NEPQ Training Review – Jeremy Miner Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as NEPQ Training. Is it legit? Find out in this NEPQ Training review.

There are several different sales classes in Jeremy Miner’s NEPQ training. To name a few: NEPQ 2.0, NEPQ 3.0, and the Inner Circle.

To improve their closing rate utilizing NEPQ, salespeople can enroll in classes offered by Jeremy Miner’s 7th Level firm. Jeremy Miner developed the NEPQ approach, a sales technique.

It’s common practice to work on commission in the fields of telemarketing and telesales. Before you can make any real money, you’ll need to put in a lot of time practicing your cold calling abilities.

You’ll put in a lot of hours for what may be an unreliable income each month if you take this position full time.

Before you decide to join this program, you should read this NEPQ Training review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with NEPQ Training in any shape or form whatsoever.

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NEPQ Training Review: Quick Details

  • Name: NEPQ Training
  • Founder: Jeremy Miner
  • Website:
  • Socials: LinkedIn
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Telesales
  • Recommendation: I don’t think telesales can work as much as before in today’s age, as people have shifted most of their tools to the computers and to the internet.

Who is Jeremy Miner?

NEPQ Training Review - Jeremy Miner

Originally from Phoenix, Jeremy Miner now works as a sales trainer and sales expert. Both 7th Level and the NEPQ training programs were conceptualized and developed by him.

Jeremy Miner supported himself by working as a sales trainer for his proprietary sales approach and in telesales for several organizations. In the first year of adopting the NEPQ sales approach, he made $2,370,485.

Jeremy began his career in sales in 2001 when he joined Pinnacle Security, a provider of home security services. The company’s rapid expansion was in large part due to his efforts.

Due to Pinnacle Security’s rapid expansion between 2002 and 2003, he was promoted to vice president of sales. He stayed on as the sales team manager for a rival security firm until August of 2005.

Jeremy was a sales recruiter and trainer for many MLM firms between November 2005 and 2014. In May of 2012, he together with two other people established the Millionaire Operating System, where he held the positions of chief sales officer and sales trainer.

He established 7th Level Communications in 2016 to disseminate the NEPQ selling methodology he developed. His works include “The New Model of Selling” and “Closers are Losers,” both podcasts and books, respectively.

Is he trustworthy?

Jeremy Miner’s NEPQ certification has been called into doubt. The first inquiry casts doubt on Jeremy’s assertion that he invented the NEPQ approach because he recognized parallels between the course material and his own approaches. In the other inquiry, Jeremy’s history with shady multi-level marketing firms is discussed.

A comparison between Jeremy Miner’s NEPQ approach and Michael Oliver’s was made. Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling course is only $297, whereas Jeremy’s NEPQ program, even at its most affordable, costs almost $3,000.

Jeremy Miner began his 7th Level NEPQ training in 2016, while Michael Oliver has been teaching salesmen since 1997. Natural Selling was one of Michael Oliver’s courses, and Jeremy Miner took it.

There’s not enough evidence to conclude that Jeremy just repeated Michael Oliver’s procedures verbatim. However, Jeremy’s years of sales experience make it more probable that he took what he learned from Michael Oliver and developed his own NEPQ strategy.

In order to encourage a potential customer to make a purchase, salespeople sometimes use a technique called non-evaluative, positively-framed questions (NEPQs). To be specific, these inquiries concern connections, situations, issue awareness, solution awareness, consequences, and commitments.

Jeremy Miner, who attended Utah Valley University to study behavioral science, applied what he learned about how people think and act in order to design NEPQ.

His involvement with MLMs

On the other hand, it’s no secret that many MLMs have been the center of controversy. Many in the early 2000s were uncovered as pyramid schemes, leading to prosecution.

It’s understandable that some individuals are wary of Jeremy and his initiatives given his past with multi-level marketing firms.

In 2005, Jeremy signed on as a recruiter for Liberty League International and began his training with the organization. A class action lawsuit alleging that this MLM was a pyramid scheme was launched against the organization in 2009.

He stayed on with the company until 2011, long after it had changed its name in response to the litigation and become known as Life Path Unlimited. From 2010 through 2014, he was employed by Wealth Masters International, another dubious MLM.

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NEPQ Training Overview

NEPQ Training Review - NEPQ

Training for the NEPQ begins with the NEPQ Black Book Bundle. Then, you may choose from three distinct training programs: NEPQ 2.0, NEPQ 3.0, and Inner Circle.

The training is pretty similar to Remote Closing Academy, Inbound Closer, and The Sales Mentor.

Black Book Bundle

The NEPQ Black Book Bundle includes 57 pages of advanced, situation-based NEPQ organized into 7 chapters. Additionally, you will receive 5 more benefits.

