Caroline Elle’s My Freedom Empire Review

Today, we are going to talk about My Freedom Empire from Caroline Elle. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I have to be honest with you about something. It was a dream of mine to start my own blog. In a way, the thing that I doing right now could considered a blog. Since I am putting out my thoughts about something for other people to read online.

About a decade ago, I really had my mind set on starting my own blog. I didn’t really have any idea of what I should be writing about. But all I know is that I had to do it. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t really happen. I sort of grew out of it after a few months.

So whenever I come across a blog, especially now, I am always surprised that a lot of people have managed to keep their blogs up. Most of the bloggers that I have followed prior have sort of shifted their attention elsewhere. Usually, they all went to other social media sites. Or maybe they started to record long-form videos and put it up on YouTube. (Though, in a way, those YouTube videos can be considered blogs.)

So when I had heard about My Freedom Empire, I was surprised to see a training program focused primarily on blogging. Like, what about blogging makes sense in the 2020s? But it never really left, honestly. It just kind of changed into other formats.

Still, I was really curious about what exactly Caroline Elle’s training program had in store. I’ve only written about a few blogging-related training programs so I didn’t have much of an expectation set yet. But there were still questions I had a bout it.

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My Freedom Empire Review: Quick Details

  • Name: My Freedom Empire
  • Founder: Caroline Elle
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Blogging, self-publishing
  • Recommendation: While it is possible to learn how to publish your own books using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, it’s not guaranteed that you will consistently earn money from self-publishing books. I don’t highly recommend it especially if you’re not really interested in the things that you are publishing and are only in it for the income potential.

Who is Caroline Elle?

My Freedom Empire co-founder Caroline Elle

Unfortunately, there is very little information that I could find about Caroline Elle online. It doesn’t really seem that she has an about page on the website for My Freedom Empire. Compare to other people whose works I have written about, Caroline is one of the people that doesn’t really seem to share a lot about themselves.

Based on what I could glean from her website, Caroline was no stranger to blogging. She had created a blog in 2006 called Puckered. And judging by the name, it was obvious that it is a beauty-related blog. She mentions that the blog was still active. And it still is. It was hosted through a domain so it took a bit of work to find it. Though, the earliest post for on that blog was in 2007.

Caroline seems to have started her YouTube channel in early 2019. And one of her first videos was a review for an affiliate marketing program that she was a member of. She only managed to do two videos about affiliate marketing. Then there was an almost two-year gap between those videos. When her YouTube channel started back up again, she was making videos about passive income and other ways you can earn money online.

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What Is My Freedom Empire?

My Freedom Empire is a website that Caroline Elle created that was meant to be a hub for people to find ways to earn money online. Like I mentioned in the previous section, this website mostly served as a place where you could sign for her newsletter.

Slowly, Caroline was able to add some blog posts to it. As I have mentioned, one of the first few blog posts was a web traffic report. The blog posts that followed was about getting more followers on your Instagram page as well as finding feminine-styled stock photos. For a blog, it wasn’t really as consistent in terms of how much she posted. Sure, she was able to write about three blog posts for July and August. There was one blog post uploaded in September. Then another one in October. It wasn’t until March 2019 when the next blog post was uploaded.

And similar to her YouTube channel, there was a big gap between that blog post to the following one. It wasn’t until April 2020 when she uploaded a new blog post. There would be a few more blog posts uploaded within the next few months. But it just stopped in December 2020.

So it is really surprising for somebody who didn’t really maintain much of a blog to start offering a training program that’s focused on helping you start your own blog. It just seems kind of ironic. At least with something like Food Blogger Pro, the creators of that program managed to still be uploading blogs in a consistent manner. But people can do what they want.

What Is Blogger Empire?

My Freedom Empire creator Caroline Elle

Blogger Empire is a training program that Caroline Elle created that’s meant to help people start their own blogging business that’s “set up for success since day one.”

The program includes a total of 10 modules that go through all of the basics when it comes to starting a blog. Obviously, you start of with a niche or a topic that you want to write about. Topics that are often turned into blogs are food, fashion, technology, and even ways to earn money online. You could turn any kind of niche into a blog. But usually the aforementioned ones are the most popular.

Once you’ve established the niche, you then have to plan and set your goals for what you want your blog to be. A lot of people dive into blogging headfirst. But sometimes it’s great to have a mindset already established. Once that’s settled, you then move on to design and branding. Having a good-looking website as well as a memorable name plays a big part in your success.

Design leads into the next part which is domain hosting. You can’t really run a blog without having your domain name. It’s especially hard to find the right domain hosting services that’s right for you and your needs. But before your blog goes live, you have to review everything you’ve done so far. You just have to make sure everything is set for launch.

Once you’ve launched your blog, you then have to promote it. You have to know how to market your blog. If your blog doesn’t get views, then it’s hard to make deals with other businesses so that you can start earning money from your blog.

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Final Verdict – My Freedom Empire

I don’t highly recommend the Blogger Empire program from My Freedom Empire to anyone. There’s really nothing about the program that’s compelling. It’s just your run-of-the-mill training program. For $111, you’d think that there was a lot more to it than an eight-module course. But that’s really all there is to it.

There’s nothing in the course itself that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Like, you could search “how to start a blog” and you’ll probably find a ton of resources on how to do so. I mean, everybody’s working with the same information. So I don’t really get why Caroline Elle would charge that much for the course.

Speaking of which, it’s sort of hard to believe that people have tried the course before. Especially, since Caroline doesn’t really seem to practice what she’s preaches. Like I said earlier, her blog isn’t even active.

Most of what Caroline has been posting on YouTube have all been about self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with self-publishing. But I think that how people view it as this passive income stream is wrong. You have to put some effort into the work you are making. You can’t just half-ass it.

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That’s it for my review of My Freedom Empire. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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