Modern Wealthy Review – Stuart Ross Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program named Modern Wealthy. Is it legit? Find out in this Modern Wealthy review.

If delving into online entrepreneurship for extra income intrigues you, investing a few moments in this review might prove worthwhile.

The Modern Wealthy Program boasts the potential to fulfill your life goals, whether pursued as a side hustle or a full-fledged career. Yet, before diving headfirst, meticulous consideration and thorough research become imperative to sidestep potential pitfalls and errors.

Entering such ventures without a firm grasp of the landscape could result in unforeseen challenges.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Modern Wealthy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Modern Wealthy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Modern Wealthy Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Modern Wealthy
  • Founder: Stuart Ross
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook group
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend affiliate marketing as this is not a steady income stream.

What is Modern Wealthy?

Modern Wealthy Review - Book cover

Numerous online platforms offer guidance and support for individuals seeking to generate income through digital avenues. Among them, some elevate their services by providing diverse resources like eBooks, video tutorials, and live streaming sessions.

Enter Modern Wealthy—an affiliate marketing program boasting unparalleled video training. With a curriculum structured into seven lessons delivered through easily accessible video formats, they aim to empower their affiliates.

Additionally, they offer complimentary calls for personalized coaching and mentorship, directly facilitated by their experts, fostering a supportive environment for affiliates. To sweeten the deal, they offer two bonuses: eComm 101 and affiliate marketing 101, intending to establish affiliates as authorities within their respective markets.

Stuart Ross, the program’s figurehead, emphasizes the significance of authority marketing. According to Ross, establishing oneself as an authority helps build trust and rapport with the audience, a crucial factor in business success.

By joining Modern Wealthy, Ross assures individuals of honing problem-solving skills, which, in turn, can lead to increased earnings by instilling confidence in their ability to provide solutions.

The program promises to equip participants with strategies to deliver value-driven content to their audience, solidifying trust in their problem-solving methodologies. For a deeper understanding, exploring the intricacies and implications of the Modern Wealthy program becomes crucial.

Who is Stuart Ross?

Modern Wealthy Review - Stuart Ross

Modern Wealthy, spearheaded by Stuart Ross, originates from his visionary creation in 2019, formalized and licensed within the same year under legal auspices. The official launch of the program occurred in 2022, marking its commencement in extending services to a diverse cohort of affiliates seeking online monetary avenues.

Ross stands as an established figure in the realm of online investments, boasting a track record of success within this digital domain. His commitment transcends a mere side endeavor; Ross dedicates himself fully to his online investments, channeling his expertise toward resolving prevalent digital predicaments.

At the core of Ross’s brainchild lies a mission to empower individuals, guiding them to establish and cultivate their online investments for monetary gain. The program’s teachings revolve around identifying and addressing prevalent issues to monetize solutions effectively.

Ross’s strategic approach transcends mere curriculum delivery; it extends to personalized engagement. Affiliates of Modern Wealthy have the privilege of engaging in direct phone conversations with Ross himself.

This personalized interaction serves as a conduit for affiliates to seek guidance and solutions tailored to their specific identified challenges.

Central to Ross’s philosophy is the idea that the online realm harbors a multitude of income-generating prospects. He stresses that the program doesn’t confine individuals but rather presents an array of opportunities, empowering affiliates to select the most suitable avenue for establishing a steady and sustainable online income.

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Modern Wealthy Overview

Modern Wealthy stands out as an affiliate marketing program specializing in nurturing individuals to establish their online businesses.

Stuart Ross, the brain behind this venture, holds the position of the company’s CEO, guiding its direction and operations.

The core of this program lies in its seven comprehensive modules, conveniently presented in video format. Complementing these videos is an Electronic Book housing training materials, offering alternate avenues to absorb the valuable content.

In instances where the provided training might fall short, a reassuring option awaits: direct interaction with program experts. Through direct calls, participants gain access to personalized coaching and mentorship, fostering a more intimate learning environment.

Asserting its prowess akin to other affiliate marketing platforms, Modern Wealthy boasts top-notch training crucial for commencing an online business journey. To substantiate these bold claims, an exploration of the program’s mechanics and methodology becomes pivotal.

How does it work?

The inception of Stuart Ross’s Modern Wealthy Program in 2022 marked a noteworthy presence and traction within the online sphere, signifying substantial progress.

This evolution finds validation through numerous commendations and endorsements shared across various online platforms, particularly evident during email list distributions. Additionally, the program’s substantial following across diverse social media networks—Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook—reflects its burgeoning online influence and engagement.

Functioning as an educational platform, the Modern Wealthy Program stands committed to imparting essential skills and knowledge vital for initiating an online business venture.

