My Investing Club Review – Alex Temiz Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as My Investing Club. Is it legit? Find out in this My Investing Club review.

My Investing Club (MIC) stands as a day trading community co-founded by Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen, and Tosh Bradley, offering a spectrum of resources and mentorship essential for aspiring day traders.

Subscribers gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including the Slack chat room, diverse courses, personalized mentorship, insightful reports, and a myriad of other benefits.

The subscription offers an immersive journey into the intricate realms of successful day trading, elucidating strategies encompassing scalping and intraday swing trading.

This My Investing Club review navigates through the core facets of the MIC trading strategy, its target audience, its efficacy in generating revenue, detailed breakdowns of membership tiers, and the extensive resources encapsulated within them.

Day trading, renowned for its high-risk nature and intense stress levels, boasts a challenging landscape where approximately 90% of stock traders encounter failure. As such, this review aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of MIC’s offerings and their alignment with the high-pressure environment of day trading.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this My Investing Club review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Alex Temiz in any shape or form whatsoever.

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My Investing Club Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: My Investing Club
  • Founders: Alex Temiz
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Trading platform
  • Niche: Day trading
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend day trading if you do not have any idea what you are doing as you can potentially lose thousands of dollars.

What is My Investing Club?

My Investing Club Review - Logo

Established in 2018, My Investing Club (MIC) emerges as a thriving virtual enclave tailored explicitly for the day trading community.

Its rapid ascension has solidified its position among the premier day trading communities, boasting an extensive membership exceeding 1,500 traders actively engaged within its vibrant sphere.

Helmed by seasoned and highly accomplished traders, the MIC platform stands as a beacon of premium trading education. The hallmark of this community lies in its unwavering commitment to transparency and mentorship, distinguishing itself as a pinnacle in the realm of day trading resources.

This comprehensive My Investing Club review endeavors to peel back the layers of its membership offering, affording an insider’s perspective on the myriad inclusions, enumerating both the commendable aspects and potential drawbacks, delineating the subscription pricing tiers, and delineating the target audience for whom this platform is most aptly suited.

Trading strategy

At the crux of My Investing Club lies the dissemination of two pivotal day trading strategies: scalping and intra-day swing trading. The foundational courses within this platform serve as the springboard for novices venturing into this domain, offering an entry point to grasp the rudiments of these strategies.

The true essence of these techniques unfolds through the live trading sessions led by the platform’s founders—Alex, Bao, and Tosh—showcasing the nuanced and unique methodologies employed in real-time trading scenarios.

Scalping, a high-speed trading strategy, capitalizes on sudden market reversals to swiftly garner profits. It involves lightning-fast position opening and closure, often lasting mere seconds. Seasoned day traders leveraging scalping execute multiple trades in a day, with some achieving a staggering volume of trades reaching the triple digits.

This strategy, lauded for its rapid profit potential, is favored by experienced traders. However, its intricate reliance on understanding trading patterns and market volatility makes it an unsuitable choice for beginners. The adrenaline-fueled environment of scalping poses immense stress, as hesitation or premature closure can result in instantaneous losses.

Conversely, intra-day swing trading revolves around opening and closing trades within the same day. Traders adopting this strategy typically initiate purchases in the morning, subsequently selling during the afternoon or closing hours. Unlike the frenetic pace of scalping, intra-day swing traders rely on monitoring the 4-hour and 1-hour charts, allowing for a more deliberate analysis.

This methodical approach offers a slower pace conducive for beginners, affording ample time for market analysis and strategic planning, making it a more feasible choice for those navigating the complexities of day trading.

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Who is Alex Temiz?

My Investing Club Review - Alex Temiz

Alex Temiz, a pattern day trader hailing from New York City, co-founded My Investing Club, leveraging his profound expertise in the trading domain. Commencing his trading journey in 2015 while working as a Starbucks barista, he has amassed an impressive track record, exceeding $10 million in profits primarily through day trading penny stocks.

His journey to the first million consumed four years, marking a testament to his persistence and skill development.

