My Traffic Business Review – James Wendall Scam?

My Traffic Business Review - James Wendall Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as My Traffic Business. Is it legit? Find out in this My Traffic Business review.

This review is to provide a thorough understanding of My Traffic Business. It begins with a detailed exploration of features, followed by a transparent breakdown of pricing to help you assess its value according to your needs and budget.  The review provides an evaluation of both the strengths and weaknesses of My Traffic Business, presenting a well-rounded perspective to assist in making informed decisions.

Explore My Traffic Business with me to determine if this program aligns with your goals.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with My Traffic Business in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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My Traffic Business Review: Quick Details

  • Name: My Traffic Business
  • Founder: James Wendall
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: eBook
  • Niche: Email and Affiliate Marketing
  • Recommendation: This program may not be suitable for beginners seeking a comprehensive understanding of various online marketing strategies, as it is tailored to a specific approach rather than offering a broad foundation in digital marketing.

James Wendall

My Traffic Business Review - James Wendall Scam?

Regrettably, my attempts to uncover authentic information about the founder of My Traffic Business, James Wendall, have proven useless. Surprisingly, the identity of the founder remains wrapped in mystery, with no concrete information available. This lack of transparency is further compounded by the absence of any mention of James Wendall on the official website, raising questions about the legitimacy and openness of the program.

The elusive nature of the founder’s identity can be a cause for concern, as it leaves potential users in the dark about the individual behind My Traffic Business. A trustworthy and reputable business usually provides clear and accessible information about its leadership, helping to establish credibility and build trust among its users.

In the absence of verifiable details about James Wendall, it becomes essential for individuals considering involvement with My Traffic Business to exercise caution and conduct thorough research. It is advisable to delve deeper into user reviews, testimonials, and any available third-party sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the program’s legitimacy and the experiences of those who have engaged with it. The uncertainty surrounding the founder’s identity underscores the importance of due diligence when evaluating the credibility of online ventures like My Traffic Business.

What is My Traffic Business?

My Traffic Business Review - James Wendall Scam?

My Traffic Business claims to guide users through a step by step process to build a targeted and engaged mailing list by promoting the program. The approach focuses on quality over quantity, aiming to attract an audience genuinely interested in the content or offerings. While the promised method suggests a structured approach to email marketing, individuals are advised to critically assess its legitimacy and effectiveness. It’s crucial to consider potential costs, risks, and benefits before deciding if My Traffic Business aligns with specific goals. Thorough research, user reviews, and careful evaluation are recommended before engaging with the program or similar ventures.

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My Favorite Program

How does it work?

To initiate the process, the first step involves downloading an eBook titled “List Building Excellence,” allegedly containing comprehensive marketing and follow-up training. The program asserts that this eBook offers a user-friendly approach with copy and paste simple eBook based training, allowing individuals to quickly grasp the concepts. Additionally, it includes point and click automated marketing training, providing a hands on and accessible learning experience for users.

One of the notable features emphasized is the 24/7 live chat member support, ensuring that individuals have continuous assistance and guidance whenever needed. This real-time support system aims to enhance the overall learning experience, allowing users to seek clarification or assistance promptly.

This platform claims to be shortcut for people who are just starting with digital marketing. It assert to give you ready-made tools, such as a pre-built funnel and an already created ebook, making things easier for beginners. 

Upon downloading the eBook, you will not only gain access to content but also receive two additional bonuses to enhance your learning experience. The first bonus, a Cheat Sheet, is promoted as a handy resource unveiling secret techniques to expedite the process of building your lists. This suggests a shortcut or quick-reference guide, providing actionable insights to accelerate your list-building efforts and potentially fast-track your journey towards generating income.

The second bonus is a Mindmap, described as a comprehensive visual representation outlining the steps involved in building your lists. A mind map is a powerful tool that visually organizes information, making it easier to understand and recall. In this context, the Mindmap bonus aims to offer a structured and holistic overview of the list-building process, providing you with a clear roadmap to follow.

These additional bonuses can be seen as supplementary tools to further aid your understanding and implementation of the concepts presented in the eBook. The Cheat Sheet offers practical tips for efficient list-building, while the Mindmap serves as a visual guide, enhancing the clarity of the steps involved. Together, these bonuses aim to enrich your learning journey and provide practical resources to support your endeavors in list-building and online marketing.


The My Traffic Business program, initially priced at $47, is currently available at a discounted rate of $27.

My Traffic Business Review - James Wendall Scam?

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  • The My Traffic Business program is presented as a starting point for beginners in email and affiliate marketing. It provides user-friendly tools and focuses on simplicity, allowing individuals without prior experience in online marketing or technology to confidently learn and apply the acquired skills.
  • Furthermore, My Traffic Business offers a refund within 30 days, providing a layer of assurance for individuals who may be apprehensive about the program’s effectiveness. This will allow users to request a refund if they are unsatisfied with the program within the specified timeframe.
  • The My Traffic Business program has a modest investment of $27 to gain access to the fundamental principles of both email and affiliate marketing. This reasonable pricing makes the program accessible to a wider audience, particularly those who may be cautious about the financial commitment associated with entering the realms of online marketing.


  • This program, unlike other platforms, doesn’t focus on teaching fundamental skills for building and improving online presence, which might be a missed opportunity for beginners. It offers quick access to tools but lacks in educating newcomers on crucial skills essential for success in the dynamic field of digital marketing.
  • The notable absence of information regarding the founder’s identity raises a significant red flag within the context of the My Traffic Business program. Understanding the identity of the founder is often crucial for users as it adds a layer of trust and accountability. It allows individuals to assess the track record, expertise, and credibility of the people responsible for the program.
  • The My Traffic Business program lacks tangible proof or testimonials, raising concerns about its credibility and actual impact. Testimonials are vital for instilling confidence and trust, serving as real-world examples of the program’s effectiveness. Authentic testimonials provide valuable insights and act as social proof, inspiring and assuring individuals considering the program.

Final Verdict – My Traffic Business Reviews

The My Traffic Business program seems to primarily offer introductory and very basic information about email marketing. It is important to note that the program’s main objective appears to be the promotion of its own product, namely, My Traffic Business. While the cost of entry is set at $27, it’s crucial for individuals to look beyond the seemingly affordable price and assess the overall value offered by the program.

The $27 investment might seem cheap at first, but users should critically assess the features and benefits in comparison to this discounted price. Additionally, grasping the entire duration of the discounted offer and any related terms is crucial. This information is essential for users to make decisions that are well-informed about their investment in My Traffic Business.

Moreover, it is essential to recognize that the program may not explore thoroughly into the mechanics of how these tools, such as the “done for you” funnel and pre-created eBook, are created. Additionally, the program might not provide substantial guidance on the crucial aspect of generating online traffic, which is fundamental for success in the digital marketing landscape.

In essence, while the program may offer basic insights into email marketing, it is imperative for individuals to approach it with realistic expectations and consider the overarching goal of promoting My Traffic Business. A comprehensive evaluation of the program’s features, benefits, and potential limitations against the discounted price is vital for making an informed decision about its value and suitability for one’s specific needs and goals.

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