Otherlife Affiliate Reviews – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about the Otherlife Affiliate created by Jeff Samis and his wife. Is it legit? Learn more in this extensive review.

This is the first time I’ve heard the term “ghost commerce” which is being used in a program called Otherlife Affiliate. Well, if we’re talking about affiliate marketing, there’s not much that you need. Just a phone or a laptop, and a stable connection will suffice.

Is the Otherlife Affiliate program the right way for you to start your affiliate marketing journey? Let’s find out in this comprehensive review.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Jeff Samis nor with the Otherlife Affiliate program. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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Otherlife Affiliate Review: Quick Details

Name: Otherlife Affiliate

Founder: Jeff Samis

Website: https://otherlife.com/

Socials: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Type: Training Program

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Recommendation: Affiliate marketing stands out as a dynamic tool and cost-effective strategy in the realm of digital marketing. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and affiliates as businesses can reach diverse audiences while affiliates can expand their earnings by promoting a range of products and services.

Otherlife Affiliate Overview

The Otherlife Affiliate program is the product of the combined expertise of two lovely married couples, Jeff and Jessica Samis. One specializes in Facebook Ads and the other in online advertising. 

They’re all in all about something about “ghost commerce”, so what is it really?

Ghost Commerce

Ghost commerce is a cutting-edge and discrete approach within the realm of ecommerce. The emphasis is on creating a seamless transactional experience for customers, one that occurs almost imperceptibly, without them being fully aware that they are actively participating in a formal buying process.

It seems like you’re gonna be categorized as a sweet/smooth talker. And you’ll be integrating this strategy into your sales funnel, as an affiliate of a high-ticket product or service.

About Jeff and Jessica Samis

Jeff and Jessica Samis

Jeff and Jessica Samis are both online marketers and entrepreneurs whose names have been going on and about since 2010. They’re first program, Profit League, which aims to teach people the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising has made their name more recognizable in the year 2016.

Now they’re trying a new realm, which is affiliate marketing. They have found a new strategy in the saturated space where even beginners can produce up to $1,000 a day without selling a product or a service.

While there’s nothing much about Jessica Samis other than being an expert in the online marketing space, Jeff was once a forklifter earning $15 an hour before establishing the business that he truly loves. They got married and then both built their dreams together.

They have social media accounts but their followings are not significant enough to conclude their popularity. Their Instagram account has only 1,543 followers with only 3 posts in it, and their YouTube channel only has less than a thousand subscribers with the last video posted 6 years ago. 

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My Favorite Program

For Whom is Otherlife Affiliate For?

It is for people who:

  • Are serious of making their lives better but don’t know where to actually start
  • Have been in the journey of affiliate marketing but not making any progress at all
  • Are wanting to take their income to the next level


There are 2 tiers in the Otherlife Affiliate course, 7-Day Shift and Infinite Coaching Program.

7-Day Shift

7-Day Shift

7-Day Shift is like an introductory course to the affiliate marketing that Jeff and Jessica have in store for you. In the span of 7 days, they will let you know the common pitfalls people make when starting, and a 6-part model to be able to avoid them. 

They believe that there are three obstacles that keep most new people broke and unable to bounce back, leaving the industry with a bad taste in their mouths.

Learning Curve – there are a lot of people who don’t know how to cope with the use of our ever-evolving technology, making them stick with the old methods than learning new ones

Time Management – it is hard to come by side hustles that can fit into your busy schedule, making you a workaholic if you force it in, giving you less time for yourself, family and friends.

No Audience – starting new will only make it harder for someone who hasn’t done any remarkable things in the past. 

These 3 are the common pitfalls, but the problem that gives the most headache even to those who already have an experience is that they don’t have a proven system and someone qualified to show them how to navigate the world of affiliate marketing. And Jeff believes that it’s gotta be them.

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My Favorite Program

The Freedom Model

Day 1: They will show you real life scenarios on how real freedom is built to get inspirations from. From there, it’s your time to set your own goals and expectations according to the lifestyle you’re always dreaming of achieving.

Day 2: Second day is allotted for brand brainstorming. The essence of your brand lies in its authenticity, innovation and a commitment to exceeding the audience’s expectations. Your “ghost commerce” brand will serve as your theme page to catch the eyes of prospective clients.

Day 3: Going to the third day, it’s now time to look for a product or a service that fits your interests, ‘cuz why would you advertise a thing that you don’t like, right? Jeff recommends finding a high-ticket product/service in your chosen niche. 

Day 4: You’ll be introduced to a single tool that you’ll be using all throughout your affiliate marketing journey, The Phantom software. The software is a funnel builder, working just like the most famous ClickFunnels but be aware that getting access to the software comes with a price of $97 monthly subscription.

Day 5: Here goes building an effective landing page. It is a strategic blend of design, content and functionality, tailored to captivate and convert visitors. You are not only creating a digital space but also shaping an immersive journey that entices, informs, and ultimately drives action for visitors turned customers.

Day 6: Day 6 mostly covers how you will be able to generate traffic, free and paid ones, and which platforms are the best for your “brand”. They’ll teach you about SEO, Google, Facebook Ads, and many other online marketing tactics, courtesy of Jeff and Jessica themselves.

Day 7: What would you expect for the last day? Of course, upsells. They will introduce you to their “next” tier program, Infinite Coaching program in the form of a webinar. The Infinite Coaching program costs $4,000 if you’re planning to join. 

7-Day Shift Otherlife Affiliate Cost

The 7-Day Shift program only costs $27 and you’ll have access to:

  • The Otherlife platform where you can watch training videos regarding the 7-day process for getting started
  • A lifetime membership to their private Facebook community for accountability and to be able to learn different perspectives from different like-minded individuals.
  • Personal one-on-one coaching sessions with an Otherlife Member Mentor, giving you enough time for clarifying your goals and plan moving forward.
  • A bonus feature of a complete 8-figure product ecosystem. 

And it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Make countless trials and errors for 30 days and if the system really doesn’t help you break through, you’ll get back what you paid for, no questions asked.

Pros and Cons


  • The 7-Day Shift is a perfect way for beginners to learn the basic concepts of what it is like in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • You can redo it like 4 times before hitting the 30-day money back guarantee, so your money is safe until then.


  • There are word of mouth stating that Otherlife Affiliate also offers referral compensations, which makes them much more like an MLM. 
  • 7-Day Shift training videos are all recorded, lacking the interactive process of doing the steps which makes it harder for some to cope with.
  • A couple of bad statements about their extension program, Infinite Coaching, stating that they lack support, which contradicts the “infinite coaching” essence.
  • The cost of Infinite Coaching is too darn high for them to offer mediocre feedback on customer queries, and it’s only for a year, not “infinite”.

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My Favorite Program


Otherlife Affiliate is not a scam, on the most part, but they’re nearing the concept of an MLM, which is mostly being treated as a pyramid scheme by most. 

The first tier course, 7-Day Shift is a tolerable program created mostly for beginners, but there are more other programs or even free training videos out there that offer more substance, you just need to look for them thoroughly.

And it’s better to stay away from their second tier course, Infinite Coaching as I didn’t see any positive reviews of it nor any information on what they teach and do on the said course.

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