Online Landlord Biz Review – Rebranded Couse?

Today, we are going to talk about Online Landlord Biz. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

A term that I have been seeing around a lot lately is digital real estate. I have reviewed a ton of real estate investing training programs before. And I’ve only managed to write about a few programs related to digital real estate. Everything on the internet has some intrinsic value in it. And a lot of people want those assets that will bring them in a decent amount of money.

There’s just so many ways that you can earn money through the internet. Most of the training programs out there are about either digital marketing and e-commerce. Those two niches are still profitable. People want to promote and sell their products online. And there are people willing to help them do that.

But when it comes to digital real estate, there’s a lot of similar risks to its physical counterpart. Even if there is value in your digital assets, it’s not really guaranteed that people will be interested in it. There’s a lot of calculations going on in their minds before they choose to buy your digital property.

Still, there is a lot of earning potential when it comes to digital real estate. That’s programs such as Online Landlord Biz exists. They know that there is an audience that’s willing to pay a decent amount of money to learn how to sell their digital property. But with a lot of training programs out there, what makes this particular program different?

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Online Landlord Biz Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Online Landlord Biz
  • Founders: Joshua T. Osborne and Sean Kochel
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Digital real estate
  • Recommendation: There’s nothing particularly compelling regarding this specific program that Joshua and Sean offer. Unfortunately, the URL for this program redirects to a private Facebook group that Joshua operates. So it doesn’t seem that they’re still offering this program.

Who Are Joshua T. Osborne and Sean Kochel?

A screenshot of a video featuring Online Landlord Biz co-creator Joshua T. Osborne

There have been a few writeups about Joshua T. Osborne on this website. He has created a lot of different programs in the online marketing space. There isn’t really a lot of information that you can find about him online. Even though his about page is lengthy, you can’t really find a lot of details regarding his journey towards becoming an online marketing expert. Just know that he had struggles in his life prior to where he is now.

That sometimes happens with a lot of the online marketing people whose programs I have reviewed. They don’t seem that confident in actually telling their story. It’s as if they treat it as some kind of mythology. Sometimes people are genuinely interested in your life stories. They could’ve definitely omit certain details. But at least try to show people who you are.

You can’t find any kind of information with regards to Sean Kochel online. Most of the search results for other people with the same name. And I don’t think any of them are the Sean Kochel that I am looking for. He does have a website. But most of the text on it is just placeholder text. He also doesn’t really have much of an online presence. Especially since he’s also an online marketing expert.

Even there’s very little information about Sean Kochel, it seems that he has been Joshua T. Osborne’s business partner for quite a while now. Prior to Online Landlord Biz, Joshua and Sean partnered up to create Social Ad Tribe. It’s a training program that’s focused on lead generation.

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What Is Online Landlord Biz?

Before we talk about Online Landlord Biz, let’s first talk about digital real estate. Digital real estate refers to any kind of digital asset that you may own. It could be a website, a blog or a social media account. There is often some kind of intrinsic value to any kind of digital asset that’s out there. But similar to actual real estate, there are certain properties that have a lot of value. Of course, these types of assets are really expensive.

Still, there is one way that people could earn money through digital real estate. And it’s a thing that you can already do in actual real estate. That’s right. You can rent out digital property.

That’s sort of what Online Landlord Biz is focused on. There are a lot of businesses out there who are in need of a website. But they don’t have the money to hire a developer to create a website for them from scratch. If you’re a digital landlord, you can basically rent out websites that are already made that’s fit for their business.

Unfortunately, the website for Online Landlord Biz is no longer active. When you go to their URL, you’re going to be redirected to a private Facebook group that Joshua T. Osborne operates. It seems easy to join the Facebook group seemingly. But it feels like this is part of some other training program that Joshua has like Bad Ass Marketers.

What Would Have You Actually Learned From The Program?

A screenshot of a video featuring Online Landlord Biz co-creator Sean Kochel

If the other digital real estate training programs are to go by, Online Landlord Biz will probably teach you the basics of running ads and lead generation.

Lead generation is a method where you try to attract potential customers to your business. It often goes hand in hand with the sales funnel system. And the only way to generate leads for your business is by running advertisements online. But ads are expensive for a lot of businesses. So you’re basically running ads in behalf of those businesses, in a way.

When people see your ads, it often redirects to a sales funnel page. Let’s say that people are searching for a plumber somewhere in New Jersey. They see an ad for a plumbing service but it’s a generic one. When they click on it, they are directed to the sales funnel where they have a form that you can fill out. That’s how you generate a lead.

Now that you have your leads, you can basically start to sell them to businesses who are in need of customers. Yes. That’s a thing that you can do. But remember that leads don’t often translate directly into actual customers. But once you’ve sold those leads to a business, it’s not really your problem anymore. The business is basically the one that’s going to convert them into actual customers.

You basically do that for whatever business that you can think of. Lead generation is a relatively profitable method. Businesses are often on the lookout for new customers. So there are always people willing to pay for leads.

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Final Verdict – Online Landlord Biz Review

Since the program is no longer available, it’s easy not to recommend it to you. I kind of wonder when exactly they decided to end the program.

Digital real estate is kind of a hard industry to get into. As I have mentioned in previous sections, not all digital assets are valued the same. There are marketplaces where you can check out fully-functional and active websites that are being sold. And a lot of them costs thousands of dollars. The reason for that is because those websites have a good amount of traffic going into them. Nobody buys websites that don’t have monthly ongoing traffic. You’re just wasting your money if you bought one of those websites.

So it takes a bit of time for your website to be highly valued. And that’s really the main problem with a digital real estate investing. You’re spending a lot of time and effort to make a website profitable enough. And not a lot of people are willing to wait that long.

The lead generation part of the program is also interesting. But it’s not guaranteed that you’d be finding a lot of leads online. There are so many similar sales funnel pages for similar businesses out there. You’re going to face a lot of competition in that space.

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That’s it for my review of Online Landlord Biz. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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