Partner With Anthony Review: Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about an online course called “Partner With Anthony”. Is this course worthwhile? Let’s see in this Partner With Anthony review.

As most of you know already, there are actually plenty of ways on how you can make money online. And affiliate marketing seems to be one of the more popular ones because of its high earnings potential.

Yes. Getting started in affiliate marketing is quite easy, in fact. But despite what most people say about it, succeeding in affiliate marketing is altogether a different story.

You see, what you need is training that will properly build a solid foundation for your start in affiliate marketing. Moreover, you also needed proper guidance in setting up your affiliate marketing campaign.

This is why there are some programs around that you can enroll in to help you get started. Partner With Anthony is one of those programs you can take.

In this Partner with Anthony review, we’re going to see what the “Partner With Anthony” program actually is. And we’re also going to help you determine for yourself if this course is worth the price for you or not.

So make sure to read this Partner With Anthony review, to help you with your decision.

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What Is “Partner With Anthony” All About?

Partner With Anthony

As the name tries to imply, Partner With Anthony (PWA) is a program that basically allows you to have a sort of “partnership” with Anthony Morrison, a well-renowned entrepreneur, and a high-profile “internet marketing guru”.

I made a review about Anthony Morrison as a marketing guru before. To let you know my thoughts on why I’m not really convinced of him. You can check it out here.

But the name is rather misleading. You don’t get to have hands-on training with Anthony himself.

Rather, this is a training course that simply teaches you how you can make money with affiliate marketing. Basically, it sets you up so you can build an online business AND manage it.

The name of the course is simply part of the marketing strategy to get people to enroll in this. And we also get the usual sales pitch while he promotes this course, like…

  • “He’ll do mostly everything for you.”
  • “You’ll be able to partner with him so you can make money when HE makes money.”

Which is something you may have heard before. It’s the same old sales pitch that many “internet marketing gurus” use when promoting their courses.

Partner With Anthony is also part of a long line of courses served under Morrison Publishing, LLC. And not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most popular online courses under Anthony Morrison.

What Will You Get With Partner With Anthony?

Partner With Anthony Main Page

The entire Partner With Anthony course consists of around 30 sessions, with each session consisting of several training modules. All in all, the entire course takes around 30 days to be completed.

Each of the modules will you rather comprehensive training on anything related to affiliate marketing.

From setting up your various sales funnels (via ClickFunnels) to generating and monitoring your leads. And even to set-up your email autoresponders so you can send your sales pages to your leads

One thing you have to take note of is that after you completed one session and hit “Mark To Complete”, you won’t be able to start the next session immediately. Instead, you’ll be given around 24 hours before you can access the next session.

Some people may not like that system. But personally, I liked it.

It just ensures that you won’t be able to “binge-watch” all the sessions at once. Thus, it gives you time to absorb and review all the knowledge that you gained in the session before you can move on to the next.

This system also prevents any course-takers from skipping any of the previous sessions and just jumping ahead. And let’s face it. There are some people who would do just that.

Still, while the training is quite impressive, there are still quite a few problems that I observed about this program. I’ll get to this as we move along.

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How Much Does “Partner With Anthony” Cost?

There are two payment options that you can avail, should you wish to enter this course.

  • $7 per month
  • $97 One-Time Payment

The monthly subscription of $7 is preferred if you only wish to try the course for yourself. You should only choose the $97 one-time payment if you’re absolutely sure about this course.

However, this won’t take into account the tools that they’re going to “recommend” during training. So you’ll still need to take into account the additional costs for them.

  • ClickFunnels – $99-$297 per month
  • BuildRedirects – $19.99-$99.99 per month
  • GetResponse – $15-$1,199 per month
  • AWeber – $19-$149 per month
  • Digital Marketing Mastermind – $69.95 per year
  • M Insider Newsletter – $9.95 per month

These are offered to the student as “upsells” during the course. And yes. If you’re going to buy them through this course, you’ll be using Anthony’s affiliate link, meaning he still gets paid for every purchase.

The first four upsells are actually legitimate tools. ESPECIALLY ClickFunnels. You’ll eventually be needed to buy these tools if you want to expand your affiliate marketing business.

The last two in the upsell list are a bit questionable, as both are also Anthony Morrison’s products. In particular, the “M Insider Newsletter” is only a newsletter that provides updates about the affiliate marketing industry.

Which, to be honest, you can get for free if you look well enough.

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What I Don’t Like About Partner With Anthony?

While it seems like the “Partner With Anthony” course is a good idea, there are still some issues that I personally don’t like about this.

It Focuses On A Single Product

While the “Partner With Anthony” course is, indeed, a rather comprehensive course about affiliate marketing, there’s also a catch.

It doesn’t offer a general approach to its teaching, and it only focuses on you promoting a single product.

In fact, the entire course is quite focused on teaching you how you can sell the PWA course itself. So essentially, you’re going to be an affiliate of Anthony Morrison himself.

Essentially, you’re going to sell HIS products and courses to others, and earn a commission while you’re doing so.

If you only wanted to take this course because you only want to find a way to make money online, then this will matter little to you.

However, if you have a different niche in mind, then this may not work for you. Especially when you don’t really enjoy what you’re promoting.

Because one thing that’s important when you’re affiliate marketing, is that you have to have complete faith in the product you’re offering. You have to be confident that your product is also going to help others, just as it helped you.

Customers can easily recognize it as well if you’re less enthusiastic about your product. So if you lacked confidence in the product you’re selling, then how can you convince others to try it out as well?

Lack Of Proper Support

As previously stated, the “Partner With Anthony” name is just a misnomer. You’re only getting access to all the training materials made by Anthony himself.

Which is still great. But you’re not going to have any support from Anthony himself, or anyone on his team who is well-versed in affiliate marketing.

It means once you’re in the course, you’re basically on your own. If you need any clarifications on what you learned during the course, the only way to ask for it is through opening a support ticket.

And usually, customer support can only assist you in the technical aspect of the website. But not about the course itself.

There’s even no members’ forum or a “Q&A” section of the page to rely on. Your only choice is to contact any other members who have studied the course as well, through other means.

Anthony Morrison’s Not-So-Good Reputation

Finally, Anthony Morrison’s not-so-good track record is one of the reasons why it’s hard to recommend this course.

I’ve already discussed most of his points in a previous review, but I would also like to reiterate a few things.

The only real reason that Anthony Morrison is earning those large figures is that he’s just so good at selling himself. He can easily convince you that what he’s trying to sell you is something that can be helpful to you.

But how can you trust a system that has a rather high refund rate?

Partner With Anthony Complaints

This is just one of the numerous examples of people complaining about their refund on Partner With Anthony on Better Business Bureau.

While admittedly, it has gotten a bit better as they’re now ethically issuing a proper refund, there are still some reported cases in which others aren’t even getting anything back at all.

Partner With Anthony Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Partner With Anthony review…

I’m just going to reiterate that this course isn’t a scam. You get decent training here, and there are still plenty of success stories that claim that they have made money online by being Anthony’s affiliate.

But the cons and bad reputation of this course outweigh the pros in my own opinion. Like I always say repeatedly, value is almost important when you’re purchasing a product or a service.

Most people won’t care about the price if the value it gives is worth it. But sadly, Partner With Anthony doesn’t have that value that well justifies the price.

Regardless, the decision is still up to you.

What are your experiences with Partner With Anthony, as well as his other courses? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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