Passive Income Geek Review – Morten Storgaard Scam?

Passive Income Geek Review - Morten Storgaard Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a marketing course called Passive Income Geek. Is it legit? Find out in this Passive Income Geek review.

The trend of having a passive income has grown in popularity and accessibility. It enables individuals to earn money with minimal ongoing effort or active participation. The concept revolves around establishing income streams that persist even when you’re not actively engaged, offering financial flexibility and the possibility of having more leisure time.

Through the Passive Income Geek course, you’ll acquire the skills to construct your website from the ground up, identify topics for favorable Google rankings, boost traffic efficiently, engage writers, and implement strategies to monetize your site, ensuring the creation of a sustained, long-term income.

Join me in this review to learn more about them!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Passive Income Geek in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Passive Income Geek Review: Quick Details

  • Program: Passive Income Geek
  • Founders: Morten Storgaard
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube, Facebook
  • Type: Training Course
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Recommendation: This program is only for people who have a lot of time in their hands to manage content creating and blogging while already have a stable income on the side.

Who is Morten Storgaard?

Passive Income Geek Review - Morten Storgaard Scam?

Morten Storgaard, based in Middle Jutland, Denmark, is the sole founder of Passive Income Geek. He is an affiliate marketer, digital marketing consultant, and SEO specialist. His most successful website,, established in 2013, earns up to $30,000 monthly through ads and affiliate commissions. Morten is skilled in creating websites across various niches and has sold domains on

In 2007, Morten started an ecommerce business, discovering his talent for digital marketing. Since 2008, he has been creating websites and working as an SEO consultant. In 2014, he founded, a Danish tech blog, refining his blogging and marketing skills. With an information technology degree from Aarhus University, Morten now manages a team of writers and editors, allowing him more time for his course business and family.

And in November 2020, he introduces the Passive Income Geek YouTube channel, which currently boasts 24.1K subscribers.

Passive Income Geek Review - Morten Storgaard Scam?

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek Review - Morten Storgaard Scam?

Passive Income Geek is like a helpful guide for bloggers who want to make money online. It shows you how to earn money by creating websites that make money on their own. Additionally, it teaches you how to make money from ads and partnerships. It also helps you understand how to write content for your site and use tricks to make Google show your site to more people. If you’re already a blogger, this course is especially good for learning how to build and make money from your website.

This course focuses on using affiliate marketing method, where you promote someone else’s product to earn money. You can advertise for free or pay for promotion and use SEO, which is a smart way to get free leads over time.

The Passive Income course is like a complete package with useful tips and tools to help you. It covers everything from finding profitable topics and good domain names to creating content that ranks well on Google. The course also teaches organic ways to get links, effective SEO strategies, and how to set up your site quickly. You’ll learn proven methods to make money, get guidance on social media, and more. It includes easy-to-follow videos, totaling over 18 hours, where the instructor shows you step-by-step. There’s also 7 hours of topic research covering eight different topics to make your learning experience even better.

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Course Overview

  • Selecting a Niche

In 16 lessons, the course covers topics ranging from identifying niches to avoid to brainstorming and assessing promising niches. The curriculum also delves into examining the earning potential, accompanied by the provision of a distinctive tool to assist in the evaluation of niche ideas.

  • Researching Topics

In this he course, you will have access to lots of videos where you can see Morten looking for topics to write about. This part of the course gives a lot of detailed information saves you time and helps you avoid topics with too much competition that might be hard to succeed in.

  • Discovering a Suitable Domain Name

In this lesson, you will be taught how to pick a strong domain name that can grow over time. They give you a special Excel sheet and an online tool combo to find powerful available domain names. The instructor shares the method they use to find their best domains. The course also talks about important things to check before you register a new domain. The goal is to make sure learners have the skills and tools to make smart choices when choosing and registering domain names.

  • Establishing Your Website

The course instructor guides you in establishing your website correctly. Additionally, the course provides insights into design tricks and tips to naturally attract more links to your site. The objective is to empower participants with the knowledge and abilities necessary to develop a well-organized and visually appealing website, ensuring functionality and drawing attention and links effortlessly. The ultimate aim is to enhance the website’s performance and visibility on the internet.

  • Creating Exceptional Content

The course teaches you about “search intent” and writing for the web to get your content to the top of Google. With easy-to-follow videos, it shows precise techniques for crafting outlines and headlines. The course also covers writing content that naturally gets links and provides tips for effective use of affiliate links and display ads. These videos aim to equip learners with the skills to create outstanding content, aligning with search engine rules and attracting links organically. It’s a valuable resource for enhancing online presence and visibility.

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My Favorite Program

  • SEO Tips

The course teaches how to make your content show up better on search engines. The instructor shows how their websites get links without bothering people with emails. They also talk about making your site load faster and cover other technical stuff about SEO. The goal is to give learners the skills to improve their content’s visibility on search engines without bothering people with outreach. The course also shares tips on making your site faster and understanding other technical aspects of SEO for a better online presence.

  • Monetization

The course covers different ways to make money, like ads, affiliate marketing, and information products. Participants learn how to make the most money using these methods and get practical advice on finding content ideas that make a lot of money for each method. The course ensures participants understand the basics of making money and know how to find ideas that bring in a lot of money for each method.

  • Social Media

In this part, the Morten gives a detailed look at his social media strategies on platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. The goal is to share a complete understanding of the instructor’s social media strategies without requiring any specific social media presence from participants. This approach ensures the course is accessible and useful to a diverse audience, regardless of their current involvement in social media.

  • Advanced Modules

In addition, the course has five modules with a total of 18 lessons, full of useful techniques and insights. They cover tasks like delegating, advanced research, making money in smart ways, improving SEO, and selling your website successfully. Participants can explore these lessons to gain deep knowledge and practical skills in different aspects of online business and website management.


You can avail this program at $399 for a year with $199 per additional year. It is also noteworthy that they offer 30 days 100% Money-Back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


The course has a lot of useful information that you can apply, with real examples showing how Passive Income Geek can help you make money. The content is based on real experiences, making it trustworthy. Also, the course covers topics that aren’t usually included in other courses, giving you a unique and complete learning opportunity.


Getting a broad niche site to rank high takes a ton of time. Growing this kind of business can hit you in the wallet and add more risks. Also, making a niche website stand out in global search results is no walk in the park – it needs loads of time and know-how. You’re up against a bunch of other affiliate marketers, maybe even a thousand. All this effort, money, and competition highlight how tricky it is to make a mark online with these kinds of websites.

Final Verdict – Passive Income Geek Reviews

According to Passive Income Geek, writing 2-3 articles weekly could get you 20-50,000 monthly views after a year, possibly earning $400-$1,000 monthly from ads and affiliate marketing. However, realistically speaking, not everyone have the exemption to do this. Even with the course itself, this would be a very challenging thing to do. There is also the fact that global ranking for a niche website takes time due to tough competition.

Also, one of the nice part about affiliate marketing is that it is low-cost and safer. However, it takes a long time for new websites to get noticed and show up high on Google if you’re not using ads. Time investment is quite at stake here and the blogging world is also competitive nowadays. In order to success, constant out-of-the box and creative ideas are needed.

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