Payton Welch: Review

Today we’ll be taking a look at Payton Welch’s Inbound Closer training program. Is this legit? Find out in this review.

As you may know already, there are several opportunities out there claiming to help individuals earn a lot of money, usually online. Most of these opportunities usually say that, by joining them, you’ll be able to quit your 9-5 daily job while making even more money from it.

And as all of us know, financial freedom is always a good thing. The freedom of being able to earn money while still finding time to do the things you love. It’s always worth striving for.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy claims of these opportunities can always vary.

Some of them are proven to be legit. A few of them are just scams in disguise. Still, others may very well be legitimate, but they don’t work well according to your needs.

That’s why, before you spend your hard-earned money to join any of these opportunities, it’s extremely important that you do plenty of research first. So that you can decide for yourself if the opportunity is something suitable for you, or not.

And this is what this review aims to do. Hopefully, this review can help you out with your decision to join this program, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased review review, based on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links about this product here, as I’m not affiliated with Inbound Closer and its creators in any way or form.

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  • Name: Inbound Closer
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Training Program
  • Owner: Payton & Taylor Welch
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Sales
  • Price: $97 (but upsells can cost around $7,000 to $10,000)
  • Money-Back Guarantee?: Yes
  • Recommended?: I don’t really recommend this online course at all. Especially if what you’re seeking is a moneymaking opportunity that makes you quit your job comfortably. It could be a different story if you’re looking to improve your skill in sales, but other courses already offer that. Review: What Is Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer

Inbound Closer is an online course that’s billed as something that can teach you a highly-in-demand skill that can help you earn around six figures on average. They say you can achieve such earnings by being an “inbound closer”, which is just their fancier term for a telemarketer.

If you are not familiar with telemarketing, well, consider yourself lucky. But if you’ve worked as a customer service representative before, you’re going to be very familiar with this method.

It’s not so different from those salespersons who may sometimes approach you randomly and offers to buy a product that you may not need at all, but will (stubbornly) insist that you’re not going to be disappointed if you buy it.

Only this time, you’re going to do this via phone.

Though what makes Inbound Closer special, according to its creators, is that you’re going to be taught an effective sales skill that’ll let you close high-ticket deals and earn a hefty amount of commissions.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with learning how to be an effective and convincing salesperson. In the world of business, a good sales talk can mean all the difference, especially when looking for customers.

This is most especially true if you’re going to want to

But isn’t it better if you invest in a course that helps you learn how you can build an actual online business?

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My Favorite Program

Who Created and the Inbound Closer training program are the product of the Welch brothers, Payton & Taylor Welch. - Payton & Taylor Welch

Although on the advertisements for Inbound Closer, you’ll immediately recognize Payton Welch’s face. That’s because he’s essentially the “face” of Inbound Closer. - Payton Welch

Taylor Welch, on the other hand, is the guy who’s responsible for the website and course materials. In short, he’s basically responsible for what Inbound Closer is today.

While there’s not much to talk about them in terms of credentials and accomplishments, you can already tell that they’re experienced digital marketers right off the bat. Because it’s readily apparent when you watched their advertisement videos, that they clearly know how to deliver a good sales talk.

They also have another online course called The Sales Mentor. Which more of less teaches the same principle as Inbound Closer, but focuses more on converting leads into actual sales.

How Does Inbound Closer Work? Funnel Site

As stated before, Inbound Closer is an online course that gives you training on how you can be an effective telemarketer. They claim that once you’re complete with this course, you’ll be able to earn up to six figures in commissions using the training this program provides.

While various kinds of online marketing, especially email marketing and online ads, dominate the industry today, telemarketers are still very important. This is especially true when the offers are high-ticket ones.

Because most customers don’t have a tendency to make high-value purchases online immediately. In order for them to do so, they’ll usually look for more information regarding the expensive product or service. All to make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth on that offer (after all, they are expensive).

The goal of this Inbound Closer online course is to teach you how you can formulate a good dialog to strongly convince your lead that the product or service you’re offering is something that can drastically improve an aspect of their life. In some cases, you may even be required to be a bit insistent, but polite, when you’re delivering your sales talk.

By closing your deals with this potential customer and making a sale, only then you’ll be able to earn commissions.

Take note that the training will not guarantee your success just like that. In fact, in order to truly succeed in this, you must be emotionally tough, and expect that not anyone will readily spend their cash for the product you’re offering.

Though if you already had a previous job related to sales before, like for example, being a customer service representative, then you’ll know this already. You should also be aware that you’re going to be doing plenty of cold-calling for this. Review: Program Inclusions

By joining the Inbound Closer program itself, you’ll be able to access these benefits. Which includes the following:

The Daily Commission Check Blueprint

This is basically a quick training program that will teach you how to land your first customer in just one week.

As it only lasts around a week, it only contains two training modules.

The Inbound Closing Accelerator

This is a more comprehensive training program on how you can effectively close any high-ticket offer deal. They claim that this system is a culmination of Welch’s longtime experience in telemarketing after around 3,200 calls and $42 million closed in business.

As this is a more in-depth training program, this is intended to be taken in a span of 21 days.

Post-Call Recordings Archive & Breakdown

This archive contains post-call recordings of many people who have used this system to earn about six-to-seven figure earnings in all.

They are also broken down and reviewed individually so you can learn some tips and tricks from these recordings.

Inbound Closer Mastermind Group

As with most online courses, you’ll also be given access to a private online group of fellow students of this program. This is a risk-free environment where you can rehearse, and strategize with fellow members after the same goal.

