My Wife Quit Her Job Review – Jack of all Trades, Master of None!

Today, we are going to talk about My Wife Quit Her Job. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It has been increasingly common for a lot of people to start an online business. There is often a reason why these people choose to do so. The most common one is that a lot of them don’t want to work the usual 9-to-5 job anymore. It’s understandable why a lot of people feel that way.

In some of the reviews that I have written, a lot of them often started these side hustles while they were working that desk job. You’d be surprised by how many people have gone through that sequence. Most of the time, it leans more towards virtual assistance than e-commerce. But there are a handful of those that actually started out selling stuff like used books on a platform like Amazon.

There are those that wanted to start a business that they could do at home because it gives them the flexibility to do a lot more with the time that they have. Some of these people have families. And those with younger children—think: babies and toddlers—need to spend more time to take care of them. Having maternity/paternity leave isn’t really enough. It helps… barely.

With so many different people offering their own course on e-commerce, it kind of feels like overkill most of the time. Like, what kind of information do these courses offer that you couldn’t find anywhere else? Surely, they must be teaching something different. They sort of do. But that’s mostly because certain niches might have different ways of approaching how to sell products within those niches. But information regarding the platforms you can use are mostly the same.

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My Wife Quit Her Job Review: Quick Details

  • Name: My Wife Quit Her Job
  • Founder: Steve Chou
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: While you might learn a lot from the e-commerce course that Steve Chou sells through the My Wife Quit Her Job brand, it takes a lot of time, money and effort in order to be successful in it. It’s not something that you could find success in overnight.

Who Is Steve Chou?

My Wife Quit Her Job founder Steve Chou

Steve Chou is the founder of My Wife Quit Her Job. The story of his journey to e-commerce starts pretty much during the time that he was working a job as an electrical engineer. He had more than a decade working as a director for a company that made electronic parts. Think, processors and the like. While his wife, Jennifer, was working as a financial analyst. Both of them were earning pretty decent salaries. For most of the time that they were married, work pretty much took a lot of their time. And that’s often a catalyst for people looking for other ways to earn money.

It all kind of changed in 2007 when Jennifer became pregnant. I’m going to assume that it was their first child. Even after Jennifer’s pregnancy, she continued to work as a financial analyst on top of taking care of their child. Considering that a job like that might require you to be awake at different times in order to communicate with other employees at different parts of the world, it was taking a toll on Jennifer. So it seems that the couple decided to have one of them stay at home. And it seems Jennifer was the one to do so. Though, she still wanted to have something to do while taking care of their child. And that’s when she decided to star a small business.

From what I read, Jennifer’s decision to start her own business selling handkerchiefs started when they were planning for their wedding. They weren’t able to find handkerchiefs that they wanted to use for table setting. So they decided to buy a bunch in bulk from China. They only really needed a few of them. But the amount that they had received was 50 times the amount that they wanted.

So with a bunch of leftover handkerchiefs at their disposal, they decided to sell them on eBay. And it seems to have worked for the most part. They were able to sell all of the handkerchiefs they had and earned money in the process. That was sort of like a one-time thing they had done early in their life as a married couple. But considering that Jennifer was still itching to work, maybe it could be a good idea to pursue it again?

Steve Chou in one of his youtube video claims that he runs a seven figure blog which is, he also claims that he runs a seven figure online store which sells wedding linens and the name of the store is

Other than this he has an online course where he teaches people how to run their own ecommerce store and the name of the course is profitable online store at And an annual ecommerce conference known as seller summit.This guy is pretty much an allrounder. Looks like jack of all trades and master of none.First let’s talk about his claims ,which looks a lie to me.He says that he runs a seven figure blog, and I can say from my personal experience in the blogging industry for more then 5 years that his blog is nowhere near to a seven figure income yearly.IDK maybe he is talking about in Iranian rial currency, who knows?

Other then this, selling on Amazon don’t worth it in 2024 and moving forward.There is so much competition and this space is already too saturated.Serious competition is getting tougher day by day.There are thousands of ecommerce gurus I have reviewed on this site ,and they all say that sky is the limit in this business which is a complete lie.They are saying because they have to sell you their sh**.The truth is that FBA and dropshipping is dead in 2024 and ahead.

