MotoKart Review: Can This Help Your Business?

Today, we’re going to talk about another online app called MotoKart. Will this help you set up your online business? Let’s find out in this MotoKart review.

There’s no ignoring that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the lives of many people in the world. Several industries greatly impacted by the pandemic situation have caused major industries to lay off several of their employees.

As a result of these job cuts, unemployment rates continue to rise, and are projected to keep on doing so for the following year.

Because of this, most people are now finding alternative ways to earn money, most of them through online means. And one of the most popular and trending methods right now is e-commerce.

MotoKart is one of those products that claim to be able to help you make money online via e-commerce. The basic premise is that it allows you to create your own digital store.

With that online store, you can then  start earning money by selling any of the digital products that this app comes with. And they promise that you can set this one up and start earning in just a few minutes, without any technical or marketing knowledge needed.

The idea does sound good, but is the system reliable? Can MotoKart really help you earn money online, even without any marketing education beforehand?

Before you go ahead and buy this software, make sure you read this MotoKart review first.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent MotoKart review. I’m not affiliated with MotoKart, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is MotoKart?


MotoKart is a money-making system and website builder that allows you to create your own digital web store, without any worries of server costs, products to sell, or even the store backend.

It already comes pre-loaded with over 500+ digital products, from any possible niche, so you can start selling right away and keep 100% of the profits earned.

In addition, you can also allow other vendors to sell on your built online store, so you can start earning commissions from them.

MotoKart is also really easy to use, and claims that you don’t need any technical or marketing knowledge in order to use this system to the fullest.

The Person Behind MotoKart

Vivek Gour is the person behind MotoKart.

MotoKart Review - Vivek Gour

In addition, he also serves as a co-vendor to similar products like Crypto Bank and 100k Cloner.

Visit his YouTube channel if you want to find out more about him.

Vivek Gour

What’s Inside MotoKart?

MotoKart Review - Box

Most of the information here are taken from the official site of MotoKart.

MotoKart Features

  • One Click Store Builder – Create your store in less than a few minutes. Choose from their stunning range of templates & themes. Select as many premium & hot-selling done-for-you digital products. Link your PayPal account and begin collecting payments instantly.
  • DFY Templates – Get access to stunning templates that are guaranteed to convert from across top trending niches. Make it your own in just a few clicks by customizing it to your needs & creating your digital store to drive instant sales.
  • Attractive Aesthetics & Unique Designs – Now, get your hands on templates and themes that are uniquely designed to attract users in just one glance. These visually appealing & functional layouts are sure to grab skyrocketing traffic & multiply conversions.
  • Ready-To-Sell Highly Demanded Products – MotoKart is packed with over 300 in-demand products that you can sell within minutes to earn the top dollar. In case you need something more than what is offered, you can simply invite vendors to sell their products on this powerful platform.
  • Multiple Store Layouts to Choose From – MotoKart offers more than 100 appealing layouts to choose from. Select the design and functionality that works best for your brand. Create your unique image & dominate the niche using unique & visually attractive elements.
  • Multi-Vendor Management – Having your own multi-vendor site has its perks but it isn’t an easy task. MotoKart manages multiple vendors from one powerful dashboard automatically, leaving no hassles for you.
  • Affiliate Management – One-click management of affiliate offers & links also becomes a reality when you get access to MotoKart.
  • Coupon Management – Sell, activate & manage coupons with just one-click to help sell your products more efficiently!
  • Subscription Management System – It automatically creates & manages subscription based products. It sets a payment plan & credits the amount as per the plan from the customer.
  • Membership Management System – A system so efficient makes everyone want to become a member. The platform effortlessly manages memberships of customers to bring you huge monthly, quarterly & annual fees.
  • Access From Anywhere At Any Time – It is hosted 100% on reliable cloud-based servers. This means that you will never have anything to download or install. Simply open your web browser from any device of your choice & begin profiting.
  • Effortless Usage & Selling – Everything is just a click away when you get access to MotoKart. Everything is done-for-you: Your site, the products you need to sell & even a one-click system to collect payments from your clients instantly.
  • Detailed Video Tutorials – Everything is done for you on MotoKart. On top of that, to make your success journey even more seamless, they also provide detailed video tutorials.

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How To Use MotoKart?

Accessing the full features of MotoKart only requires a few steps to get started.

  1. Login – Simply login to MotoKart from anywhere at any time, and start your store in minutes.
  2. Attach Your PayPal – There’s nothing for you to do except attach your PayPal. Everything else is done-for-you.
  3. Sell & Profit – Sell as many copies of any of the 300+ digital products and keep 100% of the profits.

To see what’s inside MotoKart, watch this demo below:

MotoKart Sales Funnel + One-Time Offers

MotoKart is a system that’s already usable by itself. However, there’s also an option to upgrade and unlock more features of the app. These are available as upsells.

