision, I suggest that you do a thorough research on the MLM first. You can consult some of the sources I listed below. Take note that you can definitely consult any source you want to, but the sources I listed below are the best kinds to consult, for various reasons listed.

What Sources Should You Look For?

There are three kinds of sources that you can consult when it comes to researching MLMs. There are other kinds of sources, but I believe that these three sources will be of the most help to you.

Luckily for you, you are already reading the best source available online. This Modere review is classified as a third-party review, because this website is not in any way affiliated with any MLM. This means that all reviews published here are not biased, and only contain facts that were compiled through thorough research. Third-party reviews are not afraid to publish the facts, whether they may be good or bad for the MLM’s reputation.

If you would like to engage in discussions with other people who research MLMs, then you are in luck, as the most active forums have thousands of members who are all ready to answer your questions. These people spend hours of their day in their research, so I can assume that they are well-aware of the topics you would want to talk to them about. Their agenda is to educate people about MLMs in order to get these greedy companies out of business.

If you want insider information, there are testimonies available for viewing online, posted by people who have worked for MLMs before. These people know a lot of information that MLMs refuse to reveal publicly, so they take action by doing so. They expose greedy practices and unfair treatment of members.

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How to Make Money from Modere

Since Modere is an MLM, there are two basic ways to make money with the company. and these are:

  1. Selling products
  2. Recruiting members

These are the mere basic ways with which you can get earnings in Modere. Take note that you can boost your earnings by qualifying for various benefits and bonuses that are available.

However, these bonuses revolve more on the recruiting aspect than the selling aspect. This makes it difficult for those who joined MLMs just to run their own business. They are being pressured to keep bringing new people in for the promises of larger earnings.

Remember than MLMs want you to keep recruiting because you can earn significantly more money by doing so. This is because you get paid via commission basis, so what you need to do is to sign up people under you. You can actually earn a bonus just by signing up a new member even if they haven’t bought anything yet.

Aside from that, you also need to meet a sales quota. This sales quota is usually ridiculously high, even if you just joined the company. You need to sell a lot of products. To make this easier, if you recruit more people, they get to be the one ordering products from you instead.

Do you now see how ridiculous this process in? I don’t even know if people who join MLMs actually sell products.

Remember that the MLM business model is not sustainable, so as time goes by, you will run out of people to recruit.

MLMs do not really care about how many products you sell. What they care about is how many you buy and how many people you can bring in.

Modere Products

Modere Review - Modere products

Modere sells products divided to the following categories:

  • Lean Body System
  • Collagen Sciences
  • Personal Care
  • Health & Wellness
  • Household Care

How Much Can You Make?

You can view and access Modere’s income disclosure statement by clicking this link.

It seems like 31.67% of the company’s members have not made any money. 17.32% only made $106.27, while 17.61% made $312.87. What this means is that majority of people who have joined this MLM did not make the money that they were promised to make in their first year.

You should take into consideration that this earnings are only the average earnings. This means that there are people who made lower than these numbers. However, what boggles me is that these people still stayed for a year in the company even though the money they made is less than minimum wage.

This is just ridiculous, actually. Just look at at this way. What you made in a year is much, much less than what you can get from a freelance or part-time job. What pisses me off in this case is that MLMs have the audacity to persuade their members to quit their full-time jobs in order to commit their time to the MLM.

In fact, what these MLMs demand are for you to continue buying their products for ‘personal use’ even if you cannot even sell said items. They do this because they demand that you meet ridiculous sales quotas. But, isn’t this supposed to be your own business? Why do you need to buy your own products?

Things I Like in Modere

Established Company

This company has been in the business since 1992, and they recently rebranded. I guess that means that they are still going strong and getting profit. I guess this means that despite the odds, they still continue to profit. After all, they managed to stay in the business longer than the average lifespan of an MLM.

Things I Dislike in Kyani

Saturated Market

Modere is just one of the numerous health and wellness MLMs that I reviewed in this website. I guess this just proves how many there really are, as I barely scratched the surface.

After all, the health and wellness market is a billion-dollar industry. The biggest companies in the world also belong in this niche, which just proves how profitable it really is.

Expensive Products

Seems like we found another company who thinks that having expensive products means that they are more likely to be chosen by customers. Well, having expensive products do not necessarily mean that your products are great. People are smarter than this. They do their research and price comparisons.

In Modere’s case, they are already pretty obscure, yet they choose to price their products this way. It turns away potential customers. It’s not like they have any unique products, either.

It also seems like Modere’s products are just rebranded versions of those that already exist in the market. This just proves that this company makes no effort to stand out whatsoever.

It is an MLM

This is an MLM, so it means that a lot of people definitely failed in this venture. In fact, 99% of people who join MLMs fail to make money, and they do not even earn back their initial investment.

Modere Compensation Plan

You can view and access Modere’s compensation plan by clicking this link.

This company’s compensation plan is pretty complex, so I think this video can help explain it to you better. I do not really want to butcher important information, so instead of me explaining it, I suggest that you watch the video instead.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

MLM stats
  • Almost 99% participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs.
  • Success rate of an online business, which will give you financial and time freedom, is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from MLMs.
  • According to the AARP foundation, 47% distributors of all MLMs lose their money. Apart from this, 27% do not make a single penny.
  • In the remaining 26% that actually make money, 53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% of those 53%, who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with MLMs, because 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that joined MLMs say that they will never again join any kind of MLM.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 MLM distributors and it was concluded that most of them made 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale. 60% of them made less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvements.


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Final Verdict – Justine

Before I end this Modere review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I hope that I was able to answer your questions about the company in this Modere review. Thank you for reading up to this point. I am sure that the knowledge that you now have will help you decide whether you want to join this company or not. Let me give you a few more bits of advice before you go on your day.

I know that you want to make extra money, which is what made you interested in this company in the first place. However, I am sure that now that you read the whole review, you are able to realize that joining an MLM is not a good idea. After all, why would you want to join an opportunity that takes your money and you cannot even make back said money?

Joining an MLM is basically burning your money. There are a lot of better opportunities out there where you are not required to lie to people.

I actually have a better opportunity for you to try out, and trust me, it is much better than joining an MLM. Read the section below to find out what it is.

That’s it for my Modere review. Hopefully this Modere review helps with your decision.

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