New Skills Academy Review – Worth It or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as New Skills Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this New Skills Academy review.

This comprehensive evaluation of New Skills Academy will tell you all you need to know about this online school.

If you’ve heard of New Skills Academy but are unsure as to whether or not you should enroll, this review will shed light on your decision.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this New Skills Academy review first.

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New Skills Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: New Skills Academy
  • Founder: Ian McClelland
  • Website:
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  • Type: Learning platform
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What is New Skills Academy?

New Skills Academy Review - Logo

Online learning has never been easier than with New Skills Academy’s extensive selection of interactive tutorials. It’s as easy as browsing the available courses and clicking “add to cart” as it is on any of the dozens of other instructional sites.

The tutorial website features over 1,200 classes with over 9,000 individual lessons. In addition, they’ve amassed over 900,000 followers who have amazing testimonials to share. Courses at New Skills Academy are recognized and honored by several organizations.

Also, they can provide a way for current students to check the legitimacy of their credentials by entering the certificate ID into a database.

New Skills Academy’s courses are unique in that they do not make any references to any outside parties (either persons or institutions), in contrast to those offered by Udemy and Coursera, respectively.

Not only that, but the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification program funds New Skills Academy’s courses.

Their curriculum covers 22 different areas. There are more than 15 courses available across all categories, giving you a wide range of alternatives for your future professional life.

New Skills Academy Overview

New Skills Academy Review - Overview

There are thousands of students registered in several of the most popular courses offered by New Skills Academy. For the sake of brevity, this New Skills Academy review will only cover the most sought-after programs.

Interior Design Certification

There are 10 lessons spread out over 15 hours in this 4.55-star rated course, all targeted at making you the finest interior designer ever.

For $120, you can get unlimited access to this course forever. CPD has given its stamp of approval, and there are currently over 11,500 students registered. There are no audio or visual lectures in this course.

Nail Artistry Certification

There is a 4.86-star rating and CPD endorsement for the Nail Artistry Certification program. Learn all there is to know about nail art with the help of this comprehensive course.

There are a total of 25 modules, and it should take you around 20 hours to finish.

The primary instructional tools in this course include written materials, visuals, and media. You may pay $120 once and get access forever. More than 14 thousand people have signed up to study there.

Makeup Artist Certification

The 22 modules of the highly rated (4.73 stars) Makeup Artist Certification course will teach you all you need to know to apply makeup like a pro.

More than 27,000 people have signed up to see it throughout the course of its 20-hour duration.

You may pay $120 once and get access to this course forever. Teaching tools include text, pictures, and video. The CPD has also given its stamp of approval.

Life Coaching Certification

This top-rated course will show you how to become a successful life coach and utilize your skills to help others overcome their own personal obstacles.

There are a variety of media types used throughout the ten modules of the Life Coaching certification program. With over 45,000 students signed up, the course has a completion time estimate of under 13 hours.

You may purchase this course once for $120 and have access to it forever. The CMA and CPD both provide its stamp of approval.

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My Favorite Program

Mindfulness Certification

The practice of mindfulness is the focus of this 4.81-star course. There are a total of 9 lessons spread out over 10 hours in this course. More than 17 thousand people have signed up to study there.

The Mindfulness Certification Program is an online course that incorporates visual and auditory media into its instruction.

You may purchase this course once for $120 and have access to it forever. It has been sanctioned by the CPD and the CMA as well.

Pet Psychology Certification

Over 13,000 students have signed up for the Pet Psychology Certification course, which has a 4.64 star rating. This course is 10 hours long and is divided into 25 parts.

The goal of this course is to provide you with a thorough grounding in pet psychology. After paying $120, you get access forever.

It has been sanctioned by the CPD and incorporates visual and auditory media into the educational process.

Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certification

This Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certification course has a 4.64 rating and teaches the fundamentals of Excel, including how to create charts and graphs as well as do basic data analysis using the Microsoft 365 version of Excel.

This course has 36 modules and costs $110; it teaches its material using text, photos, and videos. There are now over 21,000 students enrolled in this course, which can be completed in 10 hours.

CPD also gives their stamp of approval. Once you pay for this course, you’ll have access indefinitely.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certification

The Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certification course expands on the fundamentals covered in the Microsoft Excel Online Training course.

This $110 program has 34 lessons and a rating of 4.74 out of 5. Its instructional resources include of both written and visual media. This course has been approved by CPD and requires 10 hours to complete.

Once you pay for this course, you’ll have unlimited access to it forever.

Microsoft Excel Advanced Certification

This CPD-approved $120 course covers all you need to know about Excel’s more sophisticated capabilities, from functions to formulas, and is rated 4.64/5 stars by its students.

In order to teach the advanced features of Excel, the Microsoft 365 version is used in the certification program.

This course consists of sixty courses that use a combination of text, photos, and videos to convey their message. Over 21,000 people have signed up for this course, which they may do in 10 hours.

If you purchase this course once, you will have access for as long as the course is available.

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My Favorite Program

New Skills Academy Pros

Studying Can be Done Anywhere

The course formats at New Skills Academy are adaptable. You may sign up for classes and study from the comfort of your own home, on the go using your mobile device, or even on the bus.

And you may study whenever it’s most convenient for you. This means that you may attend your classes at your own pace, without having to rush or neglect your regular responsibilities.

Courses are CPD-Approved

New Skills Academy is proud to announce that all of their courses have been approved by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

This ensures that your credential will be acknowledged wherever you go and that you will be viewed as an expert in your industry.

Comprehensive Syllabus

You can see exactly what you may expect to study and in what sequence by looking at the course’s lesson outline. This is concise and to the point.

In fact, the breadth and depth of their instruction is a major selling point for this system. No matter the class you take, you’ll have a thorough grounding in the subject matter. The constant stream of positive reviews can be attributed to this.

Verifiable Qualification

After completing the course and receiving a certificate, you will be able to verify your certificate ID on the site. This demonstrates your competence and dependability, which are important qualities for the job you’re seeking for.

You may highlight your newfound expertise from this site on your resume and professional networking profiles.

Lots of Courses to Choose from

Classes at New Skills Academy cover a wide range of topics, from food safety to fitness to writing to medical to the arts to business. The maximum number of courses in any one category is 409.

This implies that you should be able to locate a course that meets your needs and interests.

Support is Available

If you find yourself in a bind, New Skills Academy is here to help. There are always helpful instructors on hand who are willing to share their knowledge and time with you.

Consequently, if you are enrolled in any given course and you don’t seem to be grasping a particular concept, the course’s designer will be more than delighted to walk you through it.

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