Passive Profit Funnels Review: Is The App Worth It?

Today we’ll be reviewing an online app called Passive Profit Funnels. Is Passive Profit Funnels worth it? Find out in this Passive Profit Funnels review.

At first glance, affiliate marketing may seem to be a quick and easy way to earn passive income. And who doesn’t want that kind of income? Being able to just sit down and casually browse the internet while you earn.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as anyone thinks. Before you can actually earn, you need to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen marketing niche. And only then, will people see you as a trusted individual, and will do business with you.

While there are several methods anyone can use in building that marketing presence, especially online, Passive Profit Funnels aims to simplify that process by a large margin. 

Passive Profit Funnels arms the affiliate marketer with a number of tools needed for your website to generate a huge number of commissions from different niches. And all of it is done with just a few clicks, with little to no prior training required.

But is Passive Profit Funnels worth it? Is it a must-have for the affiliate marketer? Or is it just another web-based dud? This review will help you decide before making that purchase. 

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with Passive Profit Funnels or any other company, in any way.

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What is a Sales Funnel?

To better understand how Passive Profit Funnels work, it’s important to know the definition of a sales funnel, and how it is important for affiliate marketers.

A sales funnel, also called an affiliate marketing funnel, is a model used by businesses to collect prospects, in the hope that it’ll eventually turn them into buyers.

The model usually follows the AIDA stage, in which it can be defined as…

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The model is best illustrated as something like this…

Passive Profit Funnels Review - Sales Funnel

A funnel is used as a model because while many visitors may develop an awareness of a certain brand, only a handful of them would eventually become customers.

In some models, another stage after “Action” is defined. “Retention”, which is the process of keeping your customers happy and interested in your brand.

The main purpose of a good sales funnel is to collect visitors and convert them into leads, and eventually, customers.

What is Passive Profit Funnels?

Passive Profit Funnels Review - Brand Logo

Passive Profit Funnels is an online cloud-based software developed by Glynn Kosky, who has over 7 or more years of experience as a digital marketer and a super-affiliate.

Passive Profit Funnels Review - Glynn Kosky

According to the sales page, Passive Profit Funnels aims to help affiliate marketers, from newcomers to veterans, into generating an almost unlimited number of leads, sales, and eventually, commissions.

To do this, Passive Profit Funnels offers these features.

  • It provides tools for generating your own, DFY (Done-For-Yourself) sales funnel pages. Or you can make your own.
  • Their pre-made sales funnel pages are hosted on their own servers for free.
  • The app serves only the highest-paying and top-converting offers from multiple niches, thus giving the affiliate marketer several income streams online.
  • It can generate free buyer traffic from multiple viral sources, mainly from Google and others. And channel them to your affiliate website.

All of these features, plus some more, can be done in just three easy steps.

  • Log in to the web-based software and give your site a name.
  • Add your affiliate links
  • Click the traffic button.
  • DONE!

Passive Profit Funnels: Inclusions

  • Automated Funnel-making Software
  • Wide range of premium lead magnets
  • 14 D-F-Y Lead & Commission Funnels
  • High-Paying, Top Converting Affiliate Offers
  • Unlimited Hosting for all your funnel pages
  • Free Traffic Methods & Epic Over-The-Shoulder Training

How To Make Money From Passive Profit Funnels?

The primary purpose of Passive Profit Funnels is to drive visitors to your website and potentially convert them into leads, then actual paying customers. Commissions from sales are your primary source of income from this kind of software, which can scale depending on the number of buyers and the price of the product being advertised.

Passive Profit Funnels One-Time Offers

The CryptoCommissions app is usable enough as it is. But there’s also an option to upgrade and access more features for the app if you like.

