Pinterest VA Review – Is Kristin Larsen’s Positively Pinterest Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Pinterest VA. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

You would be surprised by how specific a skillset certain clients want when they’re looking for a virtual assistant. Sure, most clients are looking for virtual assistants who can do basic administrative work. But there are also those who look for VAs with skills in graphic design and the like.

Sometimes, clients look for people who have experience managing social media pages. Sure, they could always just look for a full-fledged social media manager. But a lot of these clients aren’t really that big of a company. I don’t think they want to be in all of the social media websites out there. Just the ones that their customer base are on.

So I was kind of surprised that a Pinterest VA was a thing. I’m aware that certain brands do use Pinterest as a way to connect to their audience. But I never realized that being a virtual assistant who mostly manages Pinterest pages are a thing. There’s nothing really about the platform that screams that it needs much help managing.

Somehow, Kristin Larsen was able to make such specific skillset into an actual training program, aptly name Pinterest VA. But is it any different from all of the other training programs out there? Especially those related to virtual assistance?

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Pinterest VA Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Pinterest VA
  • Founder: Kristin Larsen
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Virtual assistance, social media
  • Recommendation: This particular training program does require you to have a deep understanding of what kind of platform Pinterest is. The knowledge that you can learn from this program doesn’t just stop at Pinterest. It can be applied to other similar social platforms. The information that you’ll learn is easily adaptable in most circumstances.

Who is Kristin Larsen?

Pinterest VA creator Kristin Larsen

This is the part of the review where I write about the people who created the training program that I am reviewing. Not all of these programs and services mention who is involved with creating or running them. I’m looking at you, Dropship for Sale. But when they do, it takes a quick search to find out more about them. Some have interviews with different podcasts. While others have press releases that pop up on different websites. They have the money to do that. But I’m guessing it’s not that expensive to have somebody write a press release.

I have noticed that a handful people who create these programs often have very similar reasons why they started the program in the first place. Usually, it goes like this. The founder of [insert training program here] was doing okay at their previous job. They finished a degree in college that lead them to work in an industry where their degree is applicable. In the case for Kristin Larsen, it was interior architecture and design.

So Kristin was doing a good job doing work for other people. And that’s what she didn’t like about it. So she decided to find other ways of earning money for herself. And that’s how she got into blogging. You’d think that nowadays, blogging seems like a niche thing that not a lot of people do. But it’s still thriving to some degree.

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The Beginnings of Pinterest VA

It took a while before Kristin was able to pursue blogging full-time. At that point, she was a decade into working as an interior architect and designer. She was writing about a lot of ways that people could earn money. Pinterest wasn’t such a big part in that. At least, not yet.

She was already using Pinterest way before it was what it is now. Apparently, she got into the whole thing during the time that the site was still invitation-only. She used the platform a lot while she was running her blog. Nothing about it, at that time, seemed like it would make sense to create an entire training program around it.

But, somehow, she did. There have been a ton of other more general virtual assistance-related programs that existed. Though there was never really one that put a lot of focus on a specific platform. Especially for a platform like Pinterest.

As time went on, Kristin was able to cultivate the flagship Pinterest VA course into its own thing. This is normal for most other training programs out there. People are sometimes interested in ways to scale up from what they are now. There have been other VA-related programs that focus on turning your services into its own business. And that is exactly want Kristin did to Pinterest VA.There are many VA programs. I have reviewed on this website which are as below:

What Exactly Do You Get Out Of Pinterest VA?

Pinterest VA creator Kristin Larsen

There are three tiers to the training programs that Kristin Larsen provides through Pinterest VA. If you’re worrying about the cost of the program, there is a free workshop that Kristin offers. It basically serves as an overview to what you might be getting if you choose to enroll in any of her paid courses.

The first tier is the most basic one. It’s the standard Pinterest VA course. In this course, you will be learning about the basics of setting up your own virtual assistant business. It involves everything that is integral to knowing your worth as a VA. There are a lot of skill-based modules involved in the standard Pinterest VA course. And most of them are pretty easy to understand.

The second tier is the Pinterest Manager Academy. It has most of what’s included in the Pinterest VA course. But it also includes modules that focus on using Pinterest for e-commerce. As well as using Pinterest’s ad platform. You also get access to a private community with your fellow Pinterest VA. As well as leads to potential clients.

The third tier is the Pinterest Expert Business Academy. It has everything that the Pinterest Manager Academy has. As well as modules on how to scale up your business and hire a team to help you with that business. You also get one-on-one training with the Pinterest VA team as well as 12-week access to feedback sessions.

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Final Verdict – Pinterest VA Review

Pinterest VA is definitely one of the more specific VA-related courses that I have reviewed so far. But looking at everything that you can learn from any of the courses that they offer, there’s not really a lot of differences from the other virtual assistance courses out there.

Having a focus on a specific platform definitely separates them from the rest of the pack. But it definitely seems that you can use most of the information that you’ll learn from any of the Pinterest VA courses to other similar virtual assistance jobs. I do think most of the foundation in the content being taught can be applied almost anywhere.

Unfortunately, they don’t really mention the pricing for any of the courses upfront. It seems that you will need to sign up for the free workshop in order to know the prices for any of the three courses. But, based on my previous reviews, the prices will range from $500 to $1,000. Nobody said it was going to be cheap.

Becoming a virtual assistant takes a lot of work. Considering that different clients are looking for different skills, it is good to build up skills that are in demand. You can definitely learn a lot of those skills by learning from tutorials online. There are so many skills that you can learn that could become profitable. And that’s why programs like Pinterest VA exist.

Virtual assistance is definitely one of the more forgiving jobs that you can have online. Forgiving in the sense that it doesn’t require so much technical knowledge. But you will need to be able to provide as good of an output as you can with the skills that you already have. You’re needed to put effort into it that is required by your clients. It takes so much work to be somebody that other clients can refer to their friends or colleagues.

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