Paul Bocco: Kingdom Business Incubator Review

Hello, and welcome to my Kingdom Business Incubator review. Here, we’re going to find out if the Kingdom Business Incubator is right for you.

There’s no denying that the current pandemic situation has an impact on many of us. And this essentially has put us in a form of “Survival Mode“.

With unemployment still rampant due to several industries cutting down their workforce, finding a decent-paying job nowadays could be a challenge. Those who still retain their current jobs can be considered lucky, yet it’s still not enough for some.

During this period of calamity, however, comes an opportunity.

Thanks to the internet, people are now finding plenty of opportunities to make money, especially online. And some of them have found better and more flexible opportunities than what they had in their previous jobs.

Of course, we should always be careful about the moneymaking opportunities we see. Because some of them are actually masked as pyramid scams, investment scams, or any other types of scams.

This is what our Kingdom Business Incubator review aims to do. You may have seen this system since these have a tendency to be advertised heavily.

Kingdom Business Incubator claims to introduce a system that can give financial freedom to anyone who joins this program.

But will this business method also work for you? It’s best if you read this Kingdom Business Incubator review first. So that you can make a sound judgement for yourself.

Note that we’re not affiliated with Kingdom Business Incubator in any way.

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What Is The Kingdom Business Incubator?

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”
– Deuteronomy 8:18 –

Once you visit its sales page, this is the Bible verse that will greet you immediately. And from this, you can get a good idea of what type of offer you’re going into.

The Kingdom Business Incubator is a program that, as they claim, is built upon the fundamentals of faith and Christianity.

The business model that they’re going to use here isn’t clearly stated outright. Even if you read through all the sales pages, it won’t be revealed to you.

Some of the feedback about this system claims that they teach a form of real estate investing. But information about this is pretty much scarce.

What we do know is, the Kingdom Business Incubator is a heavily Christian-oriented system. Therefore, most of the mentors who are in this program will surely base their mentorship lessons heavily on religion and faith.

Hence, if you’re someone who’s quite faithful and wanted a business system that inspires you through faith, then this could fit your bill.

The real estate business, however, can be quite tough to get into. While you can potentially earn quite a lot of money in real estate, there’s also a chance that it may not for you as well as they did.

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Who Created The Kingdom Business Incubator?

The Kingdom Business Incubator was created by Paul “Bocco” Boccolucci.

Kingdom Business Incubator - Paul Bocco

He describes himself as a “wealthy Jesus freak”. Which is readily apparent in his sales pitch as the way he delivers it, it’s like you’re attending a Christian ministry.

This is honestly a good thing for me. But other than that, there’s not much information revealed about him.

Overall, he’s not much different from the other business gurus that you may have encountered in the past. To put it simply, he’s one of those people who have found a way to get out of the 9-5 grind and made a business model that gives them a good amount of income, all while still doing the things they love to do.

The only real difference is, he puts heavy emphasis on his faith to inspire others.

You may think that, being a “man of God”, he and his business method is effective, and even legitimate. And truth be told, you’re only half-right.

While he and his business may be legitimate, there are still some glaring faults that make this system a little suspicious.

Kingdom Business Incubator: Inclusions

Joining the Kingdom Business Incubator will give you access to the inclusions of a typical online course.

You’ll get the usual training on how their business model works, scripts to help you when negotiating with clients, live coaching (group and 1-on-1), and community access.

What’s interesting about the Kingdom Business Incubator, is that according to them, they don’t use Facebook for their online community. Instead, they use a different platform that is “less spammy”. It could be that they host their own community forum for this purpose.

Here are the key benefits of joining the Kingdom Business Incubator.

  • They’ll provide you with their turn-key lead pipeline system so you can generate leads within 24 hours. They claim that this could be learned in just two or three days.
  • 10  additional ways to generate and find quality leads.
  • Live telephone support whenever you have questions.
  • New to this system is that they claim to give you additional funding if you so need it.
  • They’ll also teach you how you can scale your business for true automation, like where to hire virtual assistants, etc.

How Much Does The Kingdom Business Incubator Cost?

And this is where it gets a little suspicious.

Despite the long explanation given by the creators of this online program, there’s no mention of the price at all. They only touched the subject on the last part of the sales page, but they still won’t tell it.

It’s as if they’re dodging the question about it, because instead of giving the price upfront, they instead would give you a very long explanation of sorts. That it doesn’t matter what the cost is, as long as it works and you can get your ROI.

The only way that you can get information on how much it costs, is by booking a call with them. And even then, some people may be hesitant to leave their personal information just like that.

You see, once you leave your name and email address to them, you automatically become their lead for their email marketing. And even if you decide to not try their course, they’ll sure send you their marketing emails continuously, to the point of almost spamming you.

Yes, there’s the “Unsubscribe” button on these emails usually. But the links to unsubscribe can sometimes be hidden well on those emails, that many people may not even bother looking for it.

Overall, the lack of price transparency only contributes to the suspicious nature of this online course.

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Is Real Estate For Everyone?

Real Estate

In this section of the Kingdom Business Incubator review, I’ll be revealing to you why I don’t think real estate can work for everyone. Since this is the business model that they’re reputedly introducing to you.

Buying and selling real estate isn’t really a piece of cake. You can’t just decide to pursue a career in real estate on the spur of the moment. Making judgments about a real estate-related business is a serious matter.

If you want to succeed in real estate, you need capital. If you do not have capital, then I suggest looking for another business to get into. Properties are not cheap at all.

It only gets a bit worse right now since we’re currently in a pandemic situation. Most people right now aren’t able to think about buying a new home or a new location to settle in for whatever purpose. Obviously, the first thing they’re going to think about right now is buying their necessities.

Real estate may experience a boost in sales once the pandemic is truly over, yes. But it’ll be only in very specific areas.

In short, if you want to make plenty of money in real estate, you’re going to have to do a lot of hard work especially today.

Will You Recommend The Kingdom Business Incubator?

If you’re someone who is interested in faith-based mentoring and coaching to motivate you in this business method, then the Kingdom Business Incubator may be the system that you need.

But it’s also perfectly fine if you felt unsure about joining here. After all, the information provided on this system, especially the business method, is far too vague.

And why would you invest in a system that gives very little details about itself? Not everyone is a daredevil who just goes on and joins any moneymaking system without knowing full well what it does.

It’s like you’re just giving away your money and investing in a system that you’re unsure of it will work for you or not.

Besides, since this program deals with real estate, it might a little difficult for some people to make money effectively here. Especially if sales talk isn’t really your strongest point.

Kingdom Business Incubator Review: Final Thoughts

I would like to close off this Kingdom Business Incubator review, by giving some final thoughts

If the real estate industry sounds like a good way for you to earn big money, then you’re not wrong to think that way.

But personally, it’s not really that ideal, especially for a beginner. The amount of capital that you’ll need to successfully establish a business like this isn’t something you can achieve in mere days.

Sure. It’s an investment that always appreciates, thus increasing its value. But the hard work that you’re going to put up with this may not be worth it.

In fact, when it comes to real estate, digital real estate is so much better today. It’s much less of a hassle to set up a related business like domain flipping and even lead generation if you wish.

If you ask me, I would just stick to what business method works for me. But you’re also free to try it for yourself.

My personal recommendation for making money online revolves around lead generation and digital real estate. And if it works for me and for many people, it’s certainly going to work for you as well.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Kingdom Business Incubator review.

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