In 2018, Alex expanded his trading portfolio, engaging with SMB Capital and earning an invitation to the prestigious NYSE. His expertise encompasses technical and fundamental analysis, coupled with a robust understanding of risk management—a combination pivotal in his trading success.

Holding a finance degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey, Alex Temiz epitomizes dedication, skill, and astute market understanding within the trading landscape.

My Investing Club Overview

My Investing Club Review - Alex Temiz 2

The My Investing Club caters to a diverse spectrum of individuals encompassing various trading backgrounds:

For novices entering the trading arena devoid of prior training or experience, the MIC Jumpstart Accelerator course stands as a comprehensive educational foundation.

This curriculum not only acquaints beginners with the fundamentals but also delves into advanced lessons, offering a holistic learning trajectory that spans from basic principles to intricate trading nuances.

Seasoned traders seeking to delve into the realms of scalping or intra-day swing trading find specialized guidance within this platform. Bao Nguyen serves as the guide for scalping strategies, imparting wisdom and techniques specific to this high-intensity trading approach.

On the other hand, Tosh Bradley leads the charge in instructing intra-day swing trading, elucidating the methodologies vital for successful trades conducted within the day.

For active traders aiming to enhance their win rates and amplify profits, the MIC provides a comprehensive suite of coaching calls and mentorship opportunities. These personalized sessions delve into the nuances of tailored day trading strategies that align with individual trading styles.

The mentorship program, led by seasoned traders within the community, offers invaluable insights and guidance aimed at refining trading approaches and augmenting profitability.

According to Alex Temiz, achieving a 75% win rate and doubling profits in stock trading involves executing numerous small, rapid trades, aiming for around 3% gains with consistency. Evaluating the reasonability of this claim involves considering associated risks and the timeline for becoming a profitable day trader.

Assessing the viability requires scrutinizing market volatility, trade execution speed, and risk exposure. Additionally, understanding the learning curve and mastering strategies while managing potential losses are crucial aspects impacting the duration to attain profitability as a day trader.

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My Favorite Program

Should You Try Day Trading?

Day trading demands adept strategy mastery and a resilient temperament for it to be lucrative. It’s an arena where swift, savvy decision-making reigns supreme, especially in the case of scalping trades, where split-second choices are crucial.

However, this high-speed, high-stakes environment makes day trading unsuitable for novices, often leading to heightened stress levels. Those still learning the ropes might find swing trading, involving longer positions held for days to weeks, more manageable and conducive to their learning curve.

Studies from the Sao Paulo School of Economics indicate the challenges of day trading for consistent livelihoods. An overwhelming 97% of persistent day traders over 300 days experienced financial losses. Initial losses are commonplace, making it vital to trade only with expendable capital.

Anticipating market movements inaccurately can lead to substantial losses, potentially exceeding the initial investment. Success in day trading hinges on in-depth pattern understanding, continuous market awareness, and robust risk management strategies.

This knowledge and diligence form the bedrock of a successful trading approach, mitigating losses and bolstering chances of profitability.

Final Verdict – My Trading Club Review

In concluding this exploration of My Investing Club (MIC), a cautious outlook is warranted for potential subscribers. While the platform presents itself as a promising day trading community, co-founded by Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen, and Tosh Bradley, it’s essential to scrutinize its offerings in the context of the high-risk nature of day trading.

Despite the program’s aim to cater to traders of varying expertise levels, the inherently stressful environment of day trading, with its intricate strategies like scalping and intra-day swing trading, raises concerns, particularly for beginners. The challenges associated with swift decision-making, market volatility, and the potential for rapid losses make this a perilous terrain for those still acclimating to trading dynamics.

Day trading, as emphasized by studies from the Sao Paulo School of Economics, presents an uphill battle for consistent livelihoods. The staggering 97% financial loss rate among persistent day traders over 300 days is a stark reality that underscores the formidable challenges involved.

In essence, individuals contemplating entry into the world of day trading, especially through programs like MIC, should exercise caution, carefully evaluate the risks, and, most importantly, approach with the understanding that success in this field demands not just enthusiasm but a profound mastery of intricate strategies, disciplined risk management, and a resilience to navigate a volatile financial landscape.

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