No Limits Nation Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program named No Limits Nation. Is it legit? Find out in this No Limits Nation review.

Being able to take control of your life is easily said than done. Life is not always perfect; there will be hurdles time and time again that would kick you down so hard, and can cripple you mentally and emotionally. Not everyone can handle stress differently, meaning that people can break down a lot easily than others.

Being able to have full control of your life can be quite challenging, especially if you are recovering from trauma and depression from a traumatic event. You have to take note that things can take time, and even if that it is the case, time does not wait; you have to make sure that you get a hold of yourself before your life falls apart completely.

Having a life coach is not something to be ashamed of. After all, you need to be able to pull through, and having outside help to do that means you are committed to change.

So, let us look into what No Limits Nation can help you with.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this No Limits Nation review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with No Limits Nation in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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No Limits Nation Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: No Limits Nation
  • Founder: Mike Basevic
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Course platform
  • Niche: Entrepreneurship
  • Recommendation: If you seek help for your mental health, I suggest consulting a licensed psychiatrist instead, not some online program.

Who is Mike Basevic?

No Limits Nation Review - Mike Basevic

Mike Basevic is the guy behind No Limits Nation. Actually, No Limits Nation is not just a single program, it is an entire platform consisting of a coaching program and some courses all designed to help you with getting your life together. He brands himself as a behavioral coach, meaning that he is someone certified to give help to people who need it and ask for it. I guess a behavioral coach is like a therapist of some sort, but unlike a therapist or psychiatrist, they do not have medical training.

Actually, I have found some websites where they can provide you some certification as to how to become a life coach. I believe that the certification programs are not that long, so if you dedicate enough time and effort, you can become a life coach like Mike Basevic.

Mike Basevic is all about tackling the problem from the source, which he believes is the subconscious mind. He believes that things such as distractions and delusions are merely concepts that minds are conditioned to do. And as the mind continues to dwell with these things, Mike says that it will hinder you from achieving your goals in life.

Mike says that he has helped different types of people in the past, and that these people are those who actively seek help and want to solve their problems as fast as possible. Mike reiterates that he and his team can help you out in only a span of one to two months in his coaching program. Quite a bold statement, to be honest.

Mike believes that working with him will help you transform your life’s trajectory, and that all you need to do is to seek help. Well, it seems like Mike has quite a huge confidence in his team, that he believes that he can help you out in only such a short amount of time.

No Limits Nation Overview

No Limits Nation Review - Logo

So, let us look into the programs that No Limits Nation offers to the general public. Let us discuss it closely in this section.

The Anxiety Free Executive

Working in a corporate company is not always a good experience. Sure, a corporate job can pay you quite some money, but being able to maintain yourself in a good mental state is no easy feat. This is pretty normal in a corporate setting, as everyday can be a stressful situation with all the work you have to do, from the mind-numbing tasks, the pressure, the bosses, and the different types of people you need to interact with.

Mike says that self-help books and meditation can only get you so far. You need to be able to actually take control of your life by seeking therapy and having someone to listen to you maybe once or twice the week. The pressure you get from the stressful work environment can cause other health complications too, if you do not make an effort to change your habits.

I am actually surprised by how much corporations put such a strain on their employees to perform well always, as a corporate job is not really a good environment most of the time. Mike Basevic advertises this program as a way to help you with being able to handle a high-pressure environment.

The Anxiety Free Executive is a program advertised for company executives who perform well but are still feeling the brunt of anxiety and stress. Honestly though, I do not think that this program can help you much, as it is only a 2-month program. I would rather seek a therapist regularly.

The Anxiety Free Student

Ah, yes… School. Schools have always been a stressful environment. It is a high-pressure environment, as your education holds an important part in your life. It will determine your life’s trajectory, from your lifestyle, your career, and the life of your family. Your retirement depends on your career, meaning that if you do not excel in school, it means that future can be in danger.

Anxiety and depression has become a normal thing in students nowadays, because the world has definitely changed. Schools push students constantly to do better, and constant tests and requirements are not really the answer. Even the homework being given to kids nowadays have become too demanding, meaning that even at home, they can still feel the pressure to continue achieving something. It is a less than desirable situation.

So, Mike Basevic advertises this program as something that can help students out with their studies, in a way that can rid them of their anxiety and stress in school matters. However, I do not think that this program is the ultimate solution; schools actually have to do better so that kids will not be able to feel the way they do.

Also, this program only lasts for a few weeks, meaning that even in this program, kids have to be pressured to “get better”. That does not sit right with me.

Corporate Training

A corporate job, like I already said, is quite stressful, and it can take quite a toll on one’s health. Executives find it stressful already, so when you are a lower-level employee, expect it to even be more stressful. That is to be expected already in this setting.

This corporate training is all about teaching employees how to deal with stress in a healthy manner, and that is already quite the oxymoron. How would you expect to deal with constant stress in a manner that does not make you feel and think negatively? I am not so sure about that.

This program pretty much advertises itself as a “team building experience”. Well, I do not know about that… For me, a team building experience should be something that is stress-free and can help you take your mind off the stress off work, not talk about work. I do not know about what Mike is saying, honestly.


There is no pricing information available in Mike Basevic’s website, which is surprising. I would not be surprised if these programs cost more than $500 though, or maybe even higher than $1,000. These all sound like high-ticket programs, as they are being advertised as good alternatives for an actual therapist or medical practitioners.

I am not going to say that Mike Basevic would not be able to teach you anything, but he is quite overselling this in a way that makes him sound delusional. Mike Basevic is no psychiatrist, so I think that he is just trying to make it sound like his programs actually work.

Final Verdict – No Limits Nation Review

No Limits Nation is a platform full of programs which claim to teach you how to become a more mentally healthy person. However, I think that Mike Basevic happens to be overselling his programs a bit.

He claims that he can help you deal with your anxiety and other mental health problems, yet he is not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. I think he is full of himself, and tries to overcompensate with what little things he could actually offer.

He might not be a scammer, but I do not trust him enough to give him money for any of his programs.

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