My Ecom Club – Scam Alert Do Not Expect $1000 A Day


If you landed on this page,it is most likely you searched for my ecom club review.Luckily,you landed on best review about it.

My ecom club is a total scam and a lot of people scammmed by this so called money making platform.

We are going to reveal the ugly faces of the owners and coaches inside the system.It’s a total scam you guys and a good game for money.

I like this money making scam because they did a great job in convincing people to work with them.


I have reviewed money making scams like my ecom club recenlty which were ecom cash code,second income center,infinite income review and amazon cash websites.

Let’s discuss about this ugly scam in detail..

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My Ecom Club Review

First,let’s talk about their website.

Yup It looks pretty legit.First of all the website was saying that I have to make an account to get access to the free training.

That is exactly what I did.As I came inside the system,I straight away met a person named TOE VEE.

We will talk about him later but first of all talk about this.

Toe Vee said that I have to pay $200 for enrolling in the program to get access to the my ecom club.

It’s very unethical to do because I was loged in just to see the free training.

Anyways I did not subscribed to my Ecom club because I did all the search about this already.

I wrote an article whether dropshipping worth it or not.

First of all let’s discuss about other things about this program.

What is my ecom club?,how much did the program costs?

What will you get after enrolling in it?

What is My Ecom Club?

My ecom club is an online money making education platform.It teaches you to build an online business of ecommerece.

More precisely a dropshipping business mainly focusing on shopify and ali express.

If you do not know much about ecommerece and dropshipping,let me clearify it.

In dropshipping you basically promote the products of other companies.For that you build an online store.

It’s all upto you to pick product.You can pick products in any niche.

When you build an online store,whenever someone buy product from your store,the customer directly pay to your bank account.

And it’s all upto the comapny to deliver the product to the customer.

My ecom club claims to build this system for you.They says that in the system you will be guided by a coach step by step.They will help you succeed in your online journey.


Let’s talk about how much is the system going to cost you.

The initial price of the system to get a coach is $37.Which seems to be a good price.


There you will get lots of informative videos.Given by the owner and coaches.But it’s not about this price there are high ticket upsells too.

After paying $37 for the subscription you will come to know that there are others upsells too.Upto $1997.

If you have $37 and do not have $1997,then your $37 are going to be wasted.They will say sorry to work together.

And what about the money back gaurentee?No such thing here.You will be very lucky if you get your money back.As you can read the comment below.

So,before joining the program make sure you have couple of bucks in the pocket and work with irresponsible coaches.

It is so much unethical to sell somebody the product he do not even know.I heared from the people that in that coaching they are very pushy.

Beware and don’t do that.Let’s talk what will you get inside the system.

Let’s dive deep and talk about hte upsells,


This will be the first step,in this you will get access to MY ECOM CLUB.

When you signed up for the system you will get access to the very good and valueable sales video.

I am amazed that they are providing value upfront to work with them and preparing you for their upsells.

In the video they will tell you to hire a coach that will guide you step by step.

This will cost you no more than 37 bucks.But wait for the catch.

This is the basic price and step to jump into the program.

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When you will went through the initial price you will be bombarded by this huge upsell.This is as they say is for strategy session.

This price is way too much for anybody.

I said already that yes a lot of valued content out there but this price for a strategy session is out of mind.And during the sales they will be very pushy.


As there are three more upsells of them which I did not came to know myself but heared from a lot of people.They are


These upsells are upto $2300 which is a lot of money.

As I convince people to do invest in self education,but being completely new,SORRY!

Their concept for the upfront price is for putting you in their sales funnel.

A funnel means to get someone convince to work with you.After this you can sell them high end products.


So, who is the man behind this mastermind.


You will be amazed that I reviewed another online money making scam ecom cash code.

Ecom cash code was a total scam which was made by TOE VEE.He looted a lot of people in the name of this product He is a big scammer.

Unfortunately,he is the man behind the idea of my ecom club.

Besides this there are lot of complaints which I observed about the system.

Many people was saying that the coaches inside the system are not coperative.

When ever they need any kind of help,coaches hung up calls.

Other than this the coaches will get so pushy during the call.I want to say upsell call of strategy session.

Other than Toe Vee the coaches of my ecom club are:

  • ROCKY LIN(main guy)
  • AUSTIN DANIEL(director)



After reading this,if somehow you got agreed to work with them.

Let me tell you what will you get inside the MY ECOM CLUB.

I know that there are a lot of videos inside the system and pure value in them.

But this is how sales funnel work.Provide all value and than scam after.

So, these are the thing you are going to get in the six day free training.


This content is very valued but It is an upfront value that they give you to grab you big time!!!

Let’s talk about the hings that I liked in my ecom club and the one’s I don’t?

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Although it scammed a lot of people but I think that they did an awesome job to trap people by providing value upfront.

The one and only thing which I liked in my ecom club is values inside the six videos besides a lot of scams.

In this the scammy guy as I told you before give very good information.

The good thing about it is that the content they used in the video is already on youtube.

Before writing review of this money making scam,I came across a lot of people which were scammed $2500 bucks.

Beside this there are lot of other things you need to invest in.For example,building a site,investing on store etc.


There are a lot of things bad about my ecom club.The main of them is that you need to know it is a SCAM!!!

I know that they keep saying hard work is the key to success,but the people that pay them $2500 are all not hardworking?

The other things about this scam which I did not liked was..


Like ecom cash code,TOE VEE in my ecom club also hired freelancers from fiver to do fake testimonials.

His scam which I reviewed earlier,the guy used paid actors for fake success stories.

These testimonials are all fake..

The reason of saying this is because I searched for them in fiver and found their gig.You can also hire them for the peromiotion of your brand.


They have upsells upto $2500.A beginner in an online field can not spend this much without knowing that they will be achieve success or not?


I have recieved a lot of complaints about the system that the coaches inside it are not coperative.

They will hung up your phone when you need their actual help!

Is my ecom club legit

No,my ecom club is total scam which is designed to scam you.The only thing about that it is a good game for money.

There are a lot of people that are scammed before you.

This is because they did not searched it’s review.

I want you to stay here and read this paragraph about the real way to build a business online.

I bet that you will not regret it.

Best way to make money online

My ecom club is a complete scam and I recommend you to stay away from it.

Here is a better business model,I highly recommend you to start a lead generation business.

In this you have to generate leads for small business owners.

When they make money,you will make money.

That’s it for today’s review.

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