NuVerus Review: Legit Health MLM or Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a company called NuVerus. Is NuVerus a scam? Find out in this NuVerus review.

I am sure that the reason you are here today is because you are promised with the prospect of running your own business, and the guarantee of financial success. I get it, actually. Most of us want that, actually. We want to work on our own hours and make loads of money.

However, if it is an MLM that has offered you these tempting advantages, then that’s where I draw the line. Would you really believe that paying hundreds of dollars to join an MLM guarantees your success? Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Just remember that if something is too good to be true, then it definitely isn’t. Learn to know how to tell whether an offer is legit by asking yourself this question: Is the opportunity they are offering inherently easy or not? If the opportunity is easy to do, then it is more likely a scam. Nothing that easy can make you so much money.

Before we go further in this NuVerus review, I will define two terms first: MLM and pyramid scheme.

MLM members make money by selling products and recruiting new members. In pyramid schemes, members could only make money by recruiting people. Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned by the FTC.

As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with NuVerus in any way.

Hopefully this NuVerus review can help you decide whether you want to sign up for the company or not.

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What is NuVerus?

NuVerus Review - NuVerus intro

NuVerus is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche. It was founded by Michael Jareou in 2009. The company name is translated as “new life” from Latin.

You can learn more about this company by watching this video.

How Do MLMs Work?

Welcome to the section where we talk about MLMs in general. In this section, I share my knowledge to you about MLMs, as someone who has done research and published hundreds of reviews about these companies.

Before I give you some advice, I would like to reiterate my stance on MLMs. I think MLMs are the worst, and any other business opportunity is definitely better than joining one.

You may think that I am being biased here, but you should know that I would not share my opinions without having done my research first. You shouldn’t really believe what a hunbot says either, because they are actually trained to lie just so people can go ahead and give them their money.

Just look at it this way. Let’s say that you are planning to sell supplements (this is a lot more fitting for this review). Take note that drugstores sell supplements as well. It is actually pretty easy to buy one. All you have to do is go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist there for recommendations, then buy said supplements.

Pharmacists are pretty keen with answering questions because they are trained to do so. If people are looking for a personal shopping experience, they do not need to look any further. Those people studied pharmacy, so they know what they are talking about and what is best for their customers.

As for you, someone who is just an average person with no pharmacy background, why would you expect people to buy from you. Sure, the company will train you so that you will have an idea about how to market the products, but would people really trust a stranger to prescribe them supplements? I won’t.

This business requires people to be deceitful. Are you sure you are up for that?

Is NuVerus a Pyramid Scheme?

Since NuVerus members earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members, then it is safe to say that Justine is not a pyramid scheme.

However, since NuVerus is still an MLM, do not expect to make money if you have no plans on recruiting people. Recruiting will earn you significantly more money than actual product selling, and is more encouraged.

This just makes NuVerus look like a pyramid scheme in disguise, doesn’t it?

Pyramid scheme vs Multi-level marketing

Like Modere, Justine, and Well Beyond, NuVerus is not a pyramid scheme.

Is NuVerus a Scam?

No, NuVerus is not a scam.

However, if you think this is enough for you to jump in NuVerus’ so-called opportunity straight away, then I suggest that you hold your horses. This is just the most basic thing, so don’t go signing up for this company right away.

Before making your decision, I suggest that you do a thorough research on the MLM first. You can consult some of the sources I listed below. Take note that you can definitely consult any source you want to, but the sources I listed below are the best kinds to consult, for various reasons listed.

What Sources Should You Look For?

There are three kinds of sources that you can consult when it comes to researching MLMs. There are other kinds of sources, but I believe that these three sources will be of the most help to you.

Congratulations for finding the best source the internet has to offer. This NuVerus review is an example of a third-party review. Like what the name states, third-party reviews are published by those that are not affiliated with any MLM companies whatsoever. These entities gain information by doing thorough research and by fact-checking, which means that they only publish the absolute truth, even if it makes the MLM company look bad.

If you are wondering if there is an online community that talks about MLMs, then let me answer that question. Yes, there are active online forums that talk about MLMs. These forums update their posts everyday with the freshest information they could get their hands on, and are frequented by people who want their questions answered. You can be assured that you will get the answers you need by browsing posts or by talking to forum members.

You can also consult testimonies posted online by people who worked for MLMs. These people have first-hand experience with MLMs, and have insider information. I am sure that they know things that MLMs do not publicly reveal, making them a valuable source of information.

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How to Make Money from NuVerus

Since NuVerus is an MLM, there are two basic ways to make money with the company. and these are:

  1. Selling products
  2. Recruiting members

These may be the basic ways that you can do to make money in NuVerus, but bear in mind that you can definitely boost your earnings. This can be done by qualifying for bonuses and benefits. However, in an MLM’s case, most of the bonuses available can only be given for those who have a downline. You can learn more about these bonuses once you reach the compensation plan section of the NuVerus review.

What is a downline, exactly? Well, if this is your first time reading an MLM review, then I am sure that you are unfamiliar with that term. A downline is basically the team of people underneath you in an MLM. This means that these are the people whom you recruited personally to sign up for the company. What MLMs do is that to give their members pointers as to how to expand their downline.

