ModSquad Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about ModSquad. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

One of the things that you have to focus on when you’re running a social media presence is content moderation. If you are somebody who is running the social media presence for a relatively big brand, you’re often faced with a lot of rude commenters online. Sure, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But sometimes, certain commenters would be out of bounds with what they say on your brand’s social media pages. It only takes a few minutes to block that person from your social media page. But when you get a huge influx of hateful comments, you’re going to need moderators.

Moderators are helpful with keeping your social media pages a safe space for a lot of people. You never really know what kinds of comments that you will get for every post that you make. So having somebody to handle that side of the whole social media management thing definitely helps in the long run. The problem that a lot of social media managers face is where exactly do they get people who are willing to moderate their pages for them? Sure, these social media platforms have their own content moderation teams. But they can’t really handle everything on their own. They are focused with the larger ecosystem instead of very specific pages. So you’re bound to find a third-party service that will help you find people to do the work.

I was actually surprised to find out that there are actual companies that offer these kinds of services. A lot of moderators that I often see online are those for these relatively known content creators who often do livestreams on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Those are the kind of places where moderators make a lot of sense. A real-time comment section is bound to get rowdy. So there’s a need for somebody to handle those types of comments while these content creators do their work, playing games or whatever it is.

So are companies like ModSquad actually worthwhile? Well, we’re going to find out in this review.

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ModSquad Review: Quick Details

  • Name: ModSquad
  • Founder: Amy Pritchard
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Management service
  • Niche: Content moderation, customer experience, social media management
  • Recommendation: With more than a decade worth of experience, ModSquad is definitely on those names that a lot of brands trust when it comes to content moderation services. The opportunity for ordinary to earn income from being a content moderator through ModSquad might be worth it. But it does require a bit of experience from their part.

Who Is Amy Pritchard?

ModSquad founder Amy Pritchard

Amy Pritchard is the founder of ModSquad, a customer experience management company.

From what I could find, Amy was a partner for a law firm before she started ModSquad. A huge chunk of her early career was as an attorney. You would have assumed that she was kind of set for life, considering the occupation that she had at that the time. Like, her last name was part of the name of a law firm. That seemed like kind of a huge deal, if you think about it. But it does seem that life had other plans for her.

On her spare time, Amy was a moderator for a message board for TV shows. It was at a time when forums were the only places you could go to talk about a certain piece of media with people who were also interested in that piece of media. This predates Reddit. At that point, Amy was also taking care of her newborn. So she was doing a lot at the time. And moderating a message board was kind of her only safe space. Even though being moderator took a lot of work.

She was also really into Second Life, which was this relatively well-known multimedia online roleplaying platform. There wasn’t really a lot of gameplay involved with Second Life. It was just a place where you could interact with other people virtual while also having some sort of digital persona within that world. That was really the only place where she could let loose a bit. Because she was doing a lot of work between being a mom, a partner at a law firm and a moderator for a message board.

Even though Amy was doing well at the law firm, she wanted to spend a lot more time taking care of her child. And she could only do that if she had a job that she could do in the comfort of her own home. Considering that a few different social media platforms were beginning to emerge, Amy decided to start her own company. And that company was ModSquad.

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What Is ModSquad?

ModSquad is a customer experience outsourcing provider. They basically connect brands to people who will help them moderate their social media presence. It’s as simple as that. I was struggling a bit on how to properly explain it. But that is pretty much the essence of what kind of service you might expect from ModSquad.

There are five different services that ModSquad offers. The first is content moderation. As I have mentioned earlier in this review, content moderation is an integral part of running a social media page. You will need somebody who make sure that the content that other people post in relation to your brand doesn’t ruin the “sanctity” of your brand. These moderators are the ones who make sure that the community that your brand has built is safe for everyone. The content moderation that ModSquad offers is built to match what your brand’s goals are. They will fit to whatever needs you may have.

The second service that they provide is customer support. Any kind of brand that runs a social media presence will often get asked a lot of questions from their customers. And you will need somebody to answer all of those queries for you. Similar to how ModSquad approaches content moderation, their customer support service is tailormade for your brand. They will help you plan a strategy on how to communicate with your audience and how to implement it so that you don’t have to worry as much.

The third service is trust & safety. This goes hand in hand with content moderation. You have to make sure that your brand’s presence on social media is a safe space for a lot of people. And sometimes there are certain content that does align with the values of a brand.

The logo for ModSquad

The fourth service that they provide is community management. There are a lot of creators that have their own forums and message boards on platforms like Discord. And like any kind of forum, you have to make sure that the community is always engaged. You have to make sure that they are aware of what is happening with regards to the brand so that they become excited for it.

The last service that they provide is social media management. It’s basically all of the other services rolled into one package. There’s not really much else to talk about this particular service since it involves the four other services.

The pricing for the management services that ModSquad offers can only be known if you schedule a call with them. Different brands may require a lot more work so there is no fixed pricing for it.

ModSquad offers opportunities for people who want to work remotely. Basically, they are going to be the people who will work as content moderators for the brands that ModSquad will be partnering with. You can easily sign up to become part of ModSquad on their website.

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Final Verdict – ModSquad Review

It definitely does seem that a lot of brands trust ModSquad with regards to customer experience management. The company wouldn’t have lasted almost two decades if they weren’t doing good work. It is interesting to see how a company like this started off from relatively humble beginning into what it is now.

As for the income opportunity for people, it’s definitely something that could be good to a lot of people. You wouldn’t have to go to an office to work as a Mod. But you will need a decent internet connection and a device to work with. This kind of job will entail a bit of experience so you definitely have a bit of knowhow when it comes to content moderation or social media management. But it is possible that they may have some training before you actually start to work.

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That’s it for my review of ModSquad. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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