Overnight Millionaire Review – Wesley Virgin 100% Scam

Overnight Millionaire Review

Hello and welcome to overnight millionaire review.It’s a course by Wesley Virgin who claims to teach you a mind hack which will make you an overnight millionaire.

Let me guess why you are here.You were using YouTube and watching videos and out of blue an Ad pop up in front of you.In that Ad a naked man was yelling at you and showing you how his students are making billions after investing in his course.

You know what,online scams are everywhere nowadays.And the sad part is no one is taking charge over these scammers.

Question is whether Wesley Virgin’s course overnight millionaire have the ability to change your life or not?

We will find it out in this review.

Before that I want to clear one thing.This is the only review on google which is unbiased.Why?

Because I am not associated with Wesley Virgin or his team and will not try to sell you his course in this review.

This is the reason I think this review is totally unbiased.Other reviews on google are the affiliates of his course.

Which means that if you buy overnight millionaire through their link,they will get a commission.

Which is why I personally think that these kind of reviews are ALWAYS bias.Well,in this review you will face some ugly facts and bitter realities about Wesley Virgin and his course Overnight millionaire.

OK,so who am I reviewing this course?I am the owner of this site and for the past 3 years I have reviewed hundreds of courses,pyramid schemes,multi level marketing companies and scams.

Without wasting time,let’s get into this course.

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Overnight Millionaire Review

Millionaire Mind Hacks

Overnight millionaire is a course by Wesley Virgin who claims that he will teach you one mind hack by which you can make millions.

Not only you,but before you his hundreds of students succeed in achieving this goal.

“There is no shortcut to success” this is what Wesley Virgin says during webinar.Before writing this review,I have spent hours reading overnight millionaire review on different platforms like google,bing,YouTube,trust pilot and BBB.And I was shocked how many people were saying him a scammer.

At first when I saw his ad,the guy look totally legit.Showing Lambos,money and his lifestyle,everything was looking very shiny and attractive and I felt for it.But as I write reviews for online courses,I do my complete research before investing in some courses to scale my business.

I am more then convinced that that guy is a scammer.

First of all there is no mind hack that will make you rich.I have been making money online and have a great life but behind all of this there was nothing like mind hack.

Just pure hard work,sleepless nights,consistency and disciplines.This is it!!!

Basic Information About Overnight Millionaires..!

Here is all the information related to this course?

Creator :

Wesley Virgin & His Dog

Wesley Virgin is the creator of this course.He mostly shouts at people in his YouTube video ads and convince them to buy his course..most of the time he shows Lamborghinis,money and his body.

But as I said that before writing any review on my site I dig deep to these courses and gurus.

So,I went to his website and clicked on enroll button,and on the checkout page,there was written that he is featured on big news sites.

Why?Because of his unbelievable achievements.

Those achievements which we all still want to know.Lol,it’s funny but the guy did not done anything remarkable.

Back to the point.

So,he is featured on big sites like FOX,ABC,CBS and NBC,according to himself.

Overnight Millionaire System Review

There is no evidence online that Wesley Virgin is featured on these news sites.I searched “Fox Wesley Virgin” on google and I am stunned where I landed.

I landed on a website hollysmoke.org and there I found hundreds of negative reviews about overnight millionaire.

Not even a single review which says that overnight millionaire is legit.

The thing I want to say here is that he is completely lying about himself and he is not featured in any of these big sites.Maybe one day he will be featured in Forbes for scamming people lol?

Here is the link to his website which I was talking about..


Price 😕

Now,here is something interesting for you.

If you are coming after watching his youtube ads,then he was begging you to buy his course for just $27.

He also mentioned that his course usually sells at $497 but consider yourself lucky because you can get it for $27.

Come ONNNNN!Hurry up,this offer will be gone anytime.

But the truth is that he is not selling his course for just $27.It?s just one of his upsell products.

He used to apply clickfunnels strategy in which they used to offer something valuable upfront for minimum amount,and when you have them inside your room or I would say funnel,charge them whatever you want.

Just like this strategy,once you will buy $27 product,he will sell you his upsell products for $999.And this is the price of his course.

So,basically I want to tell you here that the price of overnight millionaire is $999 not just $27.

Product Type :

This course is based on network marketing.

In this course he is going to teach you mind hacks which made him millionaire overnight.Because according to him,it?s all about mindset.

Nothing practical for you to learn in this course.

In Fact I have watched videos on his youtube channel where he has videos saying that you can make $10k without any skills,just mind hacks.

Other than this,I saw his youtube ad,the exact place where you are coming from.He was saying that you are an idiot if you are not making $10k/month without doing anything.

?I just got a message from one of my students and he made $1000 in his first day after buying my course.?This is exactly what he mentions during his youtube ad.

Inside Overnight Millionaire

Overnight Millionaire Review

Overnight millionaires actually have some useful videos which you can use in your daily life.

But the question is whether you can make money after buying this course?

This is still a very big question.

We will come to that,let’s see what is inside this course?

10 WHYs

In this first section,he will tell you to write 10 reasons why you want to be a millionaire.

