PBX Trading Review: Legit MLM Or Pyramid Scheme?

Today, we’re going to talk about PBX Trading. Is this a legitimate moneymaking opportunity worth trying? Find out in this PBX Trading review.

PBX Trading is a company that claims to offer you a chance to earn money, just by doing something as simple as filling out CAPTCHAs.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of this company before. That is, until some hunbot approached you unexpectedly.

It may most likely be a long-time acquaintance of yours whom you haven’t heard for a very long time. Yet, from just out of the blue, they messaged you, most likely on social media.

A few of them will ask if you’re “open-minded” for a new business, and once you said yes, they’ll start pitching this so-called “great opportunity.” If you say no, they’ll just keep on pushing you with various statements, even invoking the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), until you either get annoyed, or you just give in.

This is the usual strategy that most MLM companies teach their affiliates. And for sure, this is how you get to find out about PBX Trading.

But of course, not all moneymaking opportunities are legitimate. Some of them are just scams. But is PBX Trading one of them?

This PBX Trading review aims to help you with that decision.

This PBX Trading review is actually based on my personal experience with the company itself. As such, all the views that I’m going to express here are purely my own. SPOILER: It’s actually pretty ugly.

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PBX Trading Review: Quick Details

  • Name: PBX Trading
  • Website: pbxtrading.ltd (Domain has since been abandoned)
  • Type: Network Marketing
  • Niche: CAPTCHA Encoding
  • Owner: N/A
  • Price: $20 to $1,000
  • Recommended?: Not at all. Companies that offer jobs like this are actually complete scams, and they tend to fall apart in a few months.

What Is PBX Trading?

PBX Trading

The official website of PBX Trading gives this statement when you’re looking for any kind of information about this company.

“Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and offers numerous opportunities. At Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), we provide international companies with the best advice and an effortless start. With up to 100% foreign ownership, a legal system based on Common Law, and a competitive tax environment with no currency restrictions, a competitive edge awaits.”

To be honest, I couldn’t make sense of this statement the first time I read this. It does suggest that “Qatar” seems to be a name of a person of sorts, instead of the state. But I couldn’t really find any decent information about it overall

While there is a company named Qatar Financial Centre, it’s totally not involved with PBX Trading in any form. My suspicion is that they just used the name of the company to make it sound like they’re a legitimate business (which is quite common among companies of this type).

What is revealed, however, is their business model, since I was presented with it even when I only showed a slight interest. That’s how forceful some of the affiliates can be when they’re recruiting.

All you have to do is to pay a certain amount of money upfront, and you’re now a member. Once you’re a member, your job here is to fill out a certain amount of CAPTCHAs each day, and after a month or so, you’ll get paid.

Sounds like easy money, right? Unfortunately, this is the part where things sounded very suspicious.

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The People Behind PBX Trading

As with most business scams like this, PBX Trading doesn’t really show the people who founded this so-called “company”.

However, upon doing my own research (which I neglected to do the first time, so make sure you do this always), PBX Trading seems to be founded by a certain “Ronald De Leon”. This “Ronald De Leon” also acts as its so-called CEO.

PBX Trading - Ronald De Leon

As you can tell from his picture, he just seems like an ordinary guy who doesn’t even look like a legitimate CEO. And for the most part, he’s not even close to being legit.

After all, why would you flash your so-called money on your supposed-to-be company profile picture? It seems to be a rather cheap method to attract investors in the hopes that they’ll become as rich as he is (or is he?)

Another interesting thing to note is, PBX Trading isn’t the first Ponzi scheme that Ronald has ventured before. He’s also involved in another scheme, which he names “Premium Business.”

And it also runs in the same Ponzi scheme disguised as a CAPTCHA-encoding service that PBX Trading is currently doing.

This brings us to the truth. PBX Trading is actually just a rehashed version of the “Premium Business” Ponzi scheme, only changed in name in order to fool more would-be members.

Since they would think it’s a new company, and thus, they won’t be a scam.

Suprise! They still are.

What Methods Of Recruitment Does PBX Training Use?

I’m going to share with you how Ponzi schemes like PBX Trading manage to recruit members to this scheme. Because most of them share the same methodology.

These affiliates actually take advantage of most people’s desire to earn money the easy way (remember, there’s no easy method to earn money). And their primary medium of recruitment is always social media.

Most of these people post on Facebook in a somewhat energetic way. They would usually post a somewhat sarcastic message, saying that they’re “scammed” by this company, yet they would also flash their earnings on the company so far.

Naturally, some people would be curious, and will then comment on the post in an attempt to learn more. This is where the affiliate would then try to convince you to join the company.

Some people would even post the invites on various job postings, and masking them as an “Encoder Job”.

Basically, their usual pitch on attracting new members is the stream of earnings they receive from the company. In truth, however, that’s actually how a Ponzi scheme works.

PBX Trading, like all Ponzi scheme companies, would first give generous and continuous payouts to its members to convince them that they’re not a scam. This is also to tempt you into letting the company hold to your investments, instead of instantly cashing them out, in the hopes that your earnings would get bigger.

