Pedro Rivera Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Pedro Rivera and his net worth.

There are a lot of musicians that I do not know about. I guess I just have a huge blind spot when it comes to musical artists from other regions. It is hard to keep track of all of the people making music nowadays. I do not have the capacity to know every single musician out there.

What more if those musicians were more popular in a period that I wasn’t alive in? That’s a whole different ball game. (Yes, I am mixing my metaphors here.) While some of the older artists and bands out there have their music on streaming platforms, not everyone has that kind of privilege.

For the most part, these articles are basically a journey in me learning more about these artists. But often, the journey is based on a specific thing that people want to know. If you have clicked on this link and are reading this right now, you probably have a reason to do so.

Sometimes, going into a topic blind helps you have a better understanding of the topic. If you already have judgments on the topic before learning more about it, it’s already been clouded. There’s really no use in persuading you. You may learn something. But it doesn’t really change anything.

You still have those pre-conceived notions. And that’s hard for anybody to change. Especially if you are resistant to it. But does it apply to the person I am writing about? Maybe.

Or maybe I am just distracting you before we get to the subject at hand.

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Pedro Rivera: Quick Facts

  • Full name: Pedro Rivera
  • Birthdate: February 23, 1943
  • Occupation: Singer, actor, music producer
  • Estimated net worth: $13 million

A Segment About Other People Named Pedro Rivera

The thing about having a common name is that you share it with a lot of people. That’s why it’s common.

In the case of Pedro Rivera, there are some other Pedro Riveras out there that were prominent enough to get their own Wikipedia page. Weirdly enough, the Pedro Rivera that I am writing about doesn’t have one.

Why would I mention this, you ask. Well, it’s mainly just to give some alternates for Pedro Rivera. Maybe somebody was looking for information about a certain known Pedro Rivera but it might be the one that I am writing about.

The four people named Pedro Rivera that were on Wikipedia aren’t really that prominent. I mean the page for Bolivian-born statesman and lawyer Pedro Ignacio Rivera only has a few paragraphs in it. But bear in mind that he kind of predates Wikipedia by a few centuries.

Then there’s former Pennsylvania education secretary Pedro Rivera. He’s a lot more notable considering that he had finished his term as education secretary two years ago. And he served as part of the transition team for the then-upcoming Biden administration.

There’s also Pedro N. Rivera who served as brigadier general for the United States Air Force. I mean, what else is to say about him and his credentials? He’s a brigadier general.

Then there’s Chilean football player Pedro Rubén Rivera Porra. His Wikipedia page is mostly just statistics of his career.

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The Start of The Legacy

Back to the topic at hand.

Pedro Rivera started his life in the town of La Barca, Mexico. There isn’t any details regarding his childhood. But he did spent a lot of his time growing up working a handful of different jobs. I mean, that was the only was he could help his family.

He was the type of person who go through great lengths in order to find a better life for himself and his family. And he did just that. He rode a bicycle from La Barca to the a town—now city—called Hemorsillo.

I actually tried to see how far La Barca was from Hemorsillo. And it took about four days to bike to it nonstop. La Barca was in the southern part in Mexico. I can’t imagine how long it had taken him to get there.

It was in the town of Hemorsillo that he would meet his soon-to-be-wife Rosa. The story of how Pedro fell in love with Rosa is really sweet. He had apparently heard this beautiful voice while he was watching singing competition that the local station organized.

At that point, Pedro had fallen in love. He tried his hardest to win her over. And he succeeded in that. Soon after, they got married. He tried his hardest to support her as much as he can financially. And that involved him working multiple jobs. One of the cargo buses that he washed became their home.

Planting the Seeds Someplace Else

Eventually, Pedro and Rosa decided to migrate to California. That was where they raised their six children, namely Pedro Jr., Gustavo, Jenni, Lupillo, Juan and Rosie. Like a lot of immigrant families, they had to work twice as hard in order to make a living there.

In 1984, Pedro decided to produce a song called “Voy A Bajarte Una” using his life savings. That song is often called a corrido. Corridos are a lot more narrative in their structure. The song actually tells a story. Think of it as a small musical.

That song sort of planted the seeds to what would become Pedro’s musical empire. During the same year, he started an acting career. A lot of the acting work that he did were based on the corridos that he made. Nobody knows more about a piece of artwork more than the artist themselves.

It took three years before Pedro founded his record label Cintas Acuario. One of the artists that were signed to the label was Chalino Sanchez. He was a very popular artist in the genre. But most of the corrido that he performed were really dark. There was an incident that happen between him and a patron of a nightclub in Coachella. He was eventually murdered in 1992.

Continuing the Musical Legacy

Only three of the six Rivera children pursued a career in music in some form. Out of the three, Jenni Rivera was the most well-known. She was a very popular artist, often known as La Diva de la Banda.

She managed to sell millions of copies of her music throughout her career until her death in 2012. Rosie was the one who handled her estate. But she resigned in 2021 after being alleged by Jenni’s children of misappropriating funds from the estate.

One of Jenni’s children, Chiquis, also pursued a career in music. It’s amazing to see how deep the love for music is within the family. Somehow a half of the Rivera siblings chose to make music of their own after seeing their dad establish a record label.

All of the Rivera children who pursued a career in music all have very accomplished careers. But it’s probably hard for them to be behind their sister’s spotlight some of the time.

But it seems none of the Rivera siblings have continued to make new music. Chiquis is the only one continuing his mother’s legacy in music.

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So What Is Pedro Rivera’s Net Worth

Don Pedro Rivera has established as really good music producer. You wouldn’t have expect him to raise three different musicians with varying levels of success. They still did really well for themselves.

At this point, Don Pedro has amassed a net worth of about $13 million. That’s still a pretty decent amount, all things considered. He spent a lot of time establishing himself as an artist and a producer.

You’d be surprised to know that he still does music from time to time. He posts a lot of those songs on his YouTube channel. There’s also vlogs on that channel if you’d believe it.

Despite being a very popular artist in his heyday, it doesn’t seem that most of the people who supported him in his career have lead to a large subscriber count on his YouTube channel. I mean 94 thousand subscribers still isn’t really bad for somebody his age.

I am impressed that he manages to go with the flow and adapt to whatever platforms become available. It’s great to see that Don Pedro didn’t get stuck with the method that he was used to, though. Sometimes a lot of older generations dislike change. But it’s great to see those that embrace it.

Though I guess having grandchildren who were born in the social media is a good way of learning new things like that. Somehow, he just really got into social media. Like, he does livestreams on his Facebook. And I guess he’s also a radio host now? Which is sort of a full-circle moment since he met his now ex-wife through a contest organized by a radio station.

I mean, you definitely have to adapt to whatever practices are being followed, especially if you run a record label. It’s hard to just rely on a certain method of releasing music when you can try to release it through every single online platform imagineable. I guess that maybe the audience is still geared toward physical releases than digital ones? But you still have to give options.

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