Moneybuildrr Review: Will It Live Up To Its Name?

Today, we’re going to review a new money-making system named Moneybuildrr. Will this do what its namesake does? Let’s find out in this Moneybuildrr review.

Most of us already know at least one way of earning income for a living. And that is to work on a 9-to-5 day job in any industry.

But as the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen, ordinary people are now looking for other sources of income to complement their existing ones. Especially to those workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic, various methods to make money online have certainly been increasing in demand.

Online affiliate marketing is one of those methods that are proven to be highly effective. And the idea of making money online anytime, anywhere, even when you sleep, is one of the reasons why.

Still, getting to that stable point where the income just flows to you, still requires some work. And one of the necessary elements for it is to build a presentable sales website.

Moneybuildrr is a software that claims it can solve that problem. It’s a website builder that can help you build everything you need to start your affiliate marketing online.

It all sounds good on paper, but does it really work like it’s intended? And can it do what its namesake suggests, help you earn money online? Read this Moneybuildrr first because you decide on buying this software.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Moneybuildrr review. I’m not affiliated with Moneybuildrr, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Moneybuildrr?


MoneyBuildrr is a website, shop & funnel builder that permits you to create any number of websites, shops, and sales funnels. It features numerous DFY templates, popups, and also has a FREE unlimited hosting feature for all your websites made by this software.

Moneybuildrr also claims that the sales websites from this software are made with high quality and SEO in mind. So you can easily get free buyer traffic and build a large e-mail list for using this software.

Moneybuildrr also claims that it’s easy to use, and you don’t need any knowledge on website building or even affiliate marketing to use this software system. All you need to do is just a few clicks to the app.

Who Created Moneybuildrr?

David Kirby and Al Cheeseman are the primary authors of Moneybuildrr.

Moneybuildrr Review - David Kirby And Al Cheeseman

I personally don’t have any idea about their background, especially their digital marketing profiles. But their Muncheye profile states that they also have similar products released previously. Among them are Rapid Subscribers 5.0, SUPER AFFILIATE JACKPOT, and Money Mailrr.

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What’s Inside Moneybuildrr?

Moneybuildrr Review - Mockup


The information shown here is taken from the official sales page of Moneybuildrr.

  • Create Unlimited Websites – Instantly create unlimited secure mobile-friendly websites, online stores, sales pages, funnels, landing pages, and pop-ups.
  • Drag & Drop – Use our drag & drop page builder to make use of 450+ template blocks (which are all fully customizable) without any technical or coding knowledge required.
  • Done For You – Using our done-for-you templates, anyone can put together a beautiful page even if you have no design experience or artistic eye.
  • Unlimited Hosting – We host every website you create on Moneybuildrr’s lightning-fast servers for you, so you can wave goodbye to ongoing monthly hosting costs forever.
  • One-Click Integration – Effortlessly integrate your pages with your favorite autoresponders or webinar software in one click.
  • Unbeatable One-Time Cost – Our competitors like ClickFunnels, Instapage, Wix are charging every month for a service like ours. We charge a tiny one-time fee for instant access so you can profit forever without ever having to spend another dime on websites.
  • Custom Domains – Add your own custom domains, should you choose to, so nobody knows your website is hosted by us.
  • Video Training – Step-by-step training shows you exactly how you’re able to create and publish beautiful websites in minutes without any technical experience required.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – All of these features are available for a low one-time-only fee, with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Use?

Using Moneybuildrr, you can create an affiliate marketing website in just over three steps.

  1. Login – Login to the Moneybuildrr web-based software.
  2. Select – Select a ready-made done-for-you funnel.
  3. Activate – Click “Activate” to get free buyer traffic flowing to your funnel In 30 seconds or less!

And you’re ready to sell, build a list or have any website live and ready to make money in minutes without any of the technical headaches associated with traditional website development.

One-Time Offers

Moneybuildrr Review - Box

Moneybuildrr is a usable app as it is. But you also have an option to upgrade your subscription by purchasing any of the upsells on their sales funnel. Each upgrade brings new and additional features to the base app.

