NEO Commissions Review: Is This A Scam Or Not?

Today, we’re going to talk about Neo Commissions. Can this system help you earn income passively? Let’s find out in this Neo Commissions review.

A lot of people have some misconceptions that affiliate marketing is one of the harder ways to make money online. Well frankly, there really is no easy way in earning money.

All of them require a degree of hard work and study.

But personally, I’ll still recommend affiliate marketing. Mainly because you can start with little to no investment at all, and still have the potential for large profits.

Thus, it comes with little surprise that affiliate marketing is growing in popularity every day.

Of course, as with any other methods in money-making, you’ll need a system that’s going to assist you in getting those profits. NEO Commissions claims that it can do so for you.

NEO Commissions claims that it can “clone their push-button system for free buyer that makes them $987 In daily commissions.”

While it sounds like a fantastic idea, is it legitimate? Is NEO Commissions  the only thing that you’ll need to achieve financial freedom?

Or is it just another scam waiting to happen?

Stick around in this NEO Commissions review first, before you go ahead and avail of this system.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent NEO Commissions review. I’m not affiliated with NEO Commissions, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is NEO Commissions?

NEO Commissions is a cloud-based, chat messenger app that comes included with done-for-you marketing campaigns to let you earn money.

The premise is that, you set up your own chatbot, add your marketing campaigns and your affiliate links there, and let those chatbots do the selling for you.

NEO Commissions is also very easy to use and set up. So you can start the whole system with just a few clicks and let it work right away.

Who Created NEO Commissions?

The author and lead vendor of NEO Commissions is Glynn Kosky.

Glynn Kosky

He has over 7 or more years of experience as a digital marketer and is a “super-affiliate” at WarriorPlus. He’s also the principal author of similar money-making systems like CryptoCommissions, Profit Product Creator, Passive Profit Funnels, and many others

If you want to know more about the author, visit his official website.

Glynn Kosky

What’s Inside NEO Commissions?

Upon logging in your credentials to the NEO Commissions page, you’ll be seeing this dashboard.

NEO Commissions Dashboard

The dashboard contains some information about your subscription, like the membership levels that you availed. It also has an advertisement banner promoting “Keyword Valve”.

Before starting a marketing campaign here, you may want to set up your autoresponders here. You can do so by clicking on the menu on the uppermost right.

NEO Commissions Autoresponder

Here, you can set up your autoresponders for your campaign. NEO Commissions supports prominent ones like AWeber, Mailchimp, and many others.

Creating Your Chatbot

To start your marketing campaign here in NEO Commissions, you first need to create your chatbots first.

To do that, click on the “Chatbot” menu. This will take you inside the Chatbot page.

NEO Commissions Chatbot

Here, you can set up a new chatbot for you to use, or you can manage any of your existing chatbots.

To create a new chatbot, just click “Create New”. To edit your existing chatbots, just click “Edit” right next to your preferred chatbot.

Either option you choose will take you to this page.

NEO Commissions Create Chatbot

This is where you can edit various aspects of your chatbot, such as…

  • Chatbot Name – The name of your chatbot, which will be important later.
  • Theme Color – The overall color of the text box of your chatbot
  • Interval – This determines the waiting time before the chatbot creates a new line of message text to the user.
  • Bot Avatar – The image icon of your chatbot displayed during the conversation.
  • User Avatar – The image icon of the person the chatbot is talking to.

Finally, you can also edit the blocks that the chatbot will enter during their conversation. You can choose from several types of blocks.

  • Text – This enters a simple text message.
  • Question – This will send a question to the user, which they’re going to need to answer first before they proceed to the next line of text.
  • GIF – Sends an animated picture in GIF format to the user. It can be any animated GIFs from various sources, usually memes.
  • Image – Send a plain image to the user.
  • Button Choices – This lets the chatbot ask something and the user is going to reply with a choice presented by the chatbot itself.
  • Call To Action – This is where the chatbot will send your affiliate links to the user, in the hopes that they’ll click on that and buy your offers.

Creating Your Marketing Campaign

To start your marketing campaign, head over to “Your Campaigns”.

NEO Commissions Campaigns

This is where you can set up a new chatbot campaign, or edit an existing one.

To create a new campaign, clock to “Create New”. To edit an existing campaign, just select “Edit” on one of the campaigns listed here.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be taken to this page.

NEO Commissions Create Campaigns

And this is where you can customize several elements of your marketing campaign.

The menu is divided into three parts.