  • Front-end – Passive Profit Funnels – ($17) – This is the main app itself. you need to buy this product first to avail of any of the upsells below.
  • 1st OTO– Unlimited Version – $67/$37
  • 2nd OTO – 100% Done-For-You – $97/67
  • 3rd OTO – Unlimited Traffic – $147/47
  • 4th OTO – $30K In 30 Days Version – $147/$47
  • 5th OTO – Super Affiliate Version – $97/$37
  • 6th OTO – License Rights $147/67 – AKA The Reseller’s License
  • 7rh OTO– AUTO Profit Boost – $47/$37

Visit their official sales page to learn more about the upsells in full detail

How Much Money Can I Make From Passive Profit Funnels?

How much, and how often, can you profit from this product can vary. The software does promise that it only offers the highest-paying and top-converting leads from several sources, mostly from viral ones. But ultimately, the money you’ll earn depends on the number of people who are actually buying the product.

Nevertheless, affiliate marketing by itself is still a good source of passive income online, and with the proper setup and training, you can still make a decent amount of earnings from this, and potentially much more.

Is Passive Profit Funnels A Scam?

To be fairly honest, this app is a downright scam.

Passive Profit Funnels Review - Scam

The idea of automatically-generated and optimized sales funnel pages, as well as easy buyer traffic, is tempting for affiliate marketing beginners. However, there are numerous red flags in this app that makes this qualify as a software fraud.

  • DFY sales funnels, such as those made by Passive Profit Funnels, rarely convert into lead magnets and commissions because of their pre-generated nature. Think about it. If an app can do this easily, then every other affiliate marketer would use this as well. Now, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you buy from someone who uses the same sales funnel page as everyone else, with little variety in it?
  • Online traffic can’t simply be generated by an app alone. It needs to be worked on day-by-day. By posting regular and engaging content.
  • Software-made affiliate websites and sales funnels rarely get high ranks on search engines, if any at all. It’s simply logic. Search engines don’t like artificial content. It must be organic.
  • If you use any of these methods for your affiliate marketing, search engines may suspect you of using “blackhat” SEO tactics.  If they did, they’ll flag your content as spammy, which results in a further rank down.

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Additional Facts About Passive Profit Funnels

  • Aside from sponsored online blog posts, no independent affiliate marketers have ever stepped forward with success stories when they used their product.
  • If you think the offered features and claims are familiar, it’s because it also uses the same system as CryptoCommissions, another one of Glynn Kosky’s products.
  • The developer of this app, Glynn Kosky, is known to release 2 to 3 similar apps every month. And all of them with similar claims of maximum lead generation with minimal training.
  • The product claims of its “100% Money Back Guarantee”. But some reports still say that customers didn’t even get a full refund after they availed of this, and weren’t satisfied.

What Are The Other Alternatives?

The competition for affiliate marketing is a heated one.  For instance, a great number of similar affiliates will surely aim for their website to rank the highest in search engines.

However, using software to give you an “unfair” advantage isn’t going to work. At all.

No matter how covert it is, search engines have the technology to detect those methods. And will effectively “punish” those who do it.

However, here are some pointers to keep in mind when you want to get the headstart on affiliate marketing.

  • Know your niche market. Once you’ve known your target niche, it becomes easier to create content for it. Because you’re already knowledgeable with how your niche works.
  • Enroll in some online courses on SEO and content marketing. This’ll give you a solid foundation for your affiliate marketing efforts. There are a good number of online courses out there, both free and paid.
  • Make a blog. A majority of the content you’ll make will start right here.
  • Whenever you can, always stay updated on the latest tools and trends on affiliate marketing, SEO, and the like. SEO is a constantly changing landscape, such as one method that you’re using right now, may be more or less effective in the near future.

Above all, maintain a consistent SEO schedule. Create new content on a regular schedule, and engage in your visitors whenever you can.

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Final Verdict – Passive Profit Funnels Review

Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached this point of this Passive Profit Funnels review, you’re now armed with the right knowledge to decide for yourself. To see if this app is worth it for your affiliate marketing tool, or not.

Passive Profit Funnels is a product that is just not worth it for the affiliate marketer. It’s just a big scam. It’s better to just invest yourself on proper SEO education courses, than use this product and just be disappointed in the long run.

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