The problem with that is that the process is easier said than done. Not all people who get interested in MLMs want to join the business; they only want to try out the products. Most people do not really have the time to commit to such a time-consuming sideline like this one. You also need to follow monthly quotas, as not doing so will get you dropped from the company.

Remember that the MLM business model is not sustainable, so as time goes by, you will run out of people to recruit.

MLMs do not really care about how many products you sell. What they care about is how many you buy and how many people you can bring in.

NuVerus Products

NuVerus Review - NuVerus products

NuVerus sells the following products:

  • Plus
  • Energy
  • Trim
  • Omega
  • NuBlend
  • PPE Products

How Much Can You Make?

Seems like I cannot find an income disclosure statement that NuVerus released in the past. We do not really have the data that could tell us if people make money in this MLM, so I guess what we could do right now is speculate.

Let’s start by how this practice of not releasing an income disclosure statement does not help the company in any way. Well, people now know how to research opportunities like this, so of course the first question on their mind is how much they can make once they join the company.

Isn’t it the company’s responsibility to show the data to their potential members? Sure, they can always assure them whatever way they like, but assurance is just empty words if you cannot back it up. However, these companies do not seem to sympathize with their members and choose to hide this information from them.

Wouldn’t be people become more willing to join an MLM once they know that the members actually make money? It’s that simple, really.

Things I Like in NuVerus

Established Company

NuVerus was founded in 2009, which makes this year their 12th year in the business. Impressive, isn’t it? Well, quite so. The average lifespan of an MLM is only 3 years, so having surpassed that is a milestone.

Not a lot of MLMs last long, considering how unsustainable their business model can be.

Things I Dislike in NuVerus

Saturated Market

I have reviewed quite a lot of MLMs in the past, and most of them are health and wellness companies. NuVerus is one of the MLMs in this niche, which just proves how competitive the market for health and wellness products are.

After all, quite a lot of people have been more and more health-conscious lately. It’s not like everyone can afford to go to the gym either. This is how the market gets its share of customers: by selling supplements and other related products and advertising them as the great big step to getting a healthy body.

The health and wellness market is a billion-dollar industry, too. Most of the biggest companies in the world earns billions every year, because of repeat purchases.

Expensive Products

People want value for their money. Not everyone is willing to overpay for something that they can buy cheaper elsewhere. This is why people love buying imitation and knock-off products: they look the same than the original but are way cheaper.

The problem with MLMs is actually the opposite. MLM products are always priced exorbitantly, which turns off people. Products being sold by non-MLM companies are actually cheaper than comparison, and let’s face it, MLM products are just worse imitations of those. The audacity of them to sell products at a high price point is actually astounding.

The bottom line is people are not stupid. They know what they want, and they know how much the products they want cost.

It is an MLM

This is an MLM, so it means that a lot of people definitely failed in this venture. In fact, 99% of people who join MLMs fail to make money, and they do not even earn back their initial investment.

NuVerus Compensation Plan

You can view and access NuVerus’ compensation plan by clicking this link.

Here are the ways you can get paid in NuVerus:

  • Retail Sales. With every sale you make, you are eligible to receive commissions. The percentage ranges from 5% to 20%, and is based on the starter pack that you paid for upon joining NuVerus.
  • Unilevel Bonus up to 6 Generations. You can earn 10% commissions from the sales of the members who directly signed up under you. This scales down as your downline gets split to generations.
  • Dual Team Commissions Tree. You can earn 10% to 13% of the total PV based on this tree.
  • Double Option – Earn from Unilevel or Dual Team
  • Dual Team Commissions with no Depth Limits
  • Fast Start Bonuses up to 20%
  • Customer Bonuses up to 20%
  • Double Option Matching Bonus
  • Commissions Paid Weekly
  • Global Income Opportunity

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

MLM stats
  • Almost 99% participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs.
  • Success rate of an online business, which will give you financial and time freedom, is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from MLMs.
  • According to the AARP foundation, 47% distributors of all MLMs lose their money. Apart from this, 27% do not make a single penny.
  • In the remaining 26% that actually make money, 53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% of those 53%, who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with MLMs, because 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that joined MLMs say that they will never again join any kind of MLM.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 MLM distributors and it was concluded that most of them made 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale. 60% of them made less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvements.


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Final Verdict – NuVerus

Before I end this NuVerus review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I am sure that after reading this NuVerus review, you were able to find answers to your questions about the company. Thank you for reading up to this point. Let me share a few more bits of advice before you go on your way.

I know that the primary reason why you took interest in NuVerus is because of what that hunbot told you about: financial success. During these trying times, we are all hoping to keep our jobs and pray for salary increases just to sustain our livelihoods. The pandemic slowed down everything, but prices of commodities just keep increasing.

Based on the research I have done about this company, NuVerus is definitely not the best way for you to take if you want extra money. The company encourages recruiting more than actual selling, which means that your focus is not really on your business, but on giving the company more money.

Is that the reason why you joined this MLM in the first place? No, right? So don’t join this company and just seek a better opportunity.

I actually have a recommendation for you, and all you have to do is read the next section.

That’s it for my NuVerus review. Hopefully this NuVerus review helps with your decision.

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