NeoLife Review – MLM Or Pyramid Scheme?

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NeoLife Review: Quick Details

  • Name: NeoLife
  • Founder: Jerry Brassfield
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Business opportunity
  • Niche: MLM
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend joining any MLM, as they are very predatory and scummy.

What is NeoLife?

NeoLife Review - Logo

NeoLife is a multi-level marketing company with a focus on nutritional and wellness products. They assert  that they can assist people in taking charge of their heath, both physically and financially.

The company was founded in 1958 by a man by the name of Jerry Brassfield, making it one of the oldest MLMs still in operation today. However, don’t assume that this guarantees that everything about them is legitimate and above board; I’ve seen plenty of MLMs that appeared to be established for a long time but were really hanging on by a thread.

The fact that NeoLife has reportedly had a significantly lower average turnover of between $150 and $200 million per year compared to other MLMs operating in the same market might be one factor in the company’s longevity throughout time.

Despite maintaining a very low profile in comparison to its competitors, some of which generate annual revenues in the billions of dollars, it is obvious that NeoLife nevertheless has a reasonably large turnover in actual money terms.

NeoLife is really a member of the GNLD family of brands, which you may be familiar with because it also owns the businesses Nutriance and Golden, two quite significant players in the same industry.

NeoLife Products

Since the focus of this review is the business opportunity, I won’t go into great detail about the products because you can find that information on the NeoLife website. However, since the products are obviously crucial to your success with the business opportunity, I will briefly discuss them.

NeoLife’s three basic products are the NeoLifeShake, Pro Vitality+, and Tre Nutritional Essence, and its main product range essentially comprises of nutritional supplements for general well-being.

Aside from these, they do provide a larger selection of goods, including those for skin care, body care, and even biodegradable laundry detergent that is believed to be a lot more gentle to the skin than other brands.

Although many consumers claim that the NeoLife products have shockingly high levels of sugar, especially given that they are meant to be healthy products, the products do appear to have generally positive reviews from customers across a variety of websites. Although I can’t comment on it because I’m not a doctor, I can tell you that a lot of people appear to be worried about it.

What’s frustrating is that the website doesn’t provide any pricing information for the items; instead, it directs you to get in touch with a distributor.

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NeoLife Opportunity

NeoLife Review - Products

First things first, if you want to be able to promote the NeoLife business opportunity and earn money from it, you’ll need to buy one of their business kits, which range in price from $49 to $1,616.

Naturally, you’ll also be pressured to buy the most expensive kit you can afford since the distributor who brought you on board will get paid when you buy a kit, and the more expensive the kit, the higher the bonus they’ll get.

After receiving your kit, whichever kit you choose, you will then be prepared to begin working for the firm. The real objective is to build a highly active downline rather than selling products personally because, as with all network marketing companies, the real money is made by leveraging other people.

As previously mentioned, you are given the opportunity to earn commissions from your personal sales as well as from the sales of the people you recruit.

In other words, while you can earn some money by marketing NeoLife items on your own, in order to make “the good money” with NeoLife you’ll need to extensively recruit others into the business & train them up on how to generate sales in order to leverage their efforts rather than your own.

One of the reasons NeoLife has been criticized as a pyramid scheme is because many of the distributors merely promote the concept of getting money, and when you do that, that’s when things start to get a little questionable.

However, NeoLife does sell legitimate products. However, this is not unique to NeoLife; it occurs with the majority of network marketing businesses, which is why I personally tell you to steer clear of them.

Is NeoLife Legit?

NeoLife isn’t a pyramid scheme or a fraud, but as a typical distributor who relies on personal sales, I think it would be difficult to succeed with this particular opportunity.

It’s obvious to me that in order to succeed with NeoLife and earn a nice living, you would need to put in a tremendous amount of effort and create a massive downline. This would require a lot of recruitment, which is the process of approaching individuals and persuading them to join the opportunity with you.

This is typical with multi-level marketing businesses, which is why I personally dislike and advocate against them.

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Final Verdict – NeoLife Review

After a thorough examination of NeoLife, it’s clear that there are several concerns that potential participants should take into account before getting involved with this multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

Longevity Doesn’t Guarantee Legitimacy: While NeoLife touts its long history dating back to 1958, it’s essential to remember that longevity alone doesn’t necessarily indicate legitimacy. Some MLMs have managed to endure for decades while still raising concerns about their business practices and financial viability.

Product Controversies: NeoLife’s products, particularly the NeoLifeShake, have faced criticism for their high sugar content. This raises concerns about the health claims associated with these products and their alignment with the company’s wellness-focused mission.

Hidden Product Pricing: The lack of transparent pricing information on the NeoLife website is a noteworthy issue. Instead of providing clear product pricing, potential customers are directed to contact a distributor. This lack of transparency can make it difficult for consumers to assess the affordability and value of NeoLife’s products.

Emphasis on Recruitment: Like many MLMs, NeoLife places a significant emphasis on recruitment and building a downline. While personal sales are possible, the real money is often made by recruiting others and leveraging their efforts. This recruitment-focused approach has led some to question the business model’s sustainability and ethics.

Pyramid Scheme Concerns: NeoLife has faced criticism and allegations of operating as a pyramid scheme, especially when distributors prioritize recruitment over product sales. While NeoLife does offer legitimate products, the focus on recruitment can blur the line between a legitimate MLM and a pyramid scheme.

In conclusion, while NeoLife may not be a blatant scam, it raises several red flags that potential participants should carefully consider.

The challenges associated with building a successful income stream through NeoLife, coupled with concerns about product quality and transparency, make it a less-than-ideal opportunity for those seeking financial stability and ethical business practices.

It’s essential to approach this MLM opportunity with caution and explore alternative avenues for achieving your financial and wellness goals.

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