Oz Konar – Business Lending Blueprint Review, Worth it’s price?


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But if you are new, Welcome to my yet another review of Oz Konar’s Business Lending Blueprint.

In this Review,we will go in detail of this course and conclude whether it’s worth buying it or not!

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Is Oz Konar Legit?

Oz Konar

YUP,OZ KONAR is definitely legit and not a scam artist.

Oz kinda reminds me of a very famous cartoon character,Wizard of Oz.Off topic,haha.

But,Oz Konar seems to be a nice guy.He has a youtube channel where he keeps on publishing content regularly.Other than this,he is very consistently interviewing success stories of his students.And it seems that his students are getting success after getting into the course.Oz Konar is currently running ads to this course called Business Lending Blueprint,and if you click on the link on it,you will sraight land into his funnel called local Marketing stars website.Which for some reason,he made private.Only people through youtube or Facebook ads can see it.

The real question is what he is offering?

Well,I liked the way he presented the opportunity towards us. No hype..just straight facts and he explained business model really well.

You know what?I have reviewed over hundreds if not thousands courses related to e-commerce, amazon fba, affiliate marketing,lead generation and mlms,but business lending blueprint is very different.It is a unique business model.I have not seen anyone came up with such idea.Completely new to the market and completely genius of Oz Konar!

Before going into what inside the course and explaining it,let me tell you about the man himself(Oz Konar).

Oz Konar is married and have couple of kids and a dog.He often runs mastermind and has his small team which works with him.He also likes to travel and communicate as much as possible to his community.Now,at the time of writing this review,he has sold business lending blueprint to over seventeen hundred students.And there are many positive reviews of his course on different platforms,like quora, instagram,BBB and trustpilot.But I can’t guarentee you that these reviews are original.Because I have reviewed many course before like badass Marketers,land profit generator and astro flipping.

They all were using fake testimonials.Hiring $5 artists from fiverr.Not a big deal.

Another fact is that he often claims that he has been featured in forbes,which is not a big deal.Many big guru pays forbes to get a mention (;

My Favorite Program

Business lending blueprint Review

Business lending blueprint

Jumping into the business model,Oz Konar explains how most of the small business owners need money to fund there biz..and sometime,most of the time they go for loan option.But often bank behaves rude and turn them off or give very small amount of money.Other then this all small business owners have to go through a lot of hassle,like long paper work,mountains leg work and a lot of headache!

There is when you come to play.You get them money from the lenders within 48 hours and what’s good making $1500-2000 in two days?

Yup,this is minimum what commission he suggests you to charge.

Now,here is three phase steps you have to go through to get success in this business model.

Number 1 – Find a small business which need money.

Number 2 – Qualify them based on whether they are new,old or established or not?

Number 3 – Find a lender that will be happy to pay them $$$$.

Easy.Rinse and repeat and be a millionaire.

Ah,then why Oz Konar selling course and making money from it?🤔

But wait!!!!


Here are my concerns.


1 – How do you find business owners who need money?Are you going to run ads for this?. Remember fb ads are not cheap what they are used to be three years back.


2 – How you will convince business owners that you are trusted.or will they even take your serious or not?


3 – How you will find a lender?


4 – What if business owners have bad credit score already?


Logical business model but not long term and passive.


Oz Konar business lending blueprint cost?

Business lending blueprint will cost you $2197 or three monthly payments of $845.

It is expensive, rediculously.

I do not recommend oz Konar business lending blueprint course for many reasons.It is not long term,not passive or recurring income business model.

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