Offline Sharks Review – Everything Wrong With Pay Per Click Maverick?

Today, we are going to talk about Offline Sharks and their Pay Per Click Maverick program. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

As I have written before, marketing plays a big part in making your business known. But sometimes, a lot of smaller businesses struggle with how to effectively market themselves to their target audience. Bigger businesses, unsurprisingly, spend a lot of money in marketing whether online or off. They have the money to do so.

Even though digital marketing exposes you to a wider audience, it’s always a good idea to attract potential customers in your immediate area. In the marketing world, this is referred to as local marketing. But since you are marketing to a very specific audience, your strategy has to be adapted for them.

Somehow, there are websites online that offer training programs regarding local training. One of them is Offline Sharks. I hadn’t really heard of them prior to this review. But looking at their website, they offer a ton of different training programs that people could try out. One of the programs that intrigued me was Pay Per Click Maverick.

A ton of other people have created their own training programs focused on Google’s Ads platform. It just seems par for the course with digital marketing. For the most part, the people who create these programs have some amount of experience using these platforms. With so many of them finding success in digital marketing, it would make sense for it to be like that. It’s just part of the path for a lot of people working in this niche.

Though, there is still a lot of questions that I have.

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Offline Sharks Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Pay Per Click Maverick
  • Founders: Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis
  • Website:
  • Socials: FacebookYouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Digital marketing
  • Recommendation: I don’t highly recommend Pay Per Click Maverick for everyone. While the instructors in this program have experience and success in using Google’s Ads platform, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be earning the same amount of money that they advertise. It takes a lot of work to be good at marketing. You shouldn’t expect for success to be immediate. The content in this program is still usable, for the most part.

Who Are Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis?

Offline Sharks co-founder Nick Ponte

Let’s start off with Nick Ponte. Nick was born and raised in Hawai’i. Even though a lot of people consider Hawai’i as something of a paradise, that didn’t really apply all that much to Nick. I mean, sure. He had to the beach and stuff. But his life growing up wasn’t all that great.

Nick and his family was able to make ends me here and there. But that was about it. When Nick was 19, his mother had a near-death experience when she got into a car accident. I guess Nick had to carry much of the burden. So he pretty much worked whatever job that he could possibly find.

Then, there came a point where Nick had met somebody who he considers a mentor. This mentor of his invited him to come to Switzerland. (Side note: When I had read this specific anecdote in a press release about him, I was very skeptical of it. Nobody just goes to Switzerland because some guy told him to.)

Nick returned to Maui with the goal of becoming a certified mechanic for a luxury car manufacturer. It seems that he was able to meet that goal of his. But somehow it also didn’t stop him from doing side hustles from time to time. He started building websites for his friends and that basically lead to him starting his own marketing agency.There are many lead generation programs I have reviewed which are following:

But What About Tom Gaddis?

There’s not really a lot of information about Tom’s early life compared to Nick’s. Tom was from Oklahoma. His entire marketing career started while was working as a restaurant manager. Whenever he had free time, he spent it helping an author that he knew marketing the books the wrote. That was pretty much the seed that was planted for Tom’s latter career. Tom wasn’t really enjoying his job anymore. Then he had the idea of moving to Maui and starting his own business there.

But problem is that Tom have never set foot in Hawai’i before. Moving miles away from where you currently takes a lot of planning. Luckily, there was an opening for a restaurant manager for a well-known restaurant franchise. So Tom decided to apply for that job, even though he wasn’t enjoying the same job in Oklahoma.

It only took a few days before Tom started his work in a different state. Unfortunately, Tom was fired from that job after eight months. His unemployment didn’t stop him from finding ways to earn money. He pretty much did it all. He started doing work online. But he had managed to establish a reputation within his own community. Although, that wasn’t enough to keep Tom and his family in Hawai’i.

Luckily for him, there was this person who was making these large postcards of sorts that had advertising for different businesses on both sides. Tom decided to copy that idea. He was charging a few hundred bucks for each ad space. Tom went around to different businesses asking if they wanted to put ads on those postcards. It worked surprisingly for him. He was able to sell 16 ad spaces within a week. And that was pretty much the formal start of Tom’s marketing career.

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What Is Offline Sharks?

It was in 2016 when Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis decided to start a company together called Offline Sharks. Their company focuses primarily on local marketing, a type of marketing that targets the area of where your business is located. Though, they do also digital marketing services.

Aside from that, Offline Sharks has started to offer training programs focused on marketing. They have a total of 27 different training programs. Normally, certain companies only offer at most three different training programs. But 27 is a lot. There are training programs, like Remote Millionaires or Shark Alliance, that’s focused on teaching you how to build your own marketing agency from scratch. But the one that were’ going to focus on is Pay Per Click Maverick.

What Is Pay Per Click Maverick?

Offline Sharks co-founder Tom Gaddis

Pay Per Click Maverick is a training program that teaches you about Google’s Ads platform. The term pay per click is pretty self explanatory. An advertiser puts out an ad online through whatever ad platform, usually Google, and they pay that ad platform a fee for every click that their ads get.

Basically, Pay Per Click Maverick teaches people how to exactly do that. This applies to people who want to run ads on their own. Or to those who are planning to start their own small marketing agency and want to build up on skills.

The course is being taught by Brandon Spears, who has a lot of experience working with Google’s Ads platform. There are five different modules that go step by step of the process. The cost for the program is a one-time fee worth $197. It’s definitely one of the more expensive training programs out there. Especially for a topic like Google Ads.

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Final Verdict: Online Sharks Review

There’s not a lot in Pay Per Click Maverick from Offline Sharks, content-wise, that’s different from the other similar training programs out there. Even Google has some similar content regarding its own ad platform that’s in the Pay Per Click Maverick program. I guess there are certain bonus materials that may attract people to this program. But even then, you’re paying a lot of money on top of the cost for the program.

Ads do play a big deal in any kind of marketing program. Anyone who runs their own marketing agency needs to have some knowledge in it. But I don’t think that the cost for Pay Per Click Maverick is affordable for everyone, especially for those starting out. But I guess you could justify it. Since, you might recoup the cost for the program once you start getting paid by your clients.

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That’s it for my review of Offline Sharks and their Pay Per Click Maverick program. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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