Welch also occasionally gives live sessions to members of this group, where you can ask questions related to the program.

Taylor’s Personal Network of Online Entrepreneurs

This is basically Taylor Welch’s so-called list of affiliate marketing opportunities that members can take. These opportunities are usually posted by Taylor himself, or from other clients.

Once an opportunity is posted, members can get notified about them so they can jump right in and grab them for themselves.


Finally, you’ll also get a document that contains some easy-to-follow scripts that you can simply copy when you’re trying to close a deal. These scripts claim to be proven and tested to convert, and come in a 6-page PDF document.

If you find yourself having a hard time in telemarketing, then you can choose to stick to these scripts instead. How Much Does The Program Cost?

The basic Inbound Closer program will only cost you around $97 on a one-time payment scheme.

However, once you’re signed up with the program, you’ll then be bombarded with plenty of upsells for this course. And these upsells can easily cost thousands of dollars or more.

One of the more notable upsells for this program is the Inbound Closer Certification Program. This is what I considered as the real online course that Welch promotes via this program, and costs around $997. - Inbound Closer Certification Program

Other upsells that are include a “potential customer list” which you can use to find customers of your own to promote your affiliate offers. Unfortunately, this so-called list is only available when you purchase all of the upsells this program offers. Which, aside from the certification program, can easily range from either $7,000 to $10,000.

Personally, I’d think you should just stick to the $97 basic course for you to learn about the bare essentials of being a telemarketer. Because that’s all that you need to learn from this online course.

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My Favorite Program

Is Inbound Closer A Scam? - Closing Problems

The Inbound Closer training program is not a scam at all. It’s a legitimate training course that will teach you how to use telemarketing to close transactions for businesses.

And what they teach is a very valuable skill that you can use on almost any business venture.

The founders, however, are quite sketchy when it comes to pitching the program, which makes it look like they are desperate scammers. In fact, even some automated bots on the Reddit community falsely identify the website as a scammy one. False Positive

But this is only due to the fact that the funnel page is extremely basic. Even at first glance, some people may dismiss this program as a scam because of that funnel page.

Also, the only reason that Inbound Closer is labeled as a scam by some, is because of their rather aggressive marketing. It’s almost as if they’re presenting this online course as a surefire way to get rich online. Which is entirely untrue.

Why I Don’t Recommend’s Training Program?

In this section of this review, I will tell you why I do not recommend this program. - Shrugging Shoulders

I think I made my point clear enough in regards to how being an inbound closer is not a good fit for everyone. It is only for people who know how to communicate with others professionally and are open to rejection.

Not all people would want a career where they have to call different people all day long. And convincing them to buy whatever product or service they have shown interest in is quite tedious.

Most people I know of say that they are interested in something even if they aren’t. This is because they simply do not want to be rude by blatantly rejecting the offer. You have to face the reality that being an inbound closer will make you face a lot of rejections.

If that whole prospect does not appeal to you, then I suggest that you do not pay for the program.

Another red flag I noticed from the get-go is how overhyped the opportunity is. Payton keeps talking about how this is the only opportunity online that is worth your time. However, in reality, his claims of overnight success are simply not realistic. He is a good salesman, but his program is not a good product.

There are also numerous upsells in the program which will be pitched to you repeatedly, and they cost thousands. What’s more, they are also pitched in such an overhyped way. This can make you feel like you need to buy them.

Pros & Cons Of Inbound Closer


  • You don’t need any kind of sales experience to understand this online course. In fact, this online course teaches you something that you can use in sales.
  • There’s a full money-back guarantee for this training program.
  • You only need a minimal setup in order to get started. Just a smartphone/PC and an internet connection will do.
  • You get to learn a new skill that’s very useful on anything marketing-related.


  • False claims. Despite what they said, results are still not guaranteed. So sometimes, you can earn a lot of money, but sometimes, you don’t earn anything at all.
  • The base training program is decently-priced, but the upsells they’re going to insist you buy cost a lot more.
  • You’re going to be able to build your own online business using this training program.
  • The sales industry is highly unreliable and inconsistent. There will be months that, despite all your training here, you may not be able to earn anything.

Alternatives To Inbound Closer?

If you want a different online course that mostly teaches the same core concept, but with a different focus, then you can try Cole Gordon’s Remote Closing.

Instead of having to cold-call potential customers to get a sale, that course focuses on people that are already existing leads for you, and has already shown an interest in your offer.

However, do take note that some online courses like Dennis Brown’s Freight Broker and Bob Diamond’s Overages Blueprint also provide somewhat comprehensive training in sales. This is a given at it’s also required for users to succeed in their respective business models.

But ultimately, if you just want a more reliable online business that can make you a lot of money, especially passive income, it’s better to look for other options Review: Final Thoughts

Before I end this review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

After reading this review, I believe you already know that hard work, skill, and dedication are the keys to success. You can’t just conjure money out of thin air, and you can’t expect to be a genius and a master at something just by trying something out once.

Find your calling and customize your skillset to the goals you wish to achieve in life. You must put in time and effort before you can expect something to bear fruit.

Put up the effort if you want to be successful. You must conquer any obstacles that stand in your way. Demonstrate how valuable you are.

Keep in mind that certain things aren’t meant for you, therefore it’s up to you to figure out which professional route is right for you. There are many options accessible, and I am confident that you can achieve anything you want as long as you give it your best.

If you want to make some money, I have a great opportunity for you. It would take less time and money than inbound closing, and once you got the hang of it, you’ll be able to get spectacular results.

If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this review.

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