  • Frontend: Moneybuildrr ($17) – This is the main app. You’ll need to buy this first to avail any of the upsells listed below.
  • 1st Upsell: Unlimited ($37, Downsell to $17) – Unlimited accounts, forms, leads, emails, autoresponders, and more.
  • 2nd Upsell: Automation ($37, Downsell to $27) – Allows the user to schedule their campaigns.
  • 3rd Upsell: Done-ForYou ($197, Downsell to $97) – Done-for-you websites personally set up by the Moneybuildrr team so you don’t have to. For the lazy ones out there.
  • 4th Upsell: DFY Campaigns ($47, Downsell to $27) – All their top software, you can sell as your own. All your marketing campaigns, done by the Moneybuildrr team so you don’t have to.
  • 5th Upsell: Traffic ($197, Downsell to $77)Your Google and Facebook pixels on our top-selling sales page, so all their traffic can also be redirected to your website.
  • 6th Upsell: Whitelabel ($997, $497 Without lifetime updates and support) Full installation and customized branding of the Moneybuildrr software + Developer Support.  Claim the software as your own product.
  • 7th Upsell: Reseller ($47, Downsell to $27) – The reseller license. 100% commissions and affiliate materials for Moneybuildrr. Sell the software as your own and keep 100% of the profits gained.
  • 8th Upsell: Traffic Saver Pack, WarriorPlus Membership, Access to past and future products added every month. ($27, Downsell to $17)
  • 9th Upsell – Moneybuildrr “Goldmine 1k Club” ($37, Downsell to $17)

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Can You Make Money With Moneybuildrr?

Several of these money-making software systems have some flaws that should be paid attention to before buying this product. And this Moneybuildrr review will show you some of those.

Hosting Reliability

One of the selling points that Moneybuildrr (and other similar systems) keeps on bringing up, is how their hosting is a lot cheaper compared to some of the big names in the industry. Or so they say on its sales page.

Hosting Comparisons

But what you get at a low price, most of the time, you’ll be sacrificing on reliability. Especially with its longevity.

Hosting reliability is a critical component for affiliate marketing websites because you’ll want your host to last as long as you can while you establish yourself as an authority. If you settle with just cheap hosting like what Moneybuildrr offers, you’re placing yourself at a risk. If the authors decide to pull the plug and stopped supporting the system, you’re also going to lose your hosting service. And if you lose your host, so will your affiliate marketing website. And if that happens, then you’re going to have to start all over again. You’re going to lose a lot of affiliate commission opportunities should your website goes down for a long time.

Always keep in mind the reliability of wherever you choose to host your website. Since affiliate marketing is a long-term commitment, you need to make sure that your own host will last as long as you can while you set things up.

Zero Success Stories

It’s also worth noting that so far, there have been no success stories from people, especially beginners, who found great success in using products like these. Think about it. If a money-making system/software is effective at what it does, then everyone should be able to achieve that level of success using that software. In an ideal world, everyone would already be rich with that system. But in reality, all they get are complaints.

Sure. Moneybuildrr also provides a case study as part of their bonus, to show and prove to buyers that their system works.

Case Studies

But in reality, these case studies are only successful because they already have a huge following prior to using this system. And the sales pitch for Moneybuildrr says that it’s usable by “beginners who never have technical or affiliate marketing knowledge” and that they can “achieve lots of high ticket commissions in just a few minutes”.

This results in another false claim. The truth is, to be able to use Moneybuildrr, you must already have knowledge of affiliate marketing and must have a good number of followers on your social media accounts or marketing pages to be truly successful at using this. Ironically, if you do, you don’t even need to use this software already.

Shiny Object Syndrome

More importantly, these systems always claim that they are “new, revolutionary, breakthrough” opportunities to make money online. But most people should also know that the developers of software like these also make that very same claim to their previous products, which, ironically, also share the exact same features. This is an example of “Shiny Object Syndrome”, and plenty of people always fall victim to that.

But you have to think about it. If the system that they’re selling you is “revolutionary and highly effective” at making money online, then why are they selling ANOTHER money-making product with the same claim? If it was indeed successful at what it does, then why create a new one? Shouldn’t it be better to refine an existing money-making system to mastery than just release a new one? It just means that these systems aren’t really as effective as they claim to be.

If you want to find out more about Shiny Object Syndrome and how to not fall victim to it, watch this video:

Moneybuildrr Review: Final Thoughts

Before I finish this Moneybuildrr review, let me give you an answer that you may ask after you finish reading this.

Is Moneybuildrr a scam? I think not. As a website builder, it still does its job, and it’s still usable by beginners.

But would I recommend buying Moneybuildrr? Honestly, I won’t. And I advise that you don’t buy it as well.

Similar to other money-making software systems like Lazy Profit Builder, FunnelZPro, and Passive Profit Funnels, Moneybuildrr isn’t really a workable software for affiliate marketing. Its reliability is questionable, and most of the claims that they present are usually false. The $17 price point may be quite attractive, the upsells that they’ll offer you will easily pile up its cost and make it even more expensive for a system that doesn’t even work the way that you wanted. It’s much better to still rely on an established web host that offers guaranteed reliability. And for the price offered by Moneybuildrr, it’s still much better to invest in a good online affiliate marketing course that teaches you everything that you need to know about it.

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