Best Passive Income Ideas For 2020

So,you are here for the best passive income ideas.I welcome you to this article and we are going to talk about it in detail.Passive income is the way to go.

No matter what business it is.Whether it is online or offline.

Passive income means that you put the work once and it will feed you for life.

No matter you are doing work or not money keeps coming to your bank months after months.

Once a legend said

?If you do not find a way to make money in your sleeps than work till death?.

I am not going to talk about 20,30 different passive income ideas here.But I am going to talk about the best passive income idea here.One and the best way to make passive money.

If you are looking for offline business than I would recommend you to go to other websites and read them.

In this post I am going to talk about only online business.

Online business works like offline.But the main difference is that the growth in this business is exponential.

You are your own boss.

No matter you work or not money keeps coming.

So,let?s talk about the best passive income ideas online.

But before talking about this I want to clear one thing that online business works like offline.

No simple money here.You have to work as much as in other businesses.

Lots of people give up online industry because they do not have guidance and think that it is get rich quick scheme.Well,it?s not works like this.

Life Is A Car And Money Is It's Fuel,Head Over To Gas Station>>>

Best Passive Income Ideas

Let?s talk about the best passive income ideas for 2020 and further.I recently wrote an article on best way to make money online.

Hope you will like it.In this I talk about everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing si the way to go.Affiliate marketing is the best business online at the moment.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income.

In fact affiliate marketing is the only business model online which gives you with the opportunity of passive income.

I reviewed a lot of course whether it is of dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.
I personally tried every online business out there.

From dropshipping,amazon fba,SMMA,clickbank,clickfunnels affiliate and a lot of businesses online.

I keep on failing in these business.Why?Because I was not getting the right information of where to go.

A quote I want to mention here is..


I was failing days and months but not ready to invest in myself.After all you have to invest somewhere to start a business.

In my three years of affiliate marketing journey I watched a lot of people failing in front of me and gave up.

They did not invest in them and this was the big mistake they were doing.

I am not talking about the big money.Just as little as $7.Which i will tell you in detail in this post.

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model.Let;s discuss about it..

Life Is A Car And Money Is It's Fuel,Head Over To Gas Station>>>


Affiliate marketing is the best online business out there.I love passive income.And the main concept of this business model is passive income.

The growth in this business is exponential.

I want to mention my online friend Jacob Caris who earned $100,000 in one day through affiliate marketing.And he is completely new in this space.

I watched his interview where he was saying that he started affiliate marketing six months before.

There is the vision and opportunity for you.Affiliate marketing is about how quickly you learn it and implement it.

This business is all about learning the skills.The skills that what is your favourite audience who wants the product you are promoting.

What is your position at the moment.What you want in life to leave 9/5.

It is very possible to hit $30k/month figure with affiliate marketing.

The skills you are going to learn along the journey is out of this world.

You maybe thinking what kind of skills,let me tell you this.

It includes learning about google and facebook ads.How to change your offers and test different methods in ad copy.

How to write ad copy in such a way that product sells.Skills to grow your busines to $10k/month from anywhere.

The things that you are going to learn along the journey is something really special about this business.

Email marketing and different marketing strategies is what affiliate marketing is based on.

One thing I like about affiliate marketing is that it is based on proven marketing strategies.

The strategies which worked again and again to people before you.It is as simple as that.

Life Is A Car And Money Is It's Fuel,Head Over To Gas Station>>>

Best Way To Make Money Online

So,let me tell you something more about best passive income ideas.Means affiliate marketing!

I said that it is simple to hit 30k/month if you know how online marketing works.

If you want to hit that goal as quicker as you want than for this you have to choose high ticket affiliate marketing.There are three kinds of affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing,small ticket and moderate affiliate marketing.

I love high ticket affiliate marketing.There are many reasons of this.The first thing that I want to tell you here is that it requires as much effort to sell a $1000 product as $10.

Why not go for the big ones.It means you only require one product to sell in a day to reach that $30,000 mark.

I know a lot of affiliate marketers who are in this industry for more than a decade.

They are stuck in between $5k-$10k.This is because of low ticket products.

Listen if you do not earned $10k/month with affiliate marketing.Stop jumping around and read this.

Select one product which you want to promote and believe from heart will bring massive value to your audience.

Than choose one platform for this.It can be insyagram,facebook blog or youtube.

Keep pumping content till you start making sales each that.It is not complicated as people think.

I want you to start your journey by going to my number one recommendation to learn this

.It is the best affiliate learning platform in the world.You can start with just $7.You can also promote them too.

Life Is A Car And Money Is It's Fuel,Head Over To Gas Station>>>

Best Affiliate Products

So I want to expand this post for you.This is the important part of affiliate marketing.I realized this late in my affiliate marketing journey.Selecting a product to promote is the best part of this business.

It decides that how far you can go with affiliate marketing.Well,the thing that I realized very late in my journey is that you have to pick high ticket affiliate program.

The program I am recommending you will teach you this step by step.It will take you from complete beginner to an affiliate marketing expert in 14 days.

Now the thing that I want you to understand is that you have to pick products that will pay you at least $100 from one sale.

This means that you have to go with high ticket affiliate programs from the beginning.

It requires same effort to sell a product for $100 as compared to $1000.Why not go for the big ones?

You have to learn the stuff pretty quickly to reach your income goals though.

In this I mean you have to learn how to write on facebook ads or in website that will bring sales.

For this I will recommend you copywriting secrets.Enough about this I think right now.

I want you to take the first step towards your journey.Because it is a quote that,

?Journey of million miles starts with taking first step.?

Alright.Enroll right now without wasting time and take first sep to your affiliate marketing journey.

Best Of Luck!

Life Is A Car And Money Is It's Fuel,Head Over To Gas Station>>>

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