But since most Ponzi schemes like this don’t have a clear source of revenue, the earnings that you’ll receive are only dependent on the money that is being paid by a new batch of investors. The company would usually state various sources of revenue to remove the suspicions of users, including some business venture with no products listed, stocks, and even a so-called “secret” source of revenue.

PBX Trading’s Compensation Plan

As with traditional MLMs, PBX Trading offers different packages as part of their so-called compensation plan. These packages determine the amount that you can earn per month when you’re doing CAPTCHA encoding.

Here’s the list of the packages you can avail of from PBX Trading.

  • Associate Pack 1 – The cost to join this package is $20. Once you join, you will have to fill out CAPTCHAs each month to earn $8 per month.
  • Supervisor Pack 2 – The cost to join this package is $50. Once you join, you will have to fill out CAPTCHAs each month to earn $20 per month.
  • Manager Pack 3 – The cost to join this package is $100. Once you join, you will have to fill out CAPTCHAs each month to earn $40 per month.
  • Director Pack 4 – The cost to join this package is $200. Once you join, you will have to fill out CAPTCHAs each month to earn $80 per month.
  • Executive Pack 5 – The cost to join this package is $1,000. Once you join, you will have to fill out CAPTCHAs each month to earn $400 per month.

Basically, this means that you need to have a steady flow of earnings for 3 months in order for you to actually profit from this company. This is assuming you’re not recruiting anyone.

A common trait about these companies is that before you can cash out your earnings from the dashboard, you need to wait at least one week before your money gets credited on the bank details you provided. They call this the “Processing Period” of your payouts.

During every payout period, you’re also given the option to either re-invest the money you paid, or to cash out your investment completely, along with your payout. Doing so will completely exit you out of the program, and you won’t be earning from CAPTCHAs anymore.

It’s also worth mentioning that cashing out your investment money has a longer processing time than the payouts, usually around two weeks before it gets credited.

Residual Referral Commissions

Aside from the monthly earnings you receive for filling out CAPTCHAs each month, you can also earn commissions from PBX Trading by recruiting others to the company. Again, just like a typical MLM.

The way that you will refer people is through your affiliate link that the company gives you when you join.

Once someone pays for one of the packages, you will start to earn a commission off of the monthly earnings they receive. The commissions are percentage-based and will continue for the lifetime of that member.

PBX Trading offers a 2-level compensation plan model that is based on the unilevel MLM compensation plan.

The 1st level of your unilevel will only have your personally referred people on it, and the 2nd level will have members that your personally enrolled 1st level people referred to it for those that are not familiar with it.

Here is a quick breakdown of what percentage you will earn from your 1st and 2nd level monthly captcha earnings:

  • Level 1 – The company pays you 50% of the captcha earnings from your personally referred people.
  • Level 2 – The company will pay you 10% of the captcha earnings from your 2nd level members.

This is the method of earning money that most affiliates usually prefer, based on my experience with PBX Trading. Hence, the numerous posts on social media.

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Will You Recommend Joining PBX Trading?

I’m going to give you a straight-up answer. NO! NOT NOW! NOT EVER!

Honestly, nothing good has ever come out of joining in these types of Ponzi schemes, PBX Trading included.

The usual cycle of this is that they give out a good amount of payouts to its affiliates, as promised in their compensation plan. However, it only lasts around 5 or 6 months, during which, you’ll notice that the company is missing their payout dates.

This leaves a lot of affliates who joined the program, unable to get the earning promised to them. In typical scam jargon, it’s said that at this point, your investment will get “burned”.

And usually, with these cases, it will be nigh impossible for you to recover your money. Since the so-called “CEO”, plus probably a few of his close cohorts (mainly the ones holding rather high positions within the company) has already ran off with your money.

The best thing you can do when you’re in a situation like this, is to report the company and the names of the persons involved to the proper authorities. Which is precisely what was done to PBX Trading AKA Premium Business.

Unfortunately, this still won’t bring your money back, as the persons involved may have already gone into hiding. Some of them may even start a new Ponzi scheme, but under a different person, and with the original schemers unnamed and working behind the scenes.

Due to this, it’s quite possible that the individual named “Ronald De Guzman” is just a front for the true owners of Ponzi schemes like this. It could be that PBX Trading has a different owner, or maybe their so-called CEO is just a made-up identity.

Whatever it is, these are the reasons why usually, only a few people have been out behind bars for coming up with schemes like these, and why they’re still quite rampant.

PBX Trading Review: Final Thoughts

Let me share you some of my final thoughts before I close this PBX Trading review.

You should always remember that any business or company that’s suspected of being involded in a Ponzi scheme, is always bound to fail eventually. Since Ponzi schemes are completely dependent on new investors, the payouts will surely stop if there’s a shortage of new investors.

Personally, I’ve already joined countless business opportunities that turn out to be Ponzi schemes in disguise. And all of them failed miserably on my end. Usually, it only takes a few months before the scam is exposed, and the scheme falls apart.

Sadly, PBX Trading is one of them. For this reason, it’s easy to conclude that PBX Trading is just a big scam.


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