Nine University Review – Taylor and Kale Abrahamson Amazon Fba Course

Hello and welcome to my another review.This time I am doing review of an online course by Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott called nine university.

[I updated this review.I am trying really hard to rank this keyword and also upset with reviews on other websites on google.They are always biased and making money by promoting nine university to you.LEAVE IT!Now,I am convinced that it is 100% scam.This review is a bit old.I would recommend you to must read the last paragraph of this post.I am going to tell you some mind blowing facts about these fake gurus.]

Nine university is an online course by both of them which teaches people amazon fba and how to make bank with it.

Sure everybody wants to get rich quick.For this I think they will definitely look into this course.

First of all I want to personally welcome to my website to read this review.

I have done a lot of reviews about online scams and the courses that actually works too.

Let?s find out about nine university.

I want to appreciate you for taking the time to read this review.

Because most of the online scams that people fell for is because they did not do proper search about the product.

So,reading the product review online is a must to do thing.Talking about these two guys.

They have a lot of positive reviews online.

A lot of people are praising about their product to.Which is Nine university.Both of them claim that amazon fba made them rich.

Now they will teach you exactly how you can do this too.

I have watched bit of their youtube videos.

On their channel they continuously throw screenshots of their amazon fba store.

Which in my opinion is a very good way of marketing yourself.

By doing this not only you are building trust but the sales number of your online course can also increase tremendously.

This is called attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is very common now a days.

Someone who  earns one dollar online is ready to sell you his $1000 course on how to earn one buck online.

Hope you get my point here.Let?s talk about it.

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Nine University Review

I know a lot of online gurus who are making big dollars online in amazon fba industry.

90% of their income coming from selling their online course.

So,they basically make money by selling their course.

Let?s talk about Kale Abrahamson and taylor hiott.

They claim to be the expert in this field.In nine university they claim to make you rich with amazon fba without wasting anytime.

In their youtube videos they claim that this course is for beginners.

Their course will take complete beginners in amazon fba and make them expert in this field.

They have almost 22k subscribers on youtube at the time of writing this review.

This means that they have fabulous online presence.

Kale Abrahamson says that the only chance of you getting rich is to enroll in the course right now.

The course seems to be a get rich quick scheme.

First thing I want to tell you here is that there is nothing like get rich quick in this online industry.

You have to work really hard for your money.

I hate a lot of gurus just because of their overhyped sales pitch.

This is just a marketing gimmick.

Although they have a lot of course buyers and most of them claims that this course changed their lives.

Yes you can make money with amazon fba.

Yes it can change you life.And has the potential to change your life.But it takes time.Time right guidance and hard work required to get rich online.

Of course we are gonna find out the quality of this course.If you want to get rich.Want to travel the world.

Wants financial freedom than keep reading this review.

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Kale Abrahamson And Taylor Hiott Scam?

No,they are not scams.They are very credible person in my opinion and have a very large and trust based following online.

This nine university course is of seven weeks.

In these weeks you will get to watch lot of value content about amazon fba.But the question is that does this course worth it or not. 

This course is not cheap.

The price of this nine university is on the high side among the courses I reviewed till date.

The price of nine university is $1997.Or you can pay it in installments.You can pay it in four months of $599 each month.

There are also free bonuses included in this course.

These are the self-claimed bonuses worth of $1550.

Kale Abrahamson is giving you these bonuses for free when you join the course.

There is nothing wrong with the high price courses that offers high end value to their customers.

There are too many upsells too.

The upsells are other than the price of the course and paying for the softwares that you need must in amazon fba.

Amazon fba course by these too is getting very attention now a days.

There are very positive reviews about this course online.

There is a reason about it which I will tell you here.

I know a person who enroll in the course for $9800.

They said that the course worth is $15000 but if you hurry up than they could sell it for $9800.

The guy waited no more and gave them this money.After this they upsell him software and legal advise services.

The guy is claiming that he invested $15000 into this course.

This is what we called marketing.Because we all know that this course is selling for $1997.

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Why There Are So Many Positive Reviews Of Nine University Online?

[Read the last paragraph too.I updated this review.]

Ok,before talking about the value inside this course we are going to talk about its positive reviews.

If you do read other articles online about nine university they are all positive.

They are saying you to enroll in the course right now with heir link.Why is this?

This is known as affiliate marketing.Kale and taylor amazon fba course ahs affiliate program too.

This means that if you buy this course through their link they are going to get money for it.

So there is no way that these articles are not biased.I personally read five to six articles about it online.

They are all positive.I am not saying that this course is not worth it. But it is definitly not worth the money.

$1997 is a lot of money.You can get a lot of courses out there online that cost ten times less han this course.

Now I am going to make it even clear for you.I want to telly ou one thing here.Amazon fba is too much saturated indutry.

You are always competing with other marketers online.

There is very competition in amazon fba.Does amazon fba worth it or not?