  • General Settings – This is where you’ll give your campaign a name, as well as which one of your created chatbots will you use for this.
  • Page Settings – This will customize the appearance of the page of your chatbot campaign. Specifically, the logo and its background image.
  • Integrations: Autoresponder Settings – This is where you can choose which autoresponder you’ll use for your campaign. You can choose from the autoresponders that you set up beforehand, via the Settings menu.

Once you’re done with your customization, the chatbot page should now look like this:

NEO Commissions Page

NEO Commissions Sales Funnel

Aside from the main app itself, NEO Commissions also offers several upsells to the system, that basically unlocks the full functions of the app, plus it allows you to access more menus.

  • Front End: NEO Commissions ($17) – The front end to this system. You need to avail of this first before purchasing any of the upgrades listed below.
  • 1st Upgrade: Unlimited Version ($67, Downsell to $47) – Unlocks the Unlimited Version for the app, which removes all limitations for this product.
  • 2nd Upgrade: Done-For-You ($97, Downsell to $67) – Unlocks even more done-for-you marketing campaigns so you don’t have to create for yourself.
  • 3rd Upgrade: Unlimited Traffic ($97, Downsell to $67)
  • 4th Upgrade: Automation ($67, Downsell to $47)
  • 5th Upgrade: ATM Edition ($67, Downsell to $37)
  • 6th Upgrade: License Rights ($197, Downsell to $97) – The reseller’s license wherein you can sell NEO Commissions as your own product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

It’s worth noting that the 3rd to 5th upgrades for NEO Commissions only unlock several more training videos and promote more tools for you to use.

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Pros & Cons Of NEO Commissions

While it does seem that NEO Commissions is a good investment for you to start making money online…

If you look at it closely, there are quite a few pitfalls on this system that you must know before you buy this.

With that in mind, here are some pros and cons that I found while testing this software.

Pros & Cons


The software works. At the very least, it still lets you create a working chatbot that you can use.

The interface of the dashboard looks pretty as well.

Cons #1: No Traffic

NEO Commissions claims on its sales page that it can drive in “free buyer traffic” that lets you earn a hundred dollars worth of commissions everyday.

This is what these money-making software systems always say. So it’s nothing really new.

But once you’re inside the software, you’ll quickly find out that the traffic they give you isn’t really as promising as they claim.

As you can see, the main source of your traffic is social media sites. Which is rather unreliable.

This COULD work for you if you already have a huge following list or subscriber list on your social media accounts who are willing to buy your offered products.

But as a beginner, you certainly don’t have that much yet. Which is ironic considering that this system claims to be “newbie-friendly”.

Furthermore, not all of the traffic sources provided there are relevant to your niche. Some of those sites are just purely unrelated.

Like, why would you share your affiliate links on a news site, right?

Finally, the upsells that promise to teach you “unlimited traffic” are far from reliable, especially for a newcomer.

Again, these traffic methods would only work if you have a huge following on your social media accounts. And most of them are willing to buy this product from you.

But if you already achieved that, then you won’t even need this software system in the first place.

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Con #2: Lack Of Support, Stability & Reliability

NEO Commissions offers a chatbot service comparable to ManyChat.

But the big difference is that ManyChat offers a subscription fee for their use of the service, while NEO Commissions only need a one-time fee.

It’s way cheaper, right? Yes it is. But is it a good deal?


The big reason why most software services go for a subscription-based model, is to provide the level of support that you’ll need to keep your software working at optimal performance.

One-time payment software systems usually don’t provide the support that you’ll need to keep it working. Once you purchased the software, you’re on your own now.

Which is bad news for anyone. Software like this has a tendency to just shut down once there’s no money going in.

And if it does, then don’t expect any more support from them.

Furthermore, all the webpages, the funnel pages you created and hosted on this software system, will be gone for good. As well as the traffic you worked hard for in this software (assuming you DID get some traffic).

Now you may be thinking that it may not even happen at all. Well, it may happen sooner than you think.

And that’s because these vendors, “super affiliates”, tend to launch 2-3 products on WarriorPlus and JVZoo constantly. So how can they keep support their old products if they keep on releasing “new” ones?

NEO Commissions Review: Final Verdict

So to close up this NEO Commissions review…

The author, Glynn Kosky, like many of his affiliate peers on WarriorPlus, already has a reputation for selling money-making scams on the network.

So you might think that NEO Commissions could be a scam as well. Just like ParaMountZ and ReZolved.

Well, to be honest, it’s not really a scam.

The product still works as expected, and you’ll get a nice, working chatbot that you can use for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

But I still wouldn’t recommend you buy this, simply because this software can’t really help you earn money online.

If you want a stable, reliable, and surefire way to make money online, keep reading beyond this NEO Commissions review…

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