Because according to him,how you are going to do is not that important as compare to why you are going to do that.

I can?t say much about that because it is coming from a guy that makes millions.But how does he make millions?You will get to know in this review.

Just stay with my review?

Audio Files

5 sets of Audio files which you have to listen for 60 days straight.

In these 5 audio files he will give you some tips on how to stay focused and be a millionaire nothing practical.

Other then this I want to tell you something amazing.

As Wesley Virgin is selling overnight millionaire through clickbank and clickbank has 30 days refund policy.

And this is the thing which you have to notice,if you have to listen audio files for 60 days,how will you apply for a refund,if after listening to it you disliked?

This is? because Wesley Virgin wants to pass that 30 days refund policy by clickbank?Who knows?

Millionaire Mind Hacks

This is the main module which is going to make you an overnight millioniare.

1 – Come up with different strategies,business,startups and ideas from which you can make one million dollar.This is actually some weird shit right here?

So,he wants you to come up with ideas which will make you a millionaire in future.Right?

The question is why you’re going to buy overnight millionaires if you have to figure this out yourself..

You are depending on Wesley Virgin to make you millionaire and the guy is depending on you to come up with ideas that will make you millionaire.Things getting complex.

2 – Visualize having $1 million dollars in your bank account.

3 – How to become a high value person in that idea which you came up with that is going to make you a millionaire.

4 – Listen to people who already made $1 million in that industry.

5 – Create unshakeable confidence in yourself and the idea which you made.He will give you some tips on how to keep moving after failures.

6 – How to create multiple streams of income in that specific business idea which you came with.

7 – Learn how to become a master at sales,marketing as a newbie without reading anything.Just after watching videos inside his course.

How He Kept Himself Motivated

You know what?

We all in some stages of our life face difficulties,challenges not just financially but physically and mentally.

Wesley Virgin is not different from us.

He too faced lots of difficulties in his life but he made in in the end.

So,in this module he tells his background,difficulties he faced and some personal life story.And he says when I can make it this big,Everyone can?

This is a 30 minutes video where you will watch his story.

Ok,that?s it..this is all you are going to get in overnight millionaire.

Now I want you to ask yourself did this course has the ability to change your life?

Does this course has anything practical which you can take from here and then apply in your life to make enough money that will pay your bills?

That?s a very Big question..

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Upsells(Overnight Millionaire Products)

Overnight Millionaire Training

Hey,you..let?s make Wesley Virgin a billionaire?

Because he is already a millionaire by selling his course to you guys.We will come to that but for now let?s talk about Wesley Virgin?s overnight millionaire course?s upsell products?

There are plenty of upsells but we are going to talk about the ones which Wesley Virgin talks about ..because they cost you less $$$.

  • Affirmation Cash Course

This course is for $17.In this he will tell you how to keep positive thinking and attract others.

Wesley Virgin seems to be very confident in this product and claims that he will give you 3x money in return if you will not be happy after buying it.

Another marketing tactic.Forget about getting money in return from these gurus.

  • Million Dollar Persuasion

This is for only 9 bucks.And in this upsell product he will teach you how to sell things psychologically.

  • Unrevealed Secrets Of Millionaire Mind

Ok,this is the main upsell according to Wesley Virgin.

In this course Wesley Virgin really went deep and actually gave some value to his buyers.

This is a 10 day course which is going to cost you $99 according to Wesley Virgin.

Why I am saying according to Wesley Virgin?Because there were reviews in which people complained that he is charging more money as compared to which was shown in the checkout page.

Here is what you are going to get during these 10 days?

  • Day 3 – Disconnect your social life.Disconnect with friends and family members.Because according to Wesley Virgin they are the reason why you are not achieving the life which you deserves.What if I tell you that I have created my dream life without doing any of this?Yes,I do not cut off relationships and my friends are still the same.There is no need to unnecessarily put your relationships in trouble for some kind of mind hack.


  • Day 4 – Connect with millionaires and impress them with your dressing.This module is all about how to present yourself in front of millionaires in the same industry as yours.


  • ?5 – Millionaire Mindset,as he already talked about this topic.In this he will tell you the millionaire mindset and the secret that in? millionaire?s point of view it is all about why more than HOW.


  • 6 – How to use sexual transmission to create wealth.As you can see in Wesley Virgin?s Ads that he is pretty good at it.


  • 10 – Be a giver and it?s all about others.Be the person who brings hope in someone?s life?


Sales Page

How to create a better sales page that will convert.

You can literally watch some youtube videos on it.

They all are completely free and if you want some youtube links around that topic,comment below.

Wesley Virgin will give you some tips on how to increase your sales.Increase your sales for what?

What business are you doing,that?s the biggest question.

As Wesley Virgin guessing that you came with the idea of affiliate marketing and for this he is giving you affiliate marketing selling tips.

How Wesley Virgin Paying His Bills?

Now,this is a very big question.How Wesley Virgin pays his bills?

From what resources he is making money?

Unfortunately no one knows this.

It looks like he is one of those gurus who are making money by teaching you how to make money.Yes,Wesley Virgin only source of income is selling his courses to people.

