Offrs Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Offrs. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of different companies that focus on something called lead generation. For people who work in the real estate industry, such as agents and brokers, leads are an integral part of their business. Leads, in the sense of real estate, comes in two forms. You have the people who are interested in selling their property. And then you have the people who want to buy a property. If a real estate agent doesn’t have or the other, there would be no deals being made. Think about it. What property are you going to sell to your clients if there are no properties to sell? And who is going to buy the properties that you helped be listed if there is no one to buy them?

That is why lead generation services exist in the real estate industry. Finding and generating leads is a long process. There are so many things that these companies do in order to make sure that the leads that they put out for their service would actually lead into a transaction. Let’s be real, a lot of these companies charge a commission for every lead of theirs that ends with a closed transaction. That is their entire business model. And if one of those leads don’t end in that, they just have to wait for the other one. Leads are a finite supply. Especially nowadays. So these companies are intent on making sure that the leads that they put out are legitimate.

With so many different lead generation companies, it isn’t hard for a real estate agent to find leads for their business. You could find a lot just from browsing the web. But what makes something like Offrs different from the competition? Is there something about the service that they provide that blows the competition out of the water? Or are you better off sticking to the more popular ones? Well, we are about to find out in just a little bit.

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Offrs Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Offers
  • Founders: Mark Dickson and Rich Swier Jr.
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Lead generation service
  • Niche: Real estate, lead generation
  • Recommendation: It is not guaranteed that every lead that you get will end in a transaction being closed. Some leads that real estate agents get, regardless of the company providing the service, may not be consistent. Though, there are ton of other companies that offer a more reliable lead generation service.

Who Are Mark Dickson and Rich Swier Jr?


Mark Dickson and Rich Swier Jr are the co-founders of Offrs, a real estate lead generation service.

Unfortunately, there is very little information that you could find about either of them. Based on what I could find, Rich Swier Jr graduated with a degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Florida. After graduating, Rich founded an internet service provider called Sarasota Online. He ran the company for two years before being acquired by Comcast. Sarasota was one of the first places in the United States to get Comcast’s first ever broadband internet plan. Rich serves as a vice president for Comcast’s internet arm for about two years.

After that, he went on to start another tech company called Backsoft.  He then went on to start a mobile services company and a startup incubator. It was until 2015 when he and Mark started Offrs. He served as CEO for the company until it was acquired by Constellation Software. Aside from that, he also invest in agency for college sports athletes. Currently, he is the founder of ROOF A.I., which is being used by Offrs.

If Rich Swier Jr was the one with experience in tech, Mark Dickson is the one with experience in real estate. Before co-founding Offrs, he was a broker and a real estate agent. There isn’t really much else that is notable about Mark Dickson. But he was also very interested in the use of technology as a way of generating leads.

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What is Offrs?

Offrs is a company that offers lead generation and marketing services to real estate agents.

Like I mentioned at the start of the review, lead generation plays a big part in the real estate industry. Lead generation is a process of getting people’s interest in the product or service that your business provides. One of the methods that is often used in generating leads for a business is marketing. You wouldn’t get any leads if people aren’t aware that your business exists. But marketing is only one step of the entire lead generation process. You have to nurture those leads in order for them to be your customers. It takes a lot of communication in order to do so. Which means that it would take a bit of time before those leads actually become people who patronize your business.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s continue talking about exactly what Offrs provides. They basically use a bunch of data to determine which properties in a certain area has a likelihood of getting listed within a year. There are multiple criteria that they use in order for them to be certain that a certain property will get listed.

Offrs co-founder Mark Dickson

Offrs then uses that data and shows them to their clients, which are the real estate agents, so that they are aware of which properties in the area that the serve could be a good lead. It seems that Offrs provides access to that data to a single real estate agent per area. That’s because the first real estate agent that people talk to are the ones they often settle on. So if you have a foot in the door—heh, pun—you have a chance of being the real estate agent that the buyer or seller talks to.

But in order for an agent to be the first to get that client, they have to market to them first. Offrs also provides marketing tools to do just that. Their tools are focused on reaching those that pass the analysis that Offrs has made before hand. So that the agents don’t have to waste a lot of money trying to market to a lot of people. Expanding the reach of your ads online costs a ton of money and doesn’t often reach a return on investment.

How Much Does Offrs’ Services Cost?

Offrs has two different plans that they, for the lack of a better term, offer. Both are available as either a monthly plan or an annual plan. The first is the Premium plan which costs $499 for the monthly subscription or $2,999 for an annual subscription. You pretty much get access to the tools that Offrs provides, that includes the lead feed and custom territory builder. The plan also includes the budget for marketing as well as a lead capture page.

The second plan is just the Premium plan but it includes ISA services. ISA stands for inside sales agents. They are basically people who make sure that the leads that you will get from the service are legitimate and would lead to an actual sale. The cost for this plan is $799 for the monthly subscription or $4,699 for the monthly subscription. It includes everything in the Premium as well as the ISA service. Apparently, Offrs has a referral fee for those in the Premium plan. But it seems that they don’t take a referral fee if you subscribe to the Premium + ISA plan. Both plans also give you the option to add in the ROOF A.I. system. There is no price mentioned for this add-on. So it seems that you have to subscribe to either plans first in order to get pricing for the ROOF A.I. add-on.

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Final Verdict – Offrs Review

There doesn’t really seem to be much of a difference to the quality of the leads that you would get from Offrs compared to its competition. At some point, a lot of the leads would have probably appeared in the results from the other companies that offer a similar service.

That is really the problem with generating leads nowadays. There’s not going to be a lot of them. And if there are, there is a good likelihood that the leads that show up already have an agent that they are talking to. Being in real estate is a hassle because you never really know if a person is going to sell their property or not. If they did, you are probably not going to be the one that they talk to.

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