There are many reasons I keep on explaining in each ecommerce article of this website.Some of these are as below again:

  • Barrier to enrty is so low that eveeryone from third world countries like India and Pakistan etc jumped into it and made the space super saturated.
  • Amazon sells their own PL products,why they would promote you?
  • Amazon seller fees keeps on increasing day by day.From 2020 to 2022, they increased their fees by 30%.They hate sellers!
  • Because of third world country sellers,the sea became dirty and now amazon keeps on banning accounts without giving any warning.
  • They keep on introducing new laws making it more difficult for you to sell there.

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What Is My Wife Quit Her Job?

Once Jennifer had quit her job as a financial analyst to take cake of their child, they decided to try their hand at e-commerce. And that was how Bumblebee Linens was formed. They didn’t really have that big of an investment for the business. Though, $600 for handkerchiefs bought in bulk and a digital camera is still a decent amount of money to spend. They didn’t have high hopes for the business, for the most part. As long as they were earning enough to pay the bills, that was enough for Jennifer.

Like a lot of businesses in their early days, Steve and Jennifer weren’t really earning any money from it at the start. It seems that Jennifer’s brother had introduced Steve to Google Adwords. And running ads online proved to be helpful for their business, unsurprisingly.

Within a year, they were able to earn $100,000 in profits. That success meant that Jennifer could quit her job and run the business full-time. At the time that they started Bumblebee Linens, blogging was still pretty popular for the most part. So Steve decided to start a blog about Jennifer’s business. And that’s when My Wife Quit Her Job started.

For the most part, Steve used that blog as a way of teaching people about the process of running your own small business. While at the same time, he was using it to promote their business and the products that they sold.

And whenever a blog like this builds up an audience, it would often lead the creator to sell services to them. In this instance, it’s courses related to e-commerce.

There are many courses I have reviewed which are like my wife quit her job which are as below:

So What Courses Does My Wife Quit Her Job Have?

My Wife Quit Her Job founder Steve Chou

There’s one major e-commerce course that Steve Chou sells under the My Wife Quit Her Job brand. The name for it is Create Your Own Profitable Store. It’s not really a great title. I mean, it does tell you exactly what you’re going to be doing once you finish your course. But it’s just kind of clunky?

Regardless of the title, it’s pretty much your standard e-commerce course. Like, there’s really not much you could do with regards to the kind of things you could talk about when starting your own e-commerce business. You’re going through all the same steps regardless.

What seems to be the approach that they have to Create Your Own Profitable Store is that they’ve categorized each part of business process into these to-do lists. Honestly, it’s kind of smart for them to do this. Often, other e-commerce courses would just tell you everything you need to know about. Sure, they have bonus materials that you could read. But there isn’t any immediacy to anything that you’ll learn from them.

At least with Create Your Own Profitable Store, you kind of have a goal at the end of each part of the process. You kind of have to hit the ground running when you begin your journey into e-commerce. Or at least have an idea on what you want to do with your business. It’s better to have some knowledge when it comes to running an e-commerce store. Like, you’re going to spend a bit of money into making it work.

Like every other company that sells an e-commerce course, they also have free mini-courses that you could take in case you don’t have the money to pay for a full course. The Create Your Own Profitable Store costs $1999 for full lifetime access to the course. There is also a 3-part installment plan for it worth $699 per month. You could also pay for monthly access to it for $299 a month.

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Final Verdict – My Wife Quit Her Job Review

There’s nothing else particular that stands out from the Create Your Own Profitable Store course that they sell through My Wife Quit Her Job. Compared to the other e-commerce courses that I have reviewed, this one is a bit more comprehensive than the others. They really put a lot of thought into making sure that all aspects of running an e-commerce store are covered. Some of the ones I’ve reviewed aren’t as extensive as the one from My Wife Quit Her Job.

Even though you’re going to learn a lot from the Create Your Own Profitable Store course, actually running an e-commerce store takes so much work. It’s not something that you would immediately find success in. I mean, take it from Steve Chou himself. He and his wife didn’t even really earn any money when Jennifer first started her business. Any kind of business will have its ups and downs. You kind of have to learn from what has happened in your business in order to succeed.

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That’s it for my review of My Wife Quit Her Job. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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