Through its meticulously structured seven modules, the program aims not only to instruct but to empower individuals in establishing themselves as authoritative figures within their chosen niche.

Beyond the foundational teachings, the program endeavors to unlock participants’ marketing potential, fostering the development of adept problem-solving abilities—a key attribute crucial for entrepreneurial success in today’s dynamic landscape.

This multifaceted approach endeavors to shape individuals into comprehensive and competent entities within the digital entrepreneurial realm.

What is it about?

The essence of the Modern Wealthy Program revolves around nurturing individuals to kickstart thriving online businesses within the realm of affiliate marketing.

Joining this program demands more than mere interest; it necessitates a readiness, passion, and zeal to delve into the online business domain, aiming for monetary gain.

Beyond the rudiments of establishing an online enterprise, this program delves into equipping participants with problem-solving skills essential for navigating the digital landscape. Stuart Ross, leveraging this approach, emphasizes that fostering trust with your audience is pivotal, enhancing your standing and credibility in their eyes.

Establishing this rapport enables individuals to potentially elevate their earnings, as a trusting audience is more inclined to invest more in the services provided.

The program also emphasizes self-promotion through its affiliates. However, participation in the program requires an initial investment, including additional purchases (upsells) to access comprehensive training.

This investment isn’t merely a cost but a method of indirectly promoting the program’s products. As participants purchase, they inadvertently contribute to the program’s sales, bolstering its profits.

Similar to other online affiliate marketing platforms, the Modern Wealthy Program heavily emphasizes participants promoting its products as a fundamental facet of their involvement in the program.


At the time of writing this review, the program’s entry fee stood at $37, a one-time payment required for enrollment. However, gaining access to the program’s services entails additional purchases, referred to as upsells.

The primary upsell, titled the Launchpad, necessitates an investment of either $197 or $997 within the first month post-enrollment. This supplementary offering serves as an enhancement to the program’s core services.

Another upsell available is the Your Best Life Blueprint private group, priced at $67. This second upsell operates as a separate entity, requiring a one-time payment of $67 to access its exclusive content and benefits.

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Is Modern Wealthy Legit?

From my perspective, the Modern Wealthy program doesn’t fall into the category of a scam. Its core emphasis lies in genuinely aiding individuals in establishing their online business ventures.

Ross’s teachings center around addressing contemporary, prevalent issues encountered regularly in everyday modern life. The program aims to equip participants with the requisite skills to aptly tackle these challenges, thereby facilitating the provision of effective solutions.

By offering solutions to prevalent online issues, individuals can foster trust and interest within their audience base, a key element in nurturing successful online enterprises. This credibility ultimately paves the way for potential increased earnings, aligning with the program’s objectives.

However, the program might not substantially benefit individuals already thriving in an established online business with substantial revenue streams. Ross’s suggestions regarding the ease of monetary gain through the program might not align with reality.

To truly reap rewards from the program, one must invest significant time, effort, and potentially capital. Initial returns might not meet lofty expectations, especially for those accustomed to substantial profits in existing ventures.

Moreover, the profit margins at the outset might be considerably narrow, potentially unsatisfactory for individuals with high revenue expectations. Consequently, if already engaged in a lucrative online business, dedicating time to the program might prove futile.

The program undeniably offers valuable skills and experience for launching an online enterprise. However, prospective participants should be wary of the upsells, which might pose a financial hurdle, particularly for beginners.

Final Verdict – Modern Wealthy Review

Despite its promises, Modern Wealthy comes with its share of limitations and challenges. While it doesn’t fit the bill of a scam, the program’s efficacy might not match the bold claims and glamorous presentations.

The program’s narrative revolves around solving contemporary online problems to earn trust and revenue. However, the reality might diverge from this idealistic portrayal. Potential participants should tread cautiously, especially those already thriving in robust online ventures.

The grandeur of the program’s promises might not translate into immediate substantial profits. An investment of time, effort, and sometimes significant capital is required before witnessing tangible returns. This steep initial investment might not align with the expectations of individuals accustomed to quicker, more lucrative gains.

Furthermore, the profit margins at the outset might not meet the high demands of seasoned entrepreneurs, potentially leading to dissatisfaction. For those already entrenched in successful online businesses, the program’s offerings might not justify diverting resources and time away from existing ventures.

The allure of the program’s comprehensive training should be weighed against the burden of upsells. These additional costs, especially for beginners, might pose a financial challenge.

In essence, while Modern Wealthy offers a trove of resources and knowledge for budding online entrepreneurs, its promise of instant success and profitability might not materialize for everyone.

Proceeding with caution, realistic expectations, and a thorough understanding of the program’s intricacies become imperative before committing to this venture.

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