What I Like About Overnight Millionaire

There are not too many things which I like in Overnight Millionaire and this is the reason I do not recommend it to you guys.

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What I Don?t Like About Overnight Millionaire

There are many things which I disliked in overnight millionaire and top of them are these?

Negative Reviews

There are thousands of negative reviews of overnight millionaires across the internet.

Many people fell for this scam.Me too!

Let me tell you my story.I was watching youtube and was on Jordan Belfort channel.

I suddenly hit up by Wesley Virgin ad out of blue.

The ad was very attractive and I never thought for a second that this guy can be a scam.

For my online business I often buy stuff from people who know selling and can teach me how to improve it nd scale my business.

So,I clicked on the ad and went to the checkout page.

But as an online sales person,I found that ad to be very strange.Because the checkout page and upsell video was looking very odd and? looks like made by some school going kid.

For this reason I hesitated to buy and made a decision to search a little bit about this guy and his stuff.

Just like you when I searched it?s reviews on google,there was not even a single review saying that this guy is a scammer.

Or maybe do not provide enough value as he claims during upsells.

Because all top reviews on google were by his affiliates,who are going to make money if you buy overnight millionaire through their link.

But when I went to Wesley Virgin instagram where he has over one million followers,I noticed something very odd.

Many people in his comment section were saying that he is a scammer.And there were comments of people who wants their money back.A

nd then I went to quora,trustpilot and BBB to dig into it a little bit more.

Not to be surprised..there were hundreds of negative reviews out there.

Negative Reviews On Holy Smoke

Holy smoke is actually a website which exposes these kinds of scams.Not only they expose them,but they are also open to voting.

For example if you are happy with overnight millionaires,you can give them 5 stars out of 5.

Unfortunately there is not good news for you here.

There are 32 reviews on their site of this course(overnight millionaire),and all of them are negative.

All people gave overnight millionaire one star out of 5.

Reviews On Better Business Bureau

Better business bureau is the most reputed online forum where overnight millionaires also got 1 start out of 5.There are positive reviews too,which were 100% made by Wesley Virgin’s team.

Youtube Reviews

There are many positive reviews about Wesley Virgin online and they all are affiliates of Wesley Virgin.Here are unbiased reviews on youtube..


Nothing Practical

This course has nothing practical to learn.

The skills which you can learn from the course and implement it in your daily life to earn money.

Wesley Virgin will only motivate you in this course on how you can make money by having right mindset.

This means that you still have to found a way out which will work for you and help you make money.

Wesley Virgin

Wesley Virgin also owned another physical product before this and that product got really hate in the fitness niche.Everyone was bashing it online till date.

He looks like one of those gurus who make money by teaching others how to make money.Other then this no one knows what is his source of income.

He is also faking reviews.By faking reviews I mean that he himself giving positive reviews online so you guys think that this guy must be legit and invest in him.

Illegal Charging Method

He is charging people whatever he wants.Some people are complaining that he charged more money as promised on the checkout page.

As in the checkout page it is written that his up sell product is for $9 but he is charged them $199 from their bank account.

Positive Reviews

There are too many positive reviews on google about overnight millionaire and all are praising them.

But they all are affiliates of wesley virgin products and some of them are paid actors(;

You can easily hire paid actors for your online course or product from freelancing sites like fiver or upwork.

Refund Policy is just A joke

You know what?They have also a refund policy which is just a joke.

They are not going to give your m0ney back.

There are reviews on holy smoke in which people were claiming that Wesley Virgin’s team blocked him when asked for refund.


Google Reviews

While writing this review,all top 10 position on google is by Wesley Virgin’s affiliates.

Also he had given a backlink to the person who is ranking number one so no one can beat him on google.

So,if you find this review,either you are lucky or I did well to grab that first spot.

Should You Buy Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire?

No,in my opinion you should not invest your money in this course.

This is because there are many negative reviews online about overnight millionaire.

Moreover the biggest turn off for me is that there is nothing practical in this course.Which you can take from this course and implement in your daily life.

There are many better options to make money online.

How I Am Making $10k/month Online

No bullshit,no BS..If you want to learn a skill that can make you money,then I highly recommend you to go with my #1 recommendation.

Not only make money online but financial freedom.Work from home bullshit.That?s what you hear everyday,but there are lots of scams online and fake business models.

What if I tell you that with my #1 I am able to make money online and be my own boss at 22 years old.

More than this,I am able to surround myself with an amazing community.

A community which pushes each other to get results.

You are going to learn a skill which you can implement and make shit amount of money.

Not shiny object..making money requires effort and hard work.

But this is the #1 business model online to make money online after reviewing 300 courses as per me.

What you have to do is rank business owners on google.

Get them results and help them make money.They make money means y0u make money.

For example helping a dentists keyword get on top of google for query ?dentist in new york? and this keyword get 1000 volume.

So,he can make shit loads of money and will not hesitate to pay you $1k or $2k for that service.

That?s it for today?s review.

Overnight millionaire is not something to look for if you want to achieve your dream life.

Before leaving checkout my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300+ courses.

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