Notion Cash Review – Total Scam 0% Money

Looking for an honest and unbiased review of notion cash?So I wrote this review for you.I recently reviewed VIRAL PAY and Referral Pay.They both are like notion cash.

Nothing different in them.Who knows the owner of these sites is also same?

The problem with a lot of newbies out there is that they do not read the reviews of the product before buying it.

First of all I want to appreciate you for coming here.You are in the top 1% of the people out there who fell these kind of scams.

In these kind of scams it is very difficult for people to get success.By the way I attracted by this name so much.Notion cash such a unique name.

Nothing like viral pay and referral pay.In this review we are going to talk about the red flags that I noticed in this website.

And the real question is that you can really make money on it.So,it?s sad but true that there is no way in the world.

If you are interested for a legit business online than read the last paragraph.

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Notion Cash Review

Notion cash is an online money making opportunity.According to their website it is clear that the website worth two grands.

But it is totally fake and nothing like that.They also claim that the numbers are total legit and total visitors of their website are 2000 per day.

These are impossible facts.I know that after searching on it on SEO tools like ubersuggest.

You know one thing?Most of the owners of these scams are unknown.

100% of the online scams out there are without owners lol.I want to say that you will not get a chance to watch the person who is going to make you rich.

This is because he is not going to make you.Sadly but it?s true.If you want to make money online than this is not the right way.

There are hundreds and hundreds of online surveys out there.

They all claim that you can make hundreds of dollars in them.But the truth is that it is not that easy to make such money on sites like Notion cash and others.

Yes you can expect pennies after all day of work.Remember time is the most important thing one person can have.

That is not the way you make money online.

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What you have to do

If I tell you that you will get money for doing nothing.Would you believe that.Yes it is like this.

Like other scams viral and referral pay they claim to give you $25 for doing nothing.

Totally scam.There are three ways to make money inside notion cash.First is you have to just signup with them.

Second thing is you have to choose a task which you are going to perform.Third is that there are many ways to make money inside.All you have to do is select which one to go with and BOOM!

The guys in the testimonials that claim to earn a lot of money through notion cash are actually freelancers.

You can also hire them just for five bucks.Also they says that this company is in existence since 2015.This is total lie.

I searched their domain name is and found that they have registered in 2019 march.

A lot of scammers made websites and market them by many ways to scam people.Although there are a lot of ways to make money online.But people find this way easiest to make pennies.

I am sorry for being that harsh.But I am watching people struggling and struggling for years but not investing in themselves.

It is totally up to you to leave the site or read this further.

There is also a video on their site and there is a video inside it.

This video is consist of 15 minutes.In this they will tell you how to spam your links.

It is type of affiliate marketing or I do not know which kind of marketing.They said that you will make money if people click on your link.

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Best Way To Make Money online

If you are still thinking for making money online than I think it is impossible.If you want to build a real online business online than read this.

Otherwise you can go and search for other online scams which promise you to give you millions of dollar for doing simple tasks.

Listen I am doing affiliate marketing for more than three years and believe that it is the best way to make money online.

I reviewed a lot of courses online like dropshipping and amazon FBA.But I believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

If you want to achieve a life of your dream than read this.For every US  citizen earning $10k/month seems to be a difficult task.But it is very realistic with affiliate marketing with proven affiliate marketing strategies.

I reviewed a lot of affiliate marketing courses promoting clickbank products.But I don?t like this.

This is because they have very low commissions.Like $100 maximum.I like high ticket affiliate marketing.

It is only possible with high ticket affiliate marketing to get such results.In high ticket affiliate marketing if you make one sale only in a day this is $30,000 per month.

Pretty crazy right.This is the thing which I get to know late in my affiliate marketing journey.

I took some extra time realizing this but now it is all set.UI am making well over six figure with affiliate marketing.

I will  not tell you it is a get rich quick scheme but has a potential to change your life.But before this you have to spend seven dollars in your future right now.

Price can increase anytime.Take the first step to your success and financial freedom.

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I want to update my readers on this review.After reviewing this I noticed a lot of changes in notion cash.

If I am not wrong they add more than five more money making opportunities for you.

Also they updated their website.So,you maybe thinking that it is legit or not.Unfortunately it is not legit and a total scam.

Like other scams unfortunately no money for you here.I tried and waste two hours just for you.

This is because I want my readers to give the best value possible in the market.

One thing I noticed in notion cash is that it is different from other online scams in most of the things like.

Their website looks completely legit and real.Not like viral and referral pay.On their website it looks like a ten year old lid made it.

So,again their is nothing for you here.

I would again recommend you to go with my recommendation and invest seven dollars.

Anyways it is totally up to you either go with my recommendation or find these kind of scams online.


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