FrontEnd – MotoKart ($47 One Time)

This is the FrontEnd app for MotoKart. You’ll need to buy this before availing any of the upsells after this.

  • Hosted on cloud servers
  • Fully-functional store
  • Sell WordPress Themes, Plugins & HTML Templates
  • Pre-loaded with up to 300 digital products
  • Customers can buy awesome PSDs, Logos & Graphics
  • Store will ever offer PHP Scripts
  • Can create multiple shops
  • Shop will allow other vendors to sell
  • Can add your sub-users with Agency Rights

OTO 1 – MotoKart PRO ($27/Monthly, $67 One Time)

  • 5 new products added every month
  • 200 additional premium digital products
  • Create multiple shops
  • Agency User access (up to 50 License)

OTO 2 – MotoKart Traffic Engine ($37 One Time)

  • Auto video creator which creates videos under your brand name and pushes it on YouTube to return back the traffic to your stores and get sales
  • Access to one-click software which shares these digital products on various social networks to drive traffic to your stores and get sales

OTO 3 – MotoKart Ad Creator ($27 One Time)

  • Access to Moto Ads Creator tool
  • Just start spending and boost in traffic to your store to skyrocket profits
  • Premade 500+ ad creative copies for Google and Facebook ads

OTO 4 MotoKart Reseller

The reseller license. It comes in two options, Lite and Advance.

  • Lite ($97) – 100% commission on FrontEnd only.
  • Advance ($197) – 100% commission on FrontEnd up to OTO 3

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Is MotoKart Worth The Price?

Based on what you read about this MotoKart review so far, it might seem that MotoKart could the key to start your online e-commerce business and earn income through online means.

And yes. Some people will easily grab this promise.

However, I’ve noticed a few glaring flaws about this system. And most of them can’t be ignored easily.

Hosting Reliability

MotoKart claims that any websites that you create with this system, are fully-hosted on their servers for free.

While the notion of free domain and hosting is quite attractive, you should know that there’s going to be a HUGE risk for it.

  • SEO – First, the SEO. Unlike those big names in hosting services, free hosting offered by these moneymaking apps usually lack the proper optimizations for SEO. Keep in mind that the speed and performance of your webhost can also have an impact on your SEO rankings. Thus, if your web host doesn’t have those proper optimizations for your web store, then don’t expect to ever climb high rank to any search engine’s SERP.
  • Sustainability – Also, unlike those big names in web hosting, the reliability of those servers is still questionable, similar to the products themselves. For instance, if the system shuts down, of course the server they’re using to host will shut down as well. And if they stopped supporting the product, then you can say goodbye to your hard-earned web store. You may think it’ll not happen anytime soon. But do take note that these vendors from WarriorPlus and JVZoo typically release 2 to 3 products per month, and all of them basically share the similar claims of moneymaking. Which means chances of MotoKart losing its support are quite high, as new products come and go.

Overpriced System

MotoKart here costs $17 to use. But what you’re getting only are are basic features of the system, and most of them are REALLY LIMITED.

If you want to unlock more features, you have to pay for the upsells, which costs more than the actual product.

Adding the total cost of the frontend plus the upsells will easily cost you several hundreds of dollar. All for a system that doesn’t reliably work.

The sales page keeps on claiming that you won’t have to worry about getting buyer traffic for this system to work.

But the reality is NO SOFTWARE SYSTEM is guaranteed to give you free buyer traffic to your website.

If some system claims that they can do it, then they’re either lying, or they’re most likely using methods that are borderline illegal. Just like the ones that apps like Facebook Ad Blaster and Blast4Traffic do.

And speaking of the FrontEnd being rather cheap…

False Claims

The fact that the MotoKart frontend app is sold for a very cheap price, can also lead to some suspicion.

Like, think about it.

If their method is very easy and effective at getting good results, then why are they selling it to you for an almost steal price?

If it’s true that they’re earning over a thousand dollars or more in using that money-making system, then the first thing they’re going to usually do is to keep it for themselves. You may say that they’re just being generous and that they’re just sharing their opportunities for more people.

But in the real world, no one is like that. There’s usually a drawback for something that’s really cheap yet effective, especially when it comes to making money.

And most of the time, it’s only because the system only works for those who already have built a good number of followers or subscribers. They usually market these systems are being “beginner-friendly” yet effective, but most of those claims are completely false.

MotoKart Review: Final Verdict

So to cap off this MotoKart review, let me answer a few questions.

Is MotoKart another scam software? To be honest, I think it’s not. It still does what it says. It still can build you a digital store so you can earn money online.

But is this system recommended? I don’t think I can.


Similar to other money-making software systems like the FaceOff System and Zest App, this too is quite unreliable.

Which is what you REALLY need when you’re going to build a business online. Always think for the long-term when you’re building an online business.

Because it’s going to take some time before it establishes itself. If you use a money-making system that claims to give you instant results, it certainly won’t last long. And if it stops working, you’ll now have to do twice the effort to get it back up and start all over again.

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