For this question I wrote an article.Does Amazon Fba worth it.You can read it here.And watch this brutally honest video on it.

Pros And Cons Of Nine University

Now we are going to talk about this course in detail.

Other than the price and value issues there are also pros and cons of this course.

Now I am going to talk about both sides of this course.

One thing I notice really bad about the owners of this course is that their following on youtube is not impressed by their content.

Or maybe scammed?Who knows


First we are going to talk about the pros of nine university.

Kale Abrahamson and Taylor did a lot of hard work to give value in this course.

Or atleast tried to give you people value.

1 – The course contains seven weeks training.In this training you ae going to watch a lot of value stuff.

They did very good job by taking a complete beginner to expert of amazon fba in this course.

2 – They focused on make you a complete expert in these seven weeks and trying that you will make money during these weeks.

This means that you are going to learn and earn at the same moment.

3 – They also give personal mentorship to the course buyers.

They are very strong personalities and are very credible people in online field.

A lot of people also praise about their mentorship.

Also it is also very important to get mentorship from these kind of people.

4 – They also have a seperate facebook group.

Where you can also interact with other people in your space.But a lot o complaints out there.People also saying that these guys are not replying ti their queries.

Yeah these are the good pros of this course.

They atleast luike other online course did not try to snatch people money.

Now we are going to talk about the course cons.


Now we are going to talk about the cons of this nine university.

The cons of this course are very genuine and a very important part of any online course.

Let?s talk about it.

1 – They totally ignored the hard work in thier sales pitch.The sales picth is very overhyped.

People think that it is a get rich quick scheme.But it is not.You have to work really hard for your money.

There are a lot of reason of it.

One of the biggest reasons of it is that amazon fba is very competitive.Because you are always competing with your fellow business owners.

2 – The course price is bit on the high side.

The course is for $1997.

I doubt woth that kind of valu.You can buy a lot of course having this kind of mvalue with ten times less price then this.

There are hundreds of courses on amazon fba on udemy.Main thing is the owners are selling it for $197.

Hope you get my point here.

3 – There are lots of upsells in nine university.A lot of people are complaining about this course.

Some people are even saying the course is a complete scam ad hey ended up losing their money.It is not because the Kale and Taylor are not legit.

It is because the value you are going to get in the course is not as much as the price.

I know a lot of gurus who are selling their courses for big dollars without giving anything in return to their audience.

I am in affiliate marketing.

The biggest guru in affiliate marketing and a very big youtuber ODI production had a course called affiliate marketing champ.

This course is for $2000.

I am shocked when reviewing this course.Because a lot of people who seems to be sincere with us not giving enough value and snatching the money.

So,do not fall for these kind of courses in future too.

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Final Verdict Of This Course

Nine university is not a scam.But there is no way in the world that this course is worth of two grands.

If you see the price of the course is expensive,first impression is that the value will be high.But not in this case.

This course is very hyped and offers no value as compared to the price.

Although they tried their best to give you guys a clear idea what you require to make money online.But it is not as good as other courses online.

Other than this there are lot of courses online that are very cheap as compared to this.

There are lot of complaints about nine university online and BBB.

Amazon fba is very competitive industry.It is getting very saturated day by day.

Lot of people?s stuff do not sell and they end up losing their money.This is not best business to start in 2020.

Amazon fba is a very terrible business model online.It seems that this online business is going to die in two to three days.

It requires a lot of effort and hard work to get success in this indusrty.

You will have to get really good at what you are doing to atleast earn money that will pay your bill.

If you are trying to get rich than this is the worst business model.Also there are lot of chances of you to fail in this industry.

This is because there is no proven ways in this business model.

In my opinion there are three worst business model that I will advice you to keep distance with.

These are dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.

Update Of This Course

Must watch this video.

I am updating this review after some mind blowing facts I get to know about this online money making gurus.

I am now convinced that these are fake gurus.I highly recommend you to watch these both videos.

On my site,I have reviewed more than 200 online money making courses.But I am also shocked after I get to know these ugly truths.

In my opinion these kind of fake gurus are impacting really bad in our online industry.

As I said that yes they are making money but from selling you their stuff.

They are actually paying someone on site like upwork o teach them amazon fba.

How can someone can do this.This shocked me.This is the worst thing I came across on internet today.

In his video you are going to see a lot of lies that they are saying in their youtube videos.Or on their sales page.

Now I was early talked about in this article that why here are so many positive reviews about this course online.

These gurus are giving free $1000 gifts to the people who are in the top three for the keyword ?Nine University Review.?

This means that the top three websites are getting $1000 checks.

So,basically if you see I am losing these $1000 for writing this negative review.But I care about you people.

I do not want you to waste your hard earned $10k or whatever.

If you are really looking to make money online than go with my recommendation.I bet you will not regret it.

Best Of Luck!

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