  • 1: What NEPQ Questions Do For You – A 7-page crash course on the benefits of taking the NEPQ training.
  • 2: Dialogue Framework Questions – A collection of over twenty pages of creative, yet persuasive, questions designed to close the deal.
  • 3: The Proposal Process – Two rules of thumb for creating compelling offers that boost conversion rates dramatically without draining resources.
  • 4: How To Present By Not ‘Presenting’ – This teaches you how to eliminate the sales pitch and replace it with a question-and-answer format over which you have total authority. There are three supplemental materials that expand the use of NEPQ.
  • 5: How To Ask For Referrals And Actually Get Them – Find out when and how to ask for recommendations in a way that is both ethical and effective. You’ll end up spending twice as much time behind closed doors as before.
  • 6: Board Meeting Kickoff Questions – Learn how to apply the NEPQ questions in this part successfully, even when dealing with a room full of executives.
  • 7. Resolving Questions – Use these questions to assure the sale while remaining cool, confident, and in charge of any given situation; they are designed to answer even the most difficult client concerns.
  • Bonus 1: The NEPQ Kickstart Training – Explains the NEPQ approach and how to get started with it in just one day.
  • Bonus 2: 1-on-1 NEPQ Implementation Call –  Personal NEPQ implementation consultation with Jeremy and his team of NEPQ sales professionals.
  • Bonus 3: The NEPQ Ditch the Pitch Workshop – Jeremy’s 30-minute intense training for private customers c which he uses to help them close business using the NEPQ approach.
  • Bonus 4: The NEPQ Black Book of Diffusing Objections – This teaches you how to overcome client resistance and close the deal.
    Bonus 5: The NEPQ 7 Figure Call Vault – A collection of real-world NEPQ-powered sales calls for listening and

NEPQ 2.0

NEPQ 2.0 is the first comprehensive mentoring available, and it’s ideal for newcomers.

Access to NEQP 2.0’s virtual sales training site, which includes 11 hours of NEPQ training and a sales framework, is provided for a full year.

You also have access to additional materials and a weekly 1-hour group Q&A session.

  • Interactive Virtual Sales Portal – Access to the site that displays your stats and allows you to monitor your progress in real time.
  • Exclusive NEPQ Sales Framework – The whole, proprietary NEPQ sales structure, which may be applied in any sector, is included.
  • NEPQ Foundations Training – Learn to connect with your customers on an emotional level and quickly close the deal with NEPQ Foundations Training.
  • The Exact NEPQ and Language – The explicit call flow from initial contact to closing the sale.

NEPQ 3.0

The NEPQ 3.0 is the latest iteration of the popular sales training and is useful for both newcomers and seasoned pros. You receive more than just what’s included in NEPQ 2.0.

  • Advanced Psychological and Strategic Sales Tactics – Virtual training on advanced psychological and strategic sales techniques, such as “looping,” “reframing,” “objection handling,” and “tonal matching.”
  • Tonality, Pacing, and Cadence Training – Learn the techniques that account for half of your success: tonality, tempo, and meter.
  • Weekly NEPQ Role-Play Sessions – These are taped weekly calls that take place every week.

Inner Circle

Advanced NEPQ instruction may be found in the Inner Circle. Those with career specialization aspirations will benefit most from this course.

All the features of NEPQ Versions 2.0 and 3.0, plus in-depth, personalized instruction.

  • Personalized / Industry Specific NEPQ Script Writing
  • Next-Level NEPQ Nuances to Your Specific Product or Services
  • 5 Stages of the NEPQ Sales Framework – This is a formula for organizing your call.
  • Call-Review Coaching – Training on the use of individualized NEPQ to assess subtleties in call recordings.
  • Objection-Handling Coaching – This will teach you how to turn the tide of a call.
  • Advanced Roleplay and Feedback Sessions 

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My Favorite Program

Does telemarketing still work?

It’s beneficial to work as a salesperson for a respected firm. In the United States, commissions for the top 25 percent of telemarketers average $43,500 a month.

Don’t forget that you’re still expected to put in at least five to seven days a week of work. It might be challenging to complete sales without the necessary knowledge, expertise, or affiliation with a well-known company name. Without prior sales expertise, entry-level candidates may struggle to get job in some fields.

Cold calling, in which a sales representative makes an unsolicited phone call to a potential customer in order to make a sales presentation, is the most typical kind of telesales.

Leads are gathered from those who express curiosity and offer their contact details. Manually searching through sites like Google or LinkedIn can also yield leads for your B2B.

Final Verdict – NEPQ Training Review

Student testimonials that provide credible instances of how the NEPQ training led to actual success in the field of telemarketing are in short supply. The NEPQ 2.0 by Jeremy Miner was put to the test for 9 weeks by a YouTuber going by the name Sales Pro NYC.

Using the NEPQ in his phone conversations yielded less than ideal outcomes. After 4 weeks on the job, he decided to leave. Although he enjoyed the training and found that NEPQ shortened his calls, he did not achieve the promised 2-to-1 ratio increase in closings after 30 days.

The training advertises itself as applicable across sectors, but in his high-priced offering, it failed to deliver.

Remember that this is only one person’s opinion, although a seasoned one, on the matter. You should take this critique with a grain of salt because there are so many factors to think about.

Jeremy Miner’s NEPQ Training is an authentic method for improving sales performance. High conversion rates are not certain, despite the efficiency of their NEPQ approach.

Furthermore, neither program provides job placement assistance or even a database of organizations that have adopted the NEPQ approach. Keep in mind that the vast majority of sales positions will need the use of an individual’s preferred sales approach.

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