Overnight Freedom Review – 100% Scam Exposed!


Hello and welcome to my overnight freedom.

First thing first,I am not associated with overnight freedom by any means and this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

I usually do not review courses now a day.Been there done that.

For the last 8 months I have reviewed 300+ mlm companies and still my focus is on them.

But last night I was randomly searching for something and saw someone ripped off by a program called overnight freedom.

Name itself looks pretty catchy.

So,I am doing this review for the better of my audience and to help you save time and maybe money too.

I have been making money online for 3 years and this review is based upon my expertise and knowledge.

Let’s talk about overnight freedom review.

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Overnight Freedom

Overnight freedom is a training course which teaches students how to scale an affiliate marketing business from scratch to 6 figures.

It was founded by Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer.Launch date was september 2019 at 11 EST.

Bear me if I go hard at these guys.

Being in affiliate marketing for years and knowing how it works,I know every little thing about overnight freedom.

Overnight freedom’s just another course focusing on paid traffic.

They are going to teach you build an online affiliate marketing business with paid ads.

These ads are from different marketing channels like fb ads,insta ads,google ads and other paid traffic sourcesMain focus on fb ads..


I have seen all the reviews on google and they all were completely biased and BS.Why?Because they all are affiliates of overnight freedom.

This means that if you buy overnight freedom through their link,they are going to make money.

That is the reason why these reviews are always biased.

First I will tell you what is inside overnight freedom,then we will talk about whether you should join it or not?.

Inside Overnight Freedom

First let?s talk about what you are going to get inside overnight freedom.

Yes,they are providing you with some stuff,and for this overnight freedom is not a pyramid scheme.But the training they are providing is just a crap.

YES,you read it right,overnight freedom is just a crap and waste of time.Cost of overnight freedom is $2497 or 3 payments of $997.

Is it some kind of joke?I don?t get this shit?Stay away.

There is no way that you are going to make money after buying this course.

If someone bought it and made money after that,comment below,I promise to delete this post.If you succeed after buying overnight freedom,this means it is just a miracle.

Now,another thing I want to tell you is that there are many reviews of overnight freedom on the internet.And they all are positive.

But the good thing is that in the comment section,no one is saying overnight freedom or complaining to be ripped off by the company.

The reason behind it is that they are affiliates of overnight freedom,and when someone comments negative on my review post of a product which I am promoting,I do not approve it most of the time(;

It?s an example,hope you got my point here..

So,this is the sh** you are getting in this training..

This is a 2 hours training.

Lol for $2497.Wow.

And they have bonuses for you.I call it self claimed bonuses,because they have nothing to do with your affiliate marketing business.


Here are the bonuses they are giving..

I have been an affiliate marketer for three years and I know each and every channel of marketing my products,every source I tried,from paid ads to organic traffic.

From my experience I can say that in your affiliate marketing business you will need nothing they are giving.This is just a fluff stuff.

And the training is..

  • Freedom Roadmap
  • Presell software
  • Mark Ling Tool
  • Done for you image swipe files


Another crappy training module.If you are the owner of overnight freedom,let?s chat?Or you can email me your student success or even justify your prices?

Reasons I Don?t Recommend overnight freedom

There are many reasons for which I do not recommend you overnight freedom. There are as below?


For me this training is too much overpriced.Why pay them $2497 when you get this for 200% less with more valuable stuff.

This is why I never pay more than $1500 for any kind of affiliate marketing course.What they are teaching?Just paid ad traffic to make millions?

Sorry,I do not recommend it.You can get the same value for free on youtube.Just type ?fb ads free course? on youtube.

That?s it.Most of the people that buy these overpriced courses end up losing their hard earned money.

And I am 110% sure that if you invest in this course,you are not going to make $2497 back.

Means ROI in overnight freedom is negative.If somehow,this system worked for you,comment below,I will delete this post.I PROMISE!

Hidden Costs

Oh shit!,Do you know that this story never ends on $2497.

You have to invest more money to get yourself started with freedom overnight.As,I and you know that they are teaching fb ads.

For this you have to buy clickfunnels,which is going to cost you $97/month.It is a must tool to buy if you want to run fb ads.

Other than this you will have to pay for tracking tools,to track your affiliate links.It is $67/month if you go with clickmagick,standard plan is $99/month.

Other than this you have to keep track of your leads which came through fb ads.

To keep them on your email list and continuously keep pushing them to your product,you will need an $80/month tool called mailchimp.That?s not ends here.

You have to spend at least $2000 to see some results when running fb ads.

Because in the end it is all upto luck.You know what I mean?I will define it in detail,but let?s talk about my experience with fb ads.

When starting with fb ads,I invested $700 and made 0$.But it was a learning phase.

I bought a millionaire fb ads expert course,which I recommend to you instead of overnight freedom.We will talk about it too.

But let?s combine your overall investment after joining overnight freedom.

One time Fee = $2497

Clickfunnels for landing pages = $99

Clickmagick for link tracking = $99

Mailchimp for email marketing = $80

Minimum Amount to run fb ads = $2000

$2497 + $99 + $99 + $80 + $2000 = $4775

So,you will need a minimum $4775 to start implementing this system called freedom overnight.Overnight lol!

Imagine losing $5k in this course.Yes,it’s a huge amount of money.You know that 99\0% of affiliate marketers never make $5k in their first year?

Not Proven Way To Make Money

Fb ads are not a proven way to make money with affiliate marketing.It?s like a bet,you can win or lose,completely depends on your luck.

On the other hand,free organic traffic is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing when starting out.It is best and long term audience,which will feed your bank account for a long time.

This is why I want you to go with my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing hundreds of courses like overnight freedom.

Start with free,organic traffic.When you start generating $3k or $4k/month with that traffic,then jump into paid traffic and scale that business to $10k/month.Simple is that.

overnight freedom course

I want to explain you this in detail,I know very small audience search for overnight freedom,but my goal is to change each and every person future.

Owners Credibility

To be very honest with you,I do not know these owners.

They do not have any background.It looks like just a random guy made this course.What?s their achievement in life.

How did they get results and can help you get these same results?

Or they even make money with affiliate marketing or not.

It looks like one of the courses in which owners themselves do not know how to make money with affiliate marketing and teaching it?s students to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is why I recommend you to go with my #1 recommendation.

It is not going to cost you $5k to get started and also it?s a guy that made $17 millions with affiliate marketing.

Yes,the guy made $17 millions and very credible,also I bought his course and now he is my mentor too.

These are the gurus that I love to recommend people.

That are actually want to saw their students succeeding.

Final Verdict Of Overnight Freedom

To be very honest with you,I don’t recommend overnight freedom due to the facts which I described above.

I want you to go with my recommendation to make money online.

It was pretty easy for me to grab my link of overnight freedom from clickbank and paste it here.

And also I can make $1000 on a single sale from this article.

But I want to put my readers above my pocket.

If you trust me then go and watch a webinar of a $17million guy who will describe you how affiliate marketing works.

Also,I want you to watch that webinar completely,because during this you are going to get insane bonuses.Bonuses like one on one call with my mentor.

That worth $100k to me.Yes,I am not kidding.

That’s it for today’s review.